TTW-build viability-DPS or tank?

At chaos 35, enemies hit very hard and spongie. Corrupted platemail become the stable class mod. Spell and melee are go to DPS choice.

Most of the endgame content can be dealt with gun build but not very popular due to ease of use of spell and melee and can clear very fast for mobbing.

IMO, gearbox should buff more gun other than swordsplosion. This game is in need of variety.

Most of the bosses at Chaos 35 are easy except Dryl, Knightmare and dragon lord.

I am interested to know what are the guns you are using against the above bosses and class combinations other than status build.

Another thing, badass is not that badass in this game. They should be buffed and certain bosses health pool should be adjusted lower. Killing badass is always more fun than chipping away certain bosses.

In the nutshell, more viable guns, more real badass and tone down certain bosses, more means of health Regen.

If you are playing spell or melee build, gun build is the last thing you want as fun factor is not there.

I understand TTW is about spell and melee but isn’t it time for gearbox to change up a bit?

And damn! Where is TTW forum. Trading post need to be back as RNG in this game is crazy. It is like B2 when you at max lvl 72, gears drop at lvl 70. Chaotic, volatile, primordial and ascendant are just labels for lvl 69, 70, 71 and 72. Gearbox, you think players won’t figure out! :joy:

Chaos level should be account wide. To run new class starting from low level with new found high level gears is stupidily boring.

For me everything works but depends on the skills and stats on the armor :wink:

The armor that applies soaked is probably the least useful because the launcher or spell are easy to use. Used it in chaos 35 but switched to the spell.

Also get yourself a crossblade :wink: it’s imho even better then swordsplosion :muscle:

Its difficult to build a build when you never know what they are going to nerf and they nerf different random things every Thursday with super lazy hotfixes.

Since most players were using Mood and Chamionship rings, they got nerfed by 67%. But dont sweat it because they buffed a few other rings that nobody uses by a whopping 8% max. How considerate of them …

I wouldnt look for any specific gear in a Gearbox game anymore because if you find something you like, they will surely nerf it until it sucks as bad as the rest of the game.

I’m using purple rings and amulets…

The biggest problem with gun builds is that most legendaries are inferior to purple ones. Only a few legendaries stand out. When you get to endgame in a Borderlands game, you anticipate using legendaries. Not so much in this game.


After they nerfed the 2 good legendary rings, I cant say I blame you for using purples.

Even purple guns are limited. The viable guns in this game especially legendary are so few. Anyone using Dahl AR? Any SMG beside frost x4? Any pistol beside crossbow, especially, Feriore? Sniper?Hyperion shotgun? any launcher other than twisted for debuff? Dahl pistols are so bad it make me sad. How about Jakobs?

Even spells. Buffmeister and ice spike. Any other spells are just sidekicks or down right laughable.

And how about enhancement? The cost is so high and RNG so bad that it is not even funny.

Rings and Amulets are fine.

Armors stats are so vary it is very tedious.

On top of that, think 69, 70, 71, 72. B2 and B3 received so much complaints that they fixed it; always drop at your max level.

Now they have fancy names and with added monotony, seemingly indefinite runs, they called Chaos.

I have created so many classes at lvl 40 that wanted to test but no, I have to complete chaos again and again before I could do any sort of meaningful testing.


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hardly ever used the legendaries even before the nerf :wink:

hadn’t found any good rolls on them and half of them weren’t viable to even get the bonusses :rofl:

TTW has CRAP tons of loots. :joy::joy::joy:

The worst part is that some of the fun guns are so good on mobs but when it comes to certain bosses, they become useless. The balance of this game is a bit off.

Gun must be elemental. Anyone using non elemental guns?

Dragon lord is down right easy until his pet show up and your gun suddenly become useless. It doesn’t make any sense.

Balance of so many things like guns, melee weapons, spells, DPS, bosses are so whacky. It is like…Chaos…so chaotic and mental.

I have a cookie cutter setup with 45% gun damage shark ring with 20% pistol crit on both side, crit give 25% bonus, 40% frost damage amulet, spec all gun damage for spell/stab skill tree, volatile platemail with all damage, gun damage and spell damage. Guns damage just doing okish?!?! Is gun damage bonus bugged? Sometime I wonder. :thinking:

And curse wit 100% damage, enchantment 40% and 30% gun and 20% all damage too. Where do these gun damage bonuses go to?

mobs are often to easy (BL3 was worse though)

wastard/son of a witch feels pretty bugged/unintended with the damn shield :rofl:

i can’t stress this enough, the difficulty scaling (relaxed, normal and hard) do not affect anything but money and moon orbs.

chaos 35 on hard is meant to be played with a decent enough build. chaos 35 on relaxed isn’t that hard with non optimized gear

This game is easy if you play spell, melee and not so reliable status effect build.

I am just curious if I spec all gun damage, what is the outcome? Playable but not worth the effort you put in to farm all the optimized gears.

Gun play in TTW just sucks or maybe gun damage bonuses are bugged? Building few hundreds of gun damage bonuses just don’t do much.

You can run red herring, swordsplo, cross blade but how about other craps?

I played as Frostwilder with focus on gun damage and frost elemental damage up till Chaos 20. It was hard to defeat SoW, Dryll, Dragon Lord, Banshee and Knightmare. But somehow I managed to reach Chaos 20. This was the only gun I used:

From Chaos 20 till 35 I decided to try the Companion/Pixie. I main Sporewarden, so I choose the Spellshot as second class (Sporcerer). I had Knightmare x5, SoW x2, Salissa x3, Banshee, Dragon Lord, Zomboss and Parasite. And I defeated them all in the first try. With this as the only “gun” I used:

Not even an ideal enchantment, but 4.000 Moon Orbs pr. re-roll didn’t even get me the ones I wanted…
Guns are almost “reduced” to utility things like grenades was i BL3 :wink:

Don’t miss out on the blue fearnot pistol. I got one 453x2, frost, crossbow 6% damage and it is pixes. With double knots buffed, spell/stab pixes build is absurd.

For gun build chaos 35 is still viable but not fun and super tedious.

Spell/pixes is more fun and can clear very fast. Gun slow slow. Status effect build maybe using gun but spec differently, mostly melee damage, go figure :joy::joy:

I’ll keep an eye out for that one. I run 3/3 Double Knot with +2 from a purple Armor with decent boost to Companion Damage :wink: I use Buffmeister, Lightning (Zap/Bonk, so not ideal) and Tidelwave as spells. Mood Rings with Spell/Companion damage since my ward never regeneretes. And a Fryin’ Pan as my ward :grin:

Flying pan is op haha.
For gun build, spell damage bonus to stack up spellweaver then convert 45% to gun damage is very big difference from flat gun damage (very bad).:+1:

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There’s almost no reason to tank in this game. I’d even argue most Fatemakers aren’t designed for it either. It’s not that you can’t, but pull up the myth ranks. Besides constitution, you can’t raise your HP or shields, and there isn’t innate damage resistance. Most bosses respawn an endless supply of minions for you to get a second wind off of. They want you to play a fast and aggressive playstyle.

Now, they could make a more defensive playstyle in the future. Doesn’t mean they will, and it’s better to focus on what you can do right now.

tl:dr DPS no contest.


I guess that would explain the 67% nerf on the Mood ring …

i think you’re over valuing the numbers :wink:

it’s not realy all that much that has changed (half the time you wouldn’t even have the bonus active)

biggest reason why i use what ever i find with good stats is just that… i’m to lazy to keep noticing if i’m actualy having the bonus active.

Nerfs to rings were mostly a good thing and their actual impact on your dps is negligible at best (5-10%). We now have greater ring parity and class passives being more influential. But unfortunately the fandom just loves overreacting without any critical thought as to why certain balance changes are made.

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