[ttw] blightcaller

Im excited for this new class. the art is mysterious and feels like voodoo. wondering who to pair it with. Im thinking it will end up pairing well with Sporewarden for some reason.

cant wait to see how the tree looks.



Thoughts: too little WAY too late.

It’s a huge mistake to wait until the final DLC to release the 7th class. There’s nothing to play it in! Neat: we’ll have two more mirrors! Except the mirrors all suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Done in 5 minutes and never played again, then it’s back to the effing Chaos Chamber a g a i n for more of the same rubbish.

Unless the 4th DLC also contains a stupid amount of new, non-Chaos Chamber endgame content, it’s a royal waste of time. Gearbox just isn’t getting it, and I’m losing both patience and hope.


Regarding the class itself, I fail to see the need for yet another elemental class in the game. Clawbringer’s already the elementalist and paired with just about everyone but especially Stabbomancer or Graveborn, you’ll deal insane amounts of status damage. They’ve had every opportunity to buff Spore Warden’s poison damage, but it remains relatively weak compared to the abilities of other classes.

Blight Caller is a lazy as it is unimaginative.

Give us a class that specializes in the underperforming world of area damage. Give us someone that will add to Spore Warden’s abysmal anmo regen so that we can create a viable turret build. Give us a dual wielder - guns or melee, I don’t care. More of the same is just not the answer, but it seems to be the only kind Gearbox is capable of giving anymore.

Truly, truly disappointing.

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Well, you can play difficulty 2-4 with the Blightcaller, the next 3 weeks after it launches :neutral_face:

No, fun aside :rofl:

I agree, the art looks cool but, even if it also states elemental damage, a poison based class is totally redundant in the game. Off the top of my head there are 1 type of Shrooms + the Parasite and some very rare elite skeletons and that‘s it. There is absolutely no reason to have it and like you said, if it is viable due to buffs/skills then there already are Spellshot, Stabbomancer to fit that role.

If going by the art, it will conjure some kind of totem? Maybe it plays like a elemental Axton/pet class combo?


If this is yet another pet class for the game on top of all the other unnecessary “skills,” it’s official: Borderlands as a series is dead and Gearbox with it. There’s no creativity left with that developer, and personally, I should’ve ended with BL3.

Maybe the totems can do different things. Beeing a pet class would just make it a great combo with the Sporewarden. Ofcourse that was just guessing on my part.

But I have to slightly agree, it is kinda annoying how the game forces the pets on you (and I‘m a fan of pets). Honestly instead of a new class aka a single tree, I would find it much better if everyone would‘ve got a selectable alternate class feat. That would spice things up and with the multi-class system open up countless of new playstyles.

As long as they update skills like they heavily did with FL4K in BL3.


I think additional class feats/skills would be amazing and would make some skills (ie. Spellshot’s Skeep rubbish, Clawbringer’s insta-kill, etc) worth taking, however doing so would completely unbalance every aspect of the game.

TTWL was just a poor design from the start. From day 1, Gearbox developed itself into a corner by making it impossible to increase level cap or enemy difficulty beyond a certain point. Two skill trees isn’t enough for veteran players who have always had three to work with: it dramatically limits build diversity, and all they can do to increase player power is up the damage of weapons and gear - *boooooooooring.’

That’s why I just have such a hard time understanding TTWL. It had SO much potential to be amazing, but then Gearbox took everything that made Borderlands what it is, and they tried to reinvent it. Why? Literally no one was asking for fewer options or crappier loot or an even grindier farming process.

ive been mostly hunting for new loot in these runs. sometimes i get what im after, sometimes i just get junk to sell or give to another character.

i know its a long shot, but i hope with the new class they implement the mail system like they had in BL3 and give a damn level cap. even using a clawbringer, completing one of the DLC runs is difficult. Havent been able to do so and it gets frustrating.


The level cap cannot increase. Doing so would unbalance the entire game. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That’s why we’re getting a 7th class instead. It’s the best they can offer, and it will absolutely be disappointing.

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The one thing B2 did right (IMHO) was the way they handled the upper-level enemies. NVHM skags are easy to dispatch, TVHM rabids are tougher and UVHM ones were brutal. Each one had different movement patterns and felt like new enemies. B3 just added more health & modifiers.