|TSLC| Group Revival! = )

Any old TLSC members in here? Only other name I ever had was rayner |TLSC| (EDIT: Rayn3r |TLSC|)

Trying to get the old gang back together again.

Please reply here, or add me on steam. Name is omniconsumer.

Did you go by the name Rayn3r too? From the US?

Yes, thats me. For some reason, I liked using 3 as E’s. I forgot if I did that with my old name. Ever since I had been omniconsum3r and now just plain omniconsumer.

Excellent stuff! Its been 10 years! Ill add you on steam.

Yah dude, wow. How time goes, eh?

I am glad to hear you are doing well. I am really looking forward to all the fun.