Tsunami location?

Does ne1 know if the Tsunami is still in KBall’s drop? Did they move it? Thanks!

Vermilingua in Splinterlands

thx M8! Much appreciated!

If you didn’t already do it you’ll need to complete a few side quests to get access to that boss. I think that enemy has two dedicated drops, so you might get something other than the Tsunami–forget what, either the Hellshock pistol or a grenade.

Yea, I have pretty much everything else in the game with 8 lv 60 characters in the barn. Just something I never picked up… thx though.

Oh wow, I’ve only ever gotten them as world drops… didn’t even know this guy had a pool.

Can someone remind me of the mission line to get vermi-thingy for a tsunami?

Use the site above https://www.lootlemon.com/loot-source/vermilingua

Vermilingua is encountered during and after the side quest “The Homestead (Part 2)”.

@Adabiviak a lot of gear was moved in one of latest updates. Now most bosses have max 2 dedicated drops. I don’t know why GBX moved most of original drops like Tsunami, Messy Breakup etc. but farming dedicated loot is a little easier now.

Yep yep. Thankyou! I quite liked the 3 homestead missions, just haven’t done them in 3 months or so! :slight_smile: