Trying to think long term

In the Gameinformer coverage gbx said don’t call this a MOBA FPS. first question; is this gbx’s take on the MOBA genre.

New IP is always a risk, but slamming everyones favorite franchise onto something doesn’t mean it will work/fit. Also back in the day that Battleborn got announced, Gearbox did sit down with gameinformer about why they are making Battleborn instead of Borderlands. The interviewer mentions that this game would also work in the Borderlands universe, Randy Pitchford response to this remark at 05:35

With Borderlands 1, Gearbox made a unique game, but with Borderlands 2 they “perfected” the formula. With the release of Battleborn they learned a lot and got a lot of data on what does and doesn’t work.

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Or, you know, they just REALLY love the game despite it’s issues. Personally, i’d be fine with simply replaying every story mission over and over again despite the repetitiveness (like EVERY Borderlands game :slight_smile:), because i like the characters.


I’m actually already doing this. I created a new account earlier today and am able to play Battleborn’s both public PvP and PvE.

My main account though has my PS4 as the primary PS4 active and has a working PS+ membership active which may be why.

Still, the question of a PS+ subscription requirement is Sony’s question to handle. After all, you never needed PS+ to play online on the PS3.

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That is exactly the reason why.

While it is primarily Sony’s requirement, there is an allowance in their policy for some games to skirt out of PS+ requirements. Primarily F2P games. Do I think it will happen with BB? I do not. Do I wish for the requirement to be dropped? Why wouldn’t I. At the very least it would bring me in from the cold. And I can’t be the only one… right?


When I saw there were only 37 people running the game on Steam this morning my immediate thought was BL2.

Imagine if BB was more like BL2, a lot more like it, more Story, for the PvP guys a separate mode like other games do.


This game is dead.

I’m literally laughing hard after today’s lack of a BP.


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I want to thank everyone for your thoughtful feedback. I expected much more salt and was pleasantly surprised that you guys actually considered the pros and cons and gave honest opinions.

From today’s lack of battleplan it looks like rendain is still winning. This next update had better be unbelievably good. Like I literally don’t believe it will be as good as it needs to be.

Look forward to my next topic of discussion: “Life after Battleborn”