TTW Chaos Chamber is garbage

Some of the boss fights are just stupid and rely on having to be able to continuously death save. It is extremely frustrating to go through all the rounds of a chaos chamber and then have the last boss be Knightmare or Dry’l. Its not like those bosses are unbeatable but it’s pretty random beating them sometimes and it just sucks to spend all the time getting through the trial to end up with a crap boss at the end. The game is supposed to be fun…


I am a melee player. Banshee, Dry’l, Knightmare, and Dragon Lord all have anti melee mechanics. I am aware that you can “one shot” certain things, but if we are being realistic, we are fighting these bosses to gear up IN ORDER TO one shot them. Too many bosses can’t be melee’d.


Banshee: Removed her pulsing aura that surrounds here 24/7

Dry’l: Give his fist or anything an adequate hitbox, and remove his far away mechanic

Knightmare: Have him go up to his platform, cast 1 or 2 things, and then always return to ground. Right now he can hop around from platform to platform for too long.

Dragon Lord: Bring the dragon closer…you literally cannot melee it.


I like the chaos chamber and most of the bosses. Dry’s is the exception as an annoying DPS check. Knightmare I didn’t like at first until I practiced his moves and now I enjoy fighting him, however my current build just deletes him anyways.

Featured run has a slightly annoying but consistently beatable boss this week, it is Banshee. Recommend the featured run I make about 5-6k in 10 minutes without doing any extra stuff just 3 curses and all elite rooms.

For knightmare platform, press but button under it. TTWL bosses are ripe with mechanics.

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Chaos chambers are overall good. I have done tons and tons of runs. I agree with the original post. The biggest problem regarding the chambers is that sometime you get LeChance, and other times you get the Dragon Lord.

Having some bosses be harder than others is normal, healthy even. But I would argue that Pure Melee classes deserve a spot at the table. Right now we have pure gun, spell, and companion builds all able to do all content. Melee builds do great against SOME things, but literally cant touch others.

It seems to me that the developers got really into creating new and interesting mechanics for these boss fights. People had been complaining forever about every boss just being a meat sack. I also wanted boss mechanics added. But every single one of the main boss mechanics added is an anti-melee DPS check.

Simply put, if a boss cannot be completed using only melee attacks, remove it from the chaos chambers.


It is a common complaint that Banshee and Dryll specifically are not melee’able bosses. A complaint that I agree with and it should be changed. This is nothing to do with the chamber though and is present through the normal game mode. On top of the melee issues with the 2 I mentioned, Son of the Witch is a boss which also needs some tuning. Dryll does need overall tuning as well not just for melee builds.


There idea of fun is doing a long slog to get to a boss and being mildly rewarded.

Circle of slaughters / Trials/ Takedowns & now Chaos Chamber work like this… and the worst part is people keep saying it’s the best endgame in the series


Would be nice if you select the boss you want to face at the end of the run. I guess that’s kind of the purpose of the featured runs, but would be nice if there were more featured run options each week.


Has anyone else found that they are getting better loot drops from the end room after doing the featured run? I swear that I get better loot at the end of the featured run than I do the regular randomized run. RNG is a thing, I know, but it seems to happen repeatedly.

Yeah while leveling up melee can be a bit of a challenge but once you’re chaos 20 with chaotic/volatile gear & the correct enchantments equipped most things in the game can be one shot. Now I can’t speak for a clawbringer cause I am yet to try one out.

Banshee dies as soon as she spawns in with my Stabbo Zerker build. Proc enchantments & one melee is all it takes but umm watch the puddles :joy:
Knightmare is the same as banshee as soon as it spawns in its dead.

With dry’l it’s a bit tricky but with a Stabbo I just use a crossbow that stacks melee damage & then use ghost blade action skill that does melee damage & watch him melt in 5 seconds.

I do agree some bosses might need a slight change while leveling up for decent/better gear but once you have the right build/gear/enchantments everything gets melted by melee damage in this game including all 4 raid bosses

The bosses in the featured runs are supposed have a higher chance of dropping dedicated drops. That could be what you are seeing.

@sowhereaminow It seems like I am seeing more legendaries from the chest in the end room as well, after doing the featured run. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Ive been running 3 characters in the Chaos runs for test purposes, and it seems the melee chars have it hardest. My dreadwind setup works fantastically until certain bosses then im switching to my other ability and slowly wittling it down with an overpowered purple gun.
Im presuming its not supposed to be like this, but sometimes you cant reach em.
I ran into a boss ive never seen before, and couldnt get near it (it was massive and green, and jumped around alot *spoilers for those that dont want to know).
I died several times during this run - but when i took my Stabbo in later in a new game, i found the same boss and totalled it in 1/10 of the time with gunfire.
Im hoping at this point its just a case of finding a way of dealing the melee dmg at range via an item - either a legendary or spell - which will help the scenario.
I know the Ragnorak legendary sword allows regular melee swings to fire projectiles - but this doesnt seem to be as aimable for flying critters.

That said - ive seen a few legendary items that convert damage types - maybe a spell / enchant / item may convert gunfire into melee damage for those hard to reach types.

I like the chaos chamber because at the end I can somewhat choose the gear I get

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All I can say is that the whole chaos chamber and chaos levels are a significant bummer given that is the whole end game and the story line is really worth repeating. I havent managed to bring up another toon. I had 4 or 5 in BL3… Should be called Tiny lamer’s Grinderworlds

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The game is so counterproductive and stupid with it’s drops. You only get volatile chances at 20 but by the time you reach 20 you’re already clearly capable of running 20 so you don’t need it. Then you only get primordial at 35 but there again at 35 you clearly don’t need the extra damage. It’s sooooo much stick and almost no carrot in this game. And honestly unless you’re a youtuber or trading you have an absolutely unfathomable % chance to get the drops in this freaking game.

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Yea the fact that I’d be staring 35 chaos chamber runs over again to even start another character makes it just an unbearable slog that I’m not willing to do tbh. The dice were a nice change but chaos chambers are just as bad if not more so IMHO. At least with mayhem you could just up it at your own peril. Chaos chambers are a minimum of 35 runs forced on you every single time now. No clue how anyone thinks this is a good idea. Chaos levels should be profile locked just like dice IMO. It feels like the purposefully made replayability as god awful a prospect as humanly possible.


My chaos tab show other differences but I get what you mean

Getting the primordial at 35 makes it easier and quicker to then farm for other builds. So it’s not as pointless as you make it out to be.


I just got to this Chaos Chamber Dry’ll, wtf this is actually boring having to keep fighting this mf’er. WTF Gearbox???


Chaos levels must be in profile as the lucky dice.
I’m sure we will have something like 15 more levels at every dlc.
I don’t want to start a new character if I have to grind c35 or c50.

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