TTW-build viability-DPS or tank?

@garfield1283 The bonus was active when your shield was not full. Literally, all it took was a glance at your shield level to know if the ring was active or not.

The damage went from a 100% down to 33%. That is a difference of 67%.

Off topic side note question:

Since you smart guys are so full of knowledge, I’m wondering if you could share your expertise on why wokesters get so triggered by the truth?

A nerf to a gun is very different from a nerf to a ring. When the Liquid Cooling was nerfed by 65%, your damage output literally went down by 65%. But a ring is extremely different.

A primordial mood ring gets you 22.7% gun/spell/melee damage. Say you have 22.7% gun damage roll and you have 2 mood rings, so 45.4% gun damage.

Prenerf, the mood ring would have given you 90.8% gun damage when its effect is active. Now it gives you 60.3%. But this gun damage is additive to almost every gun damage skill, enchantment and com/amulet passive as well as your myth rank.

So lets say i’m extremely conservative and you have 60% gun damage (40% from enchantment, 20% from myth rank). So now previously your gun damage multiplier was 2.5, now its 2.2. Which is an approximate 11% damage loss. Now if your skilltree had gun damage boosts, or if your armor had gun damage, or if you only had 1 mood ring, this loss in dps is even more negligible.

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that’s not exactly what i mean… i have to keep checking my shield is or isn’t full. depending on what build i’m using i’d have to adjust what ever i’m doing for a trivial increase

they also explained why they nerfed/buffed rings

We found that several Ring bonuses didn’t match up with how challenging the condition was to trigger. In addition, we’d like more rings found with great stat rolls to be more interesting to pick up, and not to have rings that are trivially easy to trigger like Mood Ring or Championship Ring be the singular, outstanding choice.

you’d also would have a godroll for it to be of any significance.


Thank you for the explanation. That actually makes sense and I have a much better understanding of what you were trying to say.


If gearbox didnt want mood and championship rings to be the singular choice (it isnt because those are actually 2 choices … not your fault though) then why did they create them to start with and nerf them 3 months after launching the game and after finding out basically everyone was using them?

Imagine being in a premium priced resteraunt and they have 2 options for dessert: Chocolate pudding or you could choose mud. Of course everyone would be eating the chocolate pudding over the mud.
Gearbox however removes the chocolate pudding because they dont want everyone picking the same dessert (why do they even care what people choose after buying dinner anyways) and replaces the chocolate pudding with mud. Now the “singular” choice is mud. Then we have you at a different table telling everyone how good the mud tastes …

While you enjoy eating the mud, I will just find a different resteraunt that doesnt change my order after buying the food just because they wanted me to order something else …

they (probably) didn’t intend for the bonusses to be that easy to keep up :wink:

and there’s so many good stuff beside them (the jewels you get from quest rewards are all pretty great)

and again, the nerf isn’t that bad when you think about it (the 100% against bosses looked broken when i’d first seen it because it was so easy to get it to proc)

i do agree these are things that shouldn’t happen to often (BL3 started out fine but then they made M2.0 and nerfed/buffed random stuff that just broke the game to the point you could 1 shot raid bosses)

The mood ring bonus was justified because you sacrifice survivability to use them

The ring for the bosses makes sense as well since it’s useless against everything else if you’re not just boss farming

The beauty of TTW is that almost anything is usable. I can use only purples and kill all the raid bosses. This is cool IMO.

My current build runs Deathless, uses the shield enchant for 30% damage increase on health less than 50% anoint, and Jakobs purples (Kettledrum, Sootcough AR and pistol, and ROA - yes I know ROA is not purple LOL). I use orange rings, but a purple amulet. Works great at Chaos 35, no problem. And I can swap out for a purple COM any time I want, and not lose much and possibly actually gain strength in some areas. Jakobs is actually one of the stronger overall manufacturers in Wonderlands. This build is the proverbial “tank build” when you throw in a Static Charge shield.

But without changing spec, I can also go into a Cape of Tides build with just swapping a COM and a shield and then go more glass cannon. I feel personally like this is more of what I consider “fun” about Borderlands.

The only problem I have here is not enough to do at endgame.

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yep having fun just using pretty much everything i find (and not just picking up only legendaries)

i realy missed this feeling in BL3 after M2.0.

also the difficulty scaling feels the best there is in the franchise (still not perfect though, but can it ever be?)

i asked for something like digistruct peak to increase the difficulty and they deliverd (chaos chambers) but they also used it for end game content… not a problem persé, but there needs to be more.
like you said, there’s not much to do after you reach chaos 35

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So the enchantment less than 50% health work on Deathless? And assume the rings too?

Spellshot build?

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It’s best to use shield not full rings for Spellshot, because you can turn off shield regen plus curse wit ( I think curse wit works :thinking:)

I have been using wit and bad egg for all class except claw, using body rune.
I wish they make Ragnarok and fatebreaker range attack scale with melee. Melee is fun until you meet dragonlord sidekick, dragon that you can’t do anything except swordsplosion it.

I only use 3 types of ring.
Moon, championship and sharkascent.
Spell and melee.

Sporewarden wrath of nature is good for gun and ability build.
How good is barrage? It is useful to activate shield recharge, wrath of nature and 2 very good enchantments.

Torgue sticky is go-to but I dislike sticky. More viable guns gearbox please.
Dahl specifically. :grin:

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I would love if the projectiles scaled with melee damage that would make it so much better