[TTW] Backstories

Backstory Hero Point (Twist of Fate) Adjustments:

Note: Backstories cannot be changed after you pick one, but the changes will still be applied to your characters when you play the game! These changes will all apply to new characters.

well thanks for letting us know ROFL
how about you just let us change them?


I was anticipating them changing the backgrounds so I only really invested in two characters who would benefit from the Village Idiot long term. Thankfully, two or three hero points only make a small difference in endgame.

Overall, I think balancing this up will be good for the game. There will no longer be a “best” background, just different choices.

yea would be great if you could actually adjust your characters after these changes


Yeah, I see what you’re saying. Keep pushing, maybe it’ll happen.

well if not the modding crowd will make it happen
there is no point in forcing us to sticking to them

There should be a one time change when they do stuff like this. Changing a gun is no big deal, but changing this is permanent and feels crappy. Just give us a reroll for backstory once when you do this and everyone would be happy.

even without hotfixes
changing your background isnt a big difference to changing your attribute allocations
its finetuning your build and you are literally unable to if you picked the wrong backstory when you first started the game and had literally no idea about items, classes, interactions or anything in the game

I had a rant about altering backstories a hot minute ago. I’m starting to think they should just 100% do away with them and grant people an extra 4 points to place wherever they like.


Small thing but just one of the many lame little bits that gearbox always overlooks.

Are the back stories even relevent in the game? I know there are a couple of attribute points in play but do the actual back stories have any significance in the story or dialog? That is one thing I never invested any time on. I just chose Village Idiot because it had the most points available.

It’s just stats

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