Trying to understand scoring (test results)

so i went into a game of meltdown. i immediately assessed the other team’s composition and was pretty sure they were going to be playing team death match most likely, and i was right. they literally ALL pushed right lane leaving me completely alone on left lane for the overwhelming majority of the match.

as the match began, within around a minute i had cleared the first wave of minions, took out their accelerator, and placed a turret. every so often they had an oscar mike that was spamming nades from around top mid and by their healing station and cleared some minions. if he did this enough, i would push him til he backed off and ultimately he would either die or just go somewhere else.

i eventually saw that no one was coming over and decided to move up and take out their turrets. i literally sat on my side of the map pretty much the entire game clearing minion waves and escorting my minions home uncontested. i farmed shards constantly, cleared minions, and escorted minions in. i think 3x i got pushed and killed whoever it was. so you would think that in a game mode where the objective is to escort your minions to their grinder, that someone who did that uncontested the whole match, constantly rebuilt turrets, built the healing station for my team, farmed a ton of shards and went 3 and 0 would have had a very high score, right? not even close. did i level up pretty quickly? sure, it was a decent pace, but here were the results:

62 minions
7255 shards
27 objectives
13 buildables
11 turrets
5 destroyed buildables
3 turrets destroyed
***all of the above were by FAR the highest on my team
3 kills, 6 assists, no deaths…

score of 12

the scoring is broken. the highest score on my team had a 31. he went 9 and 5 with 13 assists, half my minion kills, and nowhere close in any other category. can someone explain the scoring to me?

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Kills = 2. Assists = 1.

Nothing else factors in, unfortunately. We were discussing this in another thread earlier…one sec.

Here: Continuing the discussion from Help get this noticed by Gearbox! HEALER LOVE!:

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that explains a lot. looking over the score, though, the actual player score is probably the most irrelevant score in the game. the entire team together only scored 113 pts in a 500 pt game. i literally escorted somewhere near 50 minions home, but it doesnt show up on the sheet. i guess that would be incredibly difficult to calculate and credit on a sheet due to proximity, etc. as long as i level up i guess. i feel bad for the mikos that actually heal the whole game. assists dont really give much xp

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Assists give half XP as far as I know. And the real trick is to multitask. Heal some teammates, tag some enemies, gather some shards, build some stuff, etc. in that thread, I said that’s exactly of my issues with the scoring is that it doesn’t support what this game is. Someone could have a great score but fail to stop minion groups, thus handing the game away.

Score should be a reflection of how much you helped the team, IMO, not just KDA. Minion kills, building things, destroying enemy buildables should all be represented. If that’s too difficult for some reason, just scrap the column entirely.

i think without a doubt that killing minions and guiding minions home wins games, even if it doesnt show up on the sheet in points. ill take the probably 200-300 pts i secretly scored that game over the 20-30 they give you on the sheet for slaying.

the next game i just did the opposite. i just went for player kills. only had enough time in the match to go 9 and 0, but had more points than i did in the other game on the sheet. and that was a full, long game where the other team broke 300 pts. this one was over in no time at all and i scored more on the sheet