Tsunami damage bugged?

So I am curious. The Tsunami is supposed to deal shock and corrosive damage. Mine does shock and normal damage. What happened?

post a pic of your Tsunami. other than seeing what you’re working with. The Tsunami will proc Shock and Corrosive but not at the same time. You actually have 3 different damage types at play. Bullet damage, Shock and Corrosive. The shock and corrosive pellets have a zigzag trajectory. Shock zigzagging From Left to Right and the opposite for corrosive projectile zigzag motion. Corrosive doesn’t proc as much as Shock. So, you might be experiencing that. And the splash from the corrosive projectiles don’t splash as large as the shock splash you see visually.

I might have the zigzag backwards, but that isn’t important in explaining the effect to you.

Afaik, its techpool doesn’t receive an increase in capacity. Which in turn would/could lead to terrible procs due to it running dry too fast.

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yah, that’s legit. I just wanted to check the source is all. it will proc both shock and corrosive. The corrosive doesn’t proc as much but it will proc. :blush:

Each gun have hidden “tech pool” that regenerates over time that you can consider akin to how ammo for eridian guns works.
Combine that with Tsunami bullets being special case.
Once you run out of this tech pool, the next bullet fired from tsunami no longer deals shock/corosive damage and becomes nonelemental.


So it is pure randomness if the gun decides not to use corrosive at all? Or is it based on enemy weakness?

It’s based on its techpool. So its sorta RNG but not really at the same time. I don’t know how the exact mechanics of the gun works, but I would guess that it would deal shock damage when it procs at x1 or x2, and adds in corrosive projectiles when it procs at x3 and x4.The x3 and x4 procs will of course, consume a larger portion of your tecchpool. I don’t think the Tsunami has free procs like the Ogre or Hellfire does. Given the Tsunami has a very high FR, it will tend to drain its techpool really quickly. It’s one of those weapons which is better in theory than in practice.


I’ve heard if anything is bugged on the Tsunami, it’s the techpool. @MidnightNova has mentioned before that the Tsunami doesn’t add to the techpool like it properly should. If the pool is too small or low, you’ll see the larger procs very rarely, or not at all.


I had a couple of instances where it didn’t do either shock or corrosive. It corrected itself after a time, but i was wondering if that was a bug or just the way the gun works

I’ll throw this out…there’s lots of little bugs you might not notice all the time, at least in the original. Tediore weapons not regenerating. Coms not giving bonuses to dmg or critical or whatnot. Usually switching back and forth from something else will fix things like that for me at least.