TTAoDK Problem (DLC)

So my friend purchased the season pass a long time ago on another account and no longer plays on that account. He literally owns every DLC that has came out. However, when he stopped playing on that account and switched over to another account, he also ended up getting a new Xbox. So in term, he had to redownload all of the DLC. He didn’t bother with any of the character skins or heads, but he downloaded Gaige and Krieg again as well as all of the Story DLCs. (Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, Hammerlock’s Hunt, Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, and all of the Head Hunter DLCs.) The one problem is, all of the DLC work, EXCEPT Tiny Tina’s. It downloads perfectly fine as well as every other DLC, but when we go in game it says he does not have it. He has tried deleting it from his hard drive and redownloading it. Didn’t work. Then he tried deleting all the DLC off his xbox, that didn’t work either. We’ve tried everything we can think of. Any help would be appreciated because we’re doing a playthrough and would like to do all the DLC’s and get to OP8 with our new characters. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Much appreciated.

Did he do the licence transfer step for each account on the new XBox? If the Tina DLC was purchased on say account1 and everything else on account2, but the licence transfer was done only while logged in on account2, that would give the result your friend is seeing.

After doing the licence transfer, go into the downloads history (same account) and re-download the content; if it’s already on disk, it won’t take long but it should refresh the DRM information.

The only other thing that can go wonky is if the XBox this is happening on had both the season pass and a separate purchase of the Tina DLC (which can happen with multiple accounts on the same box) - things can get really weird then…

I think that last part is what the problem is. He said that he has a purchase of that DLC and the Season Pass download on separate accounts on the same xbox. How do you fix it that way? Also he said that he did do the license transfer a while back.


I think that the licence transfer has to be done for each account on the 360, which means logging in to each one in turn. If the transfer was done only on one account, that may be the problem. If that doesn’t help then:

Ideally, everything should have been done through the season pass rather than separate purchases. I would try and clean things up so that as much as possible was downloaded/installed as a result of having the season pass installed, which means being logged in under that account and going through the downloads history.

Check under System > Storage > Device > Games & Apps > BL2 that there aren’t two copies of DLC4. (Also, delete out any older i.e. smaller compatibility packs!)

Your friend may need to delete the existing DLC4 and re-download it; I’d try that by going through the in-game menu first, just to make sure that it’s registering properly as purchased through the season pass.

Frustrating - I went through the same thing when my son’s 360 died and we had to move everything. That’s when I learned he’d purchased some of the content I already had through the season pass, which made things complicated for a while. We did eventually get it sorted, though - just in time for the replacement 360 to need replacing!

We fixed it. He apparently hadn’t downloaded the stuff from the season pass so he went back on the old account and redownlaoded the season pass and Tina’s DLC and it worked. Thanks for all the help though man! Extremely appreciated :slightly_smiling: