Trying to understand Amara: Anima

Preamble: where do you test your builds?
Just thinking I need a place with both a few / small number of tough monsters and a teleporter / planet marker close by…

So far I have been copying build and tweaking them… But my main problem (apart from juggling with all the skills in my head) was to clearly understand what some skills do…

For example I know a few Youtuber are crazy about Anima + Sellout combo… :you self inflict, say, fire damage, and then you get “Action Skill Status Effect Damage: +40%”

Now it’s where it gets tricky for me to understand what’s going on, many used “Ties that Bind” and “Stillness of Mind” but this particular action skills combo does no damage whatsoever! It’s all about grasping! :open_mouth:
So +40% of 0 is still 0… confused…
How does Anima help you there?

Hey dude , if there is no dummy people would most probably test builds with something durable.
I personally TP next to a boss or an area full of mobs and let it flow for 1hour until I found out what I need.Its kinda tedious because you gotta go back and forth to respec but thats how it is right now.
Also Grasping does direct damage to targets that you cant phaselock.So Im pretty sure anima works there.
About why Anima is used in general in elemental builds like TtB+SoM is because it boosts all elemental damage when it gets tranfered across TtB locked targets.And it boosts the DoT damage and duration a bit.Its not a big deal but it certainly helps.

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Yeah but this is a minority of enemy, that doesn’t make “Anima so good”! :open_mouth:

Mm… so when you shoot at a grasped target it’s normal damage, but when the damage is shared accross it then becomes action skill damage, right?
That could explain a lot… and that would make it good! :slight_smile:
I’ll have to test that tonight when I got home, thanks man! :slight_smile:

I think I am going to use infusion, simpler… and all the time…

At this stage I need to test the skills to understand better… It’s a bit of a chore to teleport to ship , respec, comeback every time I want to test a change, oh well, I guess a Jedi gota do what a Jedi gotta do. Oops, err… I mean a Siren! :confused:

Its better than the other 2 you have on Tier 1 skills , not necessarily extremely OP/Imba etc.Like I said it helps.

Correct.Thats how “Do Harm” Stacks work too.Increasing Action Skill Damage.Which in that combo is actually the damage transfered from TtB.So if status effect occurs its increased.

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Test on Kevin.

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Kevin, not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.

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Daaaaaaaamn! I threw Kevin into space! :frowning:
If only I had known! :open_mouth: :smiley:
Kevin is indeed an ideal weapon test target!
Why waste such a valuable resource to the depth of space?! :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

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Who the ■■■■ is Kevin?

If we reply here… the moderator will move the thread again and be like “please, no spoiler”
(they are rather heavy handed, if you ask me, already moved 4 of my post in like 3 days)

So, I will tell you, ask Google… :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeah, I can use the spoiler tag! It should be fine, right?

It’s a side mission in Sanctuary!

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Ah, didn’t know he was immortal. I completed every mission with my first character for the platinum trophy and haven’t started another one since. I’ll activate this on my Moze and second Amara, thanks!

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