Trying to understand why I'd want to play on a team

I must be missing something. I get more xp and complete more lore challenges playing solo and all the gear I could ever need. Other than the social aspect of playing with other people, I don’t see why I’d want to play on a team.

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I guess thats pretty much the answer, at least for PvE.

I usually play PvE in coop with my fiance, but its far more fun in a team with people you know. Alone its okay, but not my thing really.

Although a team can get a tad annoying too, if all are talking & joking over mic at the same time while you try to beat Advanced or Hardcore maps…

You do? Mhh, I always had the feeling in a good coordinated team (aka people know what to do and opens chests) I get alot more credits o.o
Could be just a feeling though.

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One thing that bugs me is related to the physc that drives us to take characters to level 20.
I’m getting there faster, without boosters, by playing 10-15 minutes in a Bots match than one hour in OPs.
If I do the Phoebe dlc at 100 OPs you would think the character xp earned would be massive.


Yea… this is something I realized very, very early on.

Aside from a personal sense of accomplishment and the company, there seems to be little incentive to do PvE any way other than solo.

You add more difficulty, more unknown variables contributing to failure, for almost nothing. I believe it may be easier to achieve a higher end score with a good team than solo, but until very recently there was absolutely no reason to do that. Even with the platinum scores and their legendary reward added it’s still a crap shoot.

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Another kick in the pants, (as it were), I’ve tested the legendaries on the OPs missions, I get them even with zero OPs.
So I do the Phoebe dlc at 100 OPs and get a pack with two negative items, nice incentive :wink:
OK, that was negative but I’m being honest, this bugs me.