TTAODK Enemies are annoying

I’m currently going through this DLC with Zer0 on OP8 for the first time and I absolutely loathe every single enemy. Aiming for crits on them is extremely annoying and then they have annoying ways to avoid attacks. How do you deal with them?


Yeah… TTAODK and some of the head hunter packs thought it would be cool to make getting crits super difficult. Makes it tough for CA type sniper play and at many points it becomes a pimpernel based endeavor if your sniping. At least the final bosses are very susceptible to CA.

(Talking from the perspective of a Mechro myself, but wanting to give my 2 cents on this matter).

Agreed. Which is why DLC4 is my least favorite.
(Some) skeletons resist elements, making only NE and Explosive viable.

And that’s not even starting on the 4 Kings.

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Yeah skeletons nearly ruined that dlc for me. Orcs, nights, and some other enemies were fun. Skeletons were terrible.

Agree with skeleton enemies in that dlc. They are absolutely horrible in just about every way. Skeleton Mages, Eternal Skeletons, Crystal Skeletons, Skeleton Archers of any kind, those stupid armored skeletons…can’t remember their name. They all suck.

I know a lot of people love that dlc, but I’ve kinda grown to hate playing it. It has great loot and a nice story but the gameplay kills it. For me anyways. If you couldn’t basically run through the Lair of Infinite Agony without fighting much of anything, I would probably never play it all the way through ever again.


Orc are fine, but knights have a moronic crit-spot and even the archers have helmets that protect them not only from crits but also from fire.

The stupidity of this enemy-design is beginning to ruin this DLC for me, at least when I’m not using characters like Axton or Krieg who are performing significantly better than an honest assassin aiming for crits.


As an update, I gave up on using guns and just went melee because that’s a lot less painful than trying to land crits.

Yea that DLC is super overrated. it does have some really solid end game loot, a pretty easy farmable last boss, and a fun raid boss fight though.

I remember going through with Zero was a nightmare and pretty much was just Pimp everything with my sniper build. It was much more fun with my Krieg Explosive/Melee build but is because that DLC was made for Krieg.

On the nose!! Krieg was the most fun I had in that DLC. Although I didn’t mind the skeletons in the end, my first run through it with Maya was a nightmare. Had to rethink my entire approach to get through most of it.

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Not going to entirely agree on that.
However, DLC4 crippled alot of builds for sure.

Don’t agree on which part?

I was reading it wrong at first.
I thought you were saying that the DLC was build around Krieg. While you ment that it fits Krieg perfecty. Never bothered correcting myself.


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Yea it’s just a perfect fit for Krieg, especially for Bloodsploding melee builds you can get some insane chains on it.

Axton does fairly well at it and obviously Sal can Rubi/Grog Harold it like he can everything else. My personal experience with Zer0 and Maya is you need to specifically build it a certain way while have the top gear. No idea how Gaige does because my Mechromancer knowledge is very limited.

Those damn crystal skeletons were the only reason I liked playing Krieg better than Sal on it. Although when using the pocket rocket instead of DPUH, I had way fewer issues with the bullet reflection. DPUH was overkill on mobbing in most cases, but I never went into OP with him, just general UVHM

Her LBT skilltree, or any build that is based around shock for that matter is severely crippled again Skeletons and the 4 Kings. Both Skellies and 4 Kings resist all kinds of elements (not sure about Slag though).

Melee Krieg is definitely a much more fun character to play this DLC with than sniper or gun Zer0. But I still hated the Skeleton Kings fight. By the time the third skull does stupid flying attacks, I typically lose my will to keep playing.

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Wouldn’t it be awful to find out Skellies are very susceptible to slag damage? That’s the only thing it’s never occurred to me to try. Pretty sure the Kings don’t even suffer the slag debuff, although it’s frequently hard to tell.

Given that half of the DLC is a blatant Dark Souls rip-off (or let’s be nice and call it an homage) it would have been better thought through if skeletons could be insta-gibbed once one knows the way of it. In DS they can’t be killed unless the killing blow comes from a divine weapon or the necromancer who controls them is killed. Something like that would make a cool change of pace.
In DS2, invisible enemies become visible once you possess a certain item. If that could be done with Skeleton mages…yes plz.

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played on OP8
axton + harold + sheriff badge + 2 slag turrets kills everything
with gaige loosing all anarchy when killed it is nearly impossible to play

Nope. That’s what Rational Anarchist and small mags are for.
On the whole I just go Torgue when playing Gaige in that DLC. The splash is great with anarchy and the skellies don’t like it one bit.
It lacks all elegance and is an annoying waste of an entire skill tree, but that’s DLC4 mobs for you.

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to cioran-
axton has explosive boosts gaige none
the LBT tree is useles in TTina (most is shock proof!, my shock norfleet is useless)
deathtrap is to weak on OP8 and don’t slag, and you can not recall him
the only good thing is claws for killing cristal skeletons (melee)
i already have anarchy maxed out used harold and fibber but
compared to axton it is frustrating (try lair of agony!)
now using an antagonist shield on DT gives slag and works better
also the magic slag grenade used indoors kills me more often than the enemy
but we keep on trying !