TT Wonderlands Create Your Own Legendaries/Flavor Text!

Super jumping the gun (hehe) on this considering TT Wonderlands doesn’t even have its own forum section yet, but I always love to think up my own legendries and item flavor text. Something about it is just really fun and I usually adore a bunch that other people come up with. So, I wanna hear what y’all might come up with. We seem to be getting melee weapons this time around as well and I imagine spells might also fit the bill so I’d love to hear what people come up with!

A few of my own are:
Type: (Warhammer/Greathammer)
Special Effect: Enemies explode into a gory mess upon death dealing explosive damage to nearby enemies. -OR- Enemies explode when hit dealing explosive damage to nearby enemies.
Flavor Text: “You dead! I win!” -OR- “He only lived 11 days, but hell if he didn’t go out with a bang”

Type: (Spell)
Special Effect: Enemies hit by the blast are always set on fire and can spread the fire to other nearby enemies.
Flavor Text: “8d6 is a helluva thing” -OR- “Squishy, yet dangerous”

-Cruel Ambition -OR- Chaos Queen’s Servant
Type: (Axe)
Special Effect: Drains health to increase damage. The lower your current health % the more the damage increases. (might need some workshopping depending on endgame difficulty and healthgating mechanics)
Flavor Text: “So then he chopped off his hand, yelled something about it just being business, and ran off… it was a weird day.”

-King of Thieves
Type: (MIRV Rocket Launcher/Magic Missile type Spell)
Special Effect: Projectiles track their targets, explode on contact, and shout random facts/insults about them while in the air.
Flavor Text: “But it’s spelled with an X. Why does it make a Z sound?”

Type: (Sword/Axe)
Special Effect: Shoots a damaging arc of energy out a short distance with each attack and deals bonus damage to shields and armor. In addition, it yells its name with each attack. (yelling might get annoying so maybe every few attacks it yells its name)
Flavor Text: “This isn’t an anime. You don’t need to shout the name every time yo-AZURE EDGE!”

-Storm’s Fury
Type: (Gun/Melee/Spell)
Special Effect: Always Electric. Lightning arcs off the target when struck and hits another nearby enemy. The lightning can arc back and hit the initial target if no other targets are nearby.
Flavor Text: “Patron of drunken himbos.” -OR- “Kord, Lei Gong, Thor, Zeus, Taranis, Jupiter, Raijin, Talos GEEZ! Does this list ever stop?”

Golden God’s Lament
Type: (Shield)
Special Effect: Only has 1 point of shielding. Has a very short Shield Recharge Delay. Upon shield break, become invulnerable for several seconds. Shield Recharge Delay starts after invulnerability ends. (maybe take highly reduced damage instead of invulnerability?)
Flavor Text: “And there they found, where water met the rock,
A foolish Druid, her heart at a stop.”

-Behold Her
Type: (Laser Shotgun)
Special Effect: Shoots multiple lasers each of a random element. Increased status effect chance.
Flavor Text: “What do you mean I spelled it wrong?”

-Dragon’s Bane
Type: (Gun/Spell)
Special Effect: GUN: Magazine size locked at 3. Damage increases the fewer rounds are in the clip. The final shot fired from the clip is a guaranteed critical hit. (maybe just the critical hit?) -OR- SPELL: Hits 3 times, the last hit stuns enemies for a short time. Stronger enemies take additional damage instead of becoming stunned.
Flavor Text: “You can kill anything if you yell loud enough.”

I could probably do this all day, but I’d love to hear some from other people! Whatcha all got?

EDIT: Thought of one more that felt too good to leave unwritten.

-Clay’s Blessing
Type: (Spell/Relic)
Special Effect: SPELL: Heal yourself and nearby allies and increases damage taken by nearby enemies for a short time. -OR- RELIC: Gain additional healing from all sources. Additionally, you are immediately revived from FFYL. Being revived has a short cooldown. (or some combo of these. Healing can be a slippery slope in Borderlands. Maybe a spell version that is an “aura” that heals you and allies over time and damage enemies in the radius?)
Flavor Text: “You and I have very different ideas of what it means to teabag your enemies.”

EDIT: 8 March, 2022
It has been close to a year since I did this and since Wonderlands is on the horizon, I thought I’d bring this back for people to have fun and get creative! There is a lot of negativity in the world so why not toss out a little creative positivity? I’ve got a few more ideas and I’ll toss them down below.

-Satin Siren
Type: (Shotgun)
Special Effect: Always incendiary. Increased Status Effect Chance. Deals normal damage against shields and armor.
Flavor Text: “She will impart knowledge and grace, but she’ll also kick you in the face.”

Type: (Revolver)
Special Effect: Leach Efficiency increases as the magazine empties. Bullets ricochet off of surfaces once. Reduced accuracy. Magazine size is always 7.
Flavor Text: “All good things arrive unto them that wait and don’t die in the meantime.”

-Sanguine Thief
Type: (Pistol)
Special Effect: Pierces enemies and deals extra Dark Magic Damage. If an enemy is killed with a critical hit, 1 round is instantly added to the magazine. This can occur multiple times per bullet.
Flavor Text: “When the Gods don’t play fair, the trick is to shoot them in the face.” -OR- “Pillage Him.”

-Astora’s Chosen
Type: (SMG/Assault Rifle)
Special Effect: Always Incendiary. Can slow and eventually freeze enemies. Enemies frozen by this weapon will pose with their hands extended out and above their head and take additional critical hit damage.
Flavor Text: “Praise the large ball of burning plasma.” -OR- “Obligatory, overused meme joke HERE”

-October’s Fist
Type: (Vladof-equivalent Assault Rifle)
Special Effect: Alternative firing mode (if those still exist): Every other shot, instead of consuming ammo, consumes money and deals significantly increased damage.
Flavor Text: " It is particularly necessary to arouse in all who participate in practical work, or are preparing to take up that work, discontent with the amateurism prevailing among us and an unshakable determination to rid ourselves of it."

EDIT: 9 March 2022

-Little Sister
Type: (Ring)
Special Effect: Shotgun Damage Increased. Any critical hits with shotguns have a small (10%) chance to add 1 ammunition back to the magazine.
Flavor Text: “It’s a nice day for a wedding”

EDIT: 10 March 2022

-Crooked Rhyme
Type: (Spell)
Special Effect: Call down a Warhammer that deals Melee Damage to an area around the target. If an enemy dies due to the damage another Warhammer will spawn and crash down upon another nearby enemy.
Flavor Text: “Swear to the Devil.”

EDIT: 16 March 2022

-3 Balls
Type: (Pistol)
Special Effect: High Fire Damage and Status Effect Chance. Alternate fire mode (if those still exist) uses 10 ammo per shot and summons a fire Skag that charges the nearest enemy and explodes in a burst of flame.
Flavor Text: “Also, he had 9 toes.”

-The Maneuver
Type: (Pistol)
Special Effect: Laser pistol. Alternate fire mode (if those still exist) releases an elemental cloud that will damage nearby enemies. If an enemy runs into the cloud, the cloud explodes.
Flavor Text: “Make it so, Number One”

-The Rainbow
Type: (Spell)
Special Effect: Throw a spellbook with a sparkling rainbow behind it. The book seeks out enemies and damages them with an elemental burst. The book hits 7 times and can strike the same target multiple times. The damage types occur in this order: Fire, Explosive, Non-Elemental, Poison, Lightning, Cryo, Dark.
Flavor Text: “Take a look.”


these quotes sound like grave stones in sacred xD
however you are missing the actual legendary effects XDD

Admittedly, I didn’t have a lot of time this morning to think up too many effects. I did for one of them, but the flavor text is easier for me. I might come back and edit later when I have more free time than now.

Since we’re so close to release, I got the (dumb) idea to Graveborn this post and hopefully inspire people to have some creative, positive, fun. I’ll be damned if we don’t need it these days. Anyhow! Hope you are all doing well and that this post gives you a smile at the very least.


Cool ideas! I’m waiting to get my hands on the full skill trees/values to brainstorm. Thinking of synergies is exciting lol

you can do most of that already

The Unforgivable Curse

Repeating cast(the charge to fire one, it casts it again after a brief delay if there are multiple charges), dark magic bolt spell(but colored green), does high damage(0% leech and status chance) and ignores shields. Has zero impact momentum, so killed targets ragdoll based on their own inertia.


“There is no way to block it. Well, except dodging, physical objects, and human sacrifice.”


“Should have brought a gun… Oh wait!”


“Not intended for use on humans”

Obviously a reference to Harry Potter’s Avada Kedvera, the red text suggestions are: a snippet “Moody’s” comment to the DADA class in the 4th book about it, followed by the shown ways of how to block it, poking fun about how Voldemort’s problems would have been solved by a gun and the fact we brought some, and a reference to the fact that it’s illegal to use unforgivable curses on humans. The second one’s my favorite.

Chastiful - Shield

Large capacity “wall” shield that projects a dome when crouched, taking -75% damage. While the dome is up, it heals for 5% max health per second.

Reviving a downed teammate breaks the shield and drops a copy of the dome over the ally that revives them for you, and stays up for up to 10 seconds afterwards (can start taking damage after the ally is revived)

Red Text: 9th configuration

The God King’s Grasp

Meteor spell, appears like a phaselocked Elpis. Opens an elemental DOT pool with tentacle graphics(or maybe a few hydra heads? Probably overkill) on the impact site.

Red Text: “I feel like I could pull the stars out of the goddamed sky!”

I liked that part of BL3

Weather warrior

A BONK, slightly weathered, wooden club, slightly higher than normal BONK attack speed and causes a lightning strike on melee, dealing 30% of the total damage as lightning spell damage

Red Text: "Strike and strike and strike and strike and…

Reference to Kat Kerr(an influential evangelical fundamentalist and self proclaimed prophet) and her weather fighting stick, because, well, just read that back again. It would be hilarious if she wasn’t 100% serious and in possession of a large amount of influence in that demographic. The red text was a quote that I erroneously believed to be said by her, but no that was a different prophetess. Still, it’s staying because it fits.

Last Flight

Spell - Hawk

Behaves like a companion(like hydras do, but with the Dragon companion ai and only with just the claw attack).

Lasts until hitting 4 times, dealing dark magic, fire, lightning, and poison damage(one at a time, in order), before dive-bombing an enemy and doing non-elemental splash damage.



Type: (Pistol)
Special Effect: Single shot magazine. Fast reload time. Each shot deals Fire, Shock, and Corrosive damage. Fires and reloads like BL2-era Maliwan pistol.
Flavor Text: “This is not the type of place you walk into without a backup plan.”

Type: (Sword)
Special Effect: High Dark Magic damage. This weapon has a small chance per hit to spawn three orbs that seek out the closest enemy and explode.
Flavor Text: “Precept One: ‘Always Win Your Battles’.”

-The Choosen
Type: (MIRV Hawk Spell)
Special Effect: Throw out an orb that shatters on impact and releases three elemental hawks. Each hawk is a different element. Fire, Shock, and Cryo. High Elemental Status Effect chance.
Flavor Text: “Bird problems? Hock a loogie at 'em.”

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The Unforsaken
Melee weapon - knife / machete
Red text: We shall not be forsaken.
Special effect: hits quickly but damage is low. +432% critical hit damage. Critical hits “ricochet” - other foes nearby are also hit by a portion of the melee damage. AKA the melee counterpart to the Unforgiven.

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Type: (SMG)
Special Effect: Always equipped with a bayonet. Upon reload, fires three canisters that explode on contact dealing corrosive damage in a small area.
Flavor Text: “Look, I’m not a ‘thanks’ then big hug kinda girl, but…”

Type: (Hydra Spell)
Special Effect: Looks like a shrimp. Makes a rhythmic popping sound as it fires. High Fire Rate. When the duration ends, it explodes.
Flavor Text: “Bork, bork, bork!”


Type: (Bolt Spell)
Special Effect: Throw an orb of fire forward which stops after hitting an object or enemy. The orb will drag enemies to it over the duration and deal fire damage to everything within its radius.
Flavor Text: “The power of the sun. In the palm of-OW F***!”

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Name: Heretic’s mark
Type: Spell
Drop: World drop
Red text: Traitorous scum
Effect: Fire’s a homing bolt that upon contact with a normal or badass enemy will convert it into an ally for 15 seconds, it also grants the converted enemy increased movement speed & damage, if the converted enemy dies it will explode dealing x% of it’s max health as damage of the current element

Name: Grinder
Type: Warhammer
Drop: World drop
Red text: Grind them into paste
Effect: A warhammer with increased attack speed, damage & has life steal, every swing of the weapon will create a powerfull gravity well that pulls in nearby enemies, the gravity well deals a small amount of damage, enemies that are not affected by the gravity well will take additional damage instead

Name: Crimson edge
Type: Sword
Drop: World drop
Red text: Make them bleed
Effect: Deals a good amount of damage with a very fast attack speed & has life steal, it has s chance to inflict a “bleed” DOT that deals double damage to enemies while their moving, the sword deals more damage & attacks faster the less health the fatemaker has left

Name: Eye of the tyrant
Type: Spell
Drop: World drop
Red text: BURN!!!
Effect: Fire’s a continuous beam that grows in power the longer it is fired, it can only last for 8 seconds with a 20 second recharge time, it has a small chance to inflict vulnerability that will make enemies take x% more damage from other sources for 5 seconds

The Archivist
Red text: Another for the pack
Type: SMG
Manufacturer: Feriore
Special effect: Decent stats, any element. Various special effects:

  1. The bullets of this gun are not only buffed by gun damage but also companion damage.
  2. Throwing the gun creates a Dogfish or Coiled Companion. 50% chance of each. Up to 3 can be summoned at a time. Their damage can be buffed through melee damage, companion damage, elemental and all damage.
  3. Speaks with voice lines from Fl4k in Borderlands 3.