[TTW] Chaos Chambers: Why "ENDLESS" Mode is Perfect for the BL Series & How to Implement it to "Stress Test" Builds

Chaos Chambers and Chaos Levels are overall a major improvement from Mayhem in BL3. But I believe it needs to go a bit further in how it is implemented into the core of endgame that would eventually be a staple aspect of the BL series: Endless Mode. This mode will have different variations to enhance the “fun” for players.

Endless Challenge Mode

Currently, we are hard capped at CL35 and the way we increase that level is by going through a level by level challenge. But what if the Moxsys of the world found a busted-ass build and REALLY wanted to stress test its potential? What if we wanted to REALLY know how far we can take it against infinite scaling enemies? In comes Endless Challenge Mode.

This Mode is simple: its a shortened rotational version of Chaos Chambers that has NO Blessings, NO Buffs, and NO Curses. It’s you vs the enemy’s infinite scaling and it’s your job to see how far you can take a certain build. You will start at your chosen Chaos Level–and NOTE that if you had a build that got you through CL60, you can start at CL59 now to expedite the process (1 level back of max). Instead of 6 stages to get to the Main boss (I think it’s 6), it will be 2 stages. That is all.

  • 1st Stage - Obelisk: You will face an Obelisk that will consist of a Mini-Boss at the end. This Obelisk is going to be pretty much the same in design but will need you to kill three times as many enemies than usual (want to apply a bit more attrition) and as you progress through filling the Obelisk, the new enemies that spawn in will increasingly become tougher. So you will start with mostly trash mobs then eventually see a Badass or two. Once the Obelisk is destroyed, then per usual you must kill the mini-boss (randomly chosen).
  • 2nd Stage - Boss: Nothing new here. Jump through the portal to face a random boss–this boss will not be the same as what you faced for the past 2 bosses though to keep it fresh and prevent the same boss back to back.

With each Boss defeated, you will be given a choice to continue or call it quits and cash in your crystals. Don’t worry about progress lost because as mentioned, if you beat a certain Chaos Level, you can now choose to start at that point for Endless Hard Mode. Progression in Endless Modes is separate of your Overall Chaos Level you choose for the general mode–BUT I do see potential to this changing with this new mode. If you choose to continue, the enemy will increase in strength by scaling to the increasing Chaos Level (Damage needs a rework of it’s own and I mention this in a recent post under “Enemy Damage”: https://www.reddit.com/r/Wonderlands/comments/uk4amj/the_future_of_borderlandswonderlands_my_feedback/)

Know that this mode is simplified and not designed for farming crystals and more focused on the “Challenge” of stressing build potentials. There will be Leaderboards that can simply show how far players have gotten with what classes they used and if GBX got real fancy, it can take that end screen report that shows which Skills and Gear they used and which boss they lost to along with other fun info. Also, Loot Luck does not scale in this mode. It’s locked at CL35.

Now on to another Endless Mode…

Normal Endless Mode

Yeah I didn’t venture too far out on the names here haha. This one is a bit different format than the “Challenge Mode” above. Instead of 2 Stages, it will be 3. The main change is that now you will access to ALL the normal features of Chaos Chambers (Blessings, Buffs, Curses, etc) but with some tweaks.

  • 1st Stage - Normal Dungeon w/ Side Objective: Nothing special here. When this ends, you will get your reward and choice of portals.
  • 2nd and 3rd Stages - Same as Challenge Mode - Only difference is that Boss Stages could be any portal type (Blessings, Curses, etc).

Now, there will be a couple tweaks compared to a Normal Run in Chaos Chambers. Crystal gains will start off a bit less. The concept here is that you need to get through at least 2 boss stages to then exceed the Crystals per minute return as a Normal Run at whatever Chaos Level you chose to start at. This is Endless Mode so it’s about being rewarded for lasting as long as possible. This part can be balanced in a few ways and GBX can mess with that.

Curses and Blessings will be MUCH more gradual in their scaling.

  • Curses: These will have a 3 Tiered difficulty system for ALL Curses (Easy, Medium, Hard). What happens is that Curses will increase it’s attributes per difficulty. For example, Buff Buddies will increase Enemy Damage by 15%/30%/45% at it’s respective Difficulties. Frozen Vengeance could be based on it’s spawn chance of say 10%/20%/30%. Having this incremental increase should help coexist much better in the Endless format (since now we tripled the number of Curse potentials) but also lead to a better gaming experience since things are a bit more gradual and under control. Some Curses may need reworked to fit under this new system such as Rogue Lite or maybe just not apart of this mode in general.
  • Blessings: Blessings will not distribute as many skill points as they usually do. Sometimes you may get up to 3 points for a skill that has a max of 5. These will now only get 2 points while skills that have maxes of 1 and 3 will only get 1 point. Helps scale a bit better for Endless Mode. And lastly, if a Skill has reached double of it’s max potential (ie a 5 point skill has points in it), that skill is capped–this may need specific adjustments for certain skills. You cannot exceed double. If you manage to cap all of your Skills, Blessings will then just give gradual attribute increases (Gun Damage, Ward Increase, HP, etc etc). Eventually, we want to design the enemy so they actually outscale the player. So we cannot have insane buffs going forever lol. This is something that just needs further rework and refinement with time.

Buffs you buy along the way will be hard capped at 3 purchases.

So that’s the 2 current Endless Modes that I believe should exist. The “Challenge” version is the major one though. It fits perfect in the Borderlands series because of how it can allow players to REALLY show off build potentials, give them a challenge, and even compete in some format. Could even create a “Featured Extended Mode” where GBX just has say 500 Chaos Levels in place that are pre-determined and players see how far they get. But overall, this is something I think the BL series could really use so that players have more freedom against infinite scaling enemies to show off a build potential. It also could help GBX better gauge scaling needs for the core game in many ways…

Let me know what you think.


Another mode concept for Chaos Chambers that can be great for single player and Coop:

Obelisk Blitz

New Arena setup with 3 Obelisks around the map. A Butt Stallion statue in the middle. The goal is simple, defend the Butt Stallion by an increasingly more difficult spawns of Obelisks and clear as many Obelisks as possible.

Now some adjustments will occur with what can damage the Butt Stallion. This will need some testing but for now, it will only be melee damage from enemies and they will strong focus the Butt Stallion (pretty much make a beeline for it). This could even just be a specific type of enemy that is outlined to make it visually clear. And sometimes these enemies could randomly be basic trash mobs such as skellies or maybe even a big, Elite Troll.

To start the round, 1 Obelisk will begin spawning its enemies. Killing enemies will clear Obelisks per usual till you have the mini-boss spawn in. Clearing the mini-boss will immediately start the next Obelisk. BUT if you did not clear that Obelisk after 60 seconds, the 2nd Obelisk will begin spawning enemies that are 1 Chaos Level higher no matter what. In other words, Obelisks are on a 60 second timer rotation (unless you clear them ahead of time) and each new Obelisk thats activated will spawn enemies 1 Chaos Level higher to increase difficulty. If you defeat a Mini-Boss, your Butt Stallion statue will regenerate 1 column but cannot exceed its maximum amount. Butt Stallion is on a VERY controlled HP where its based on number of hits it can take and NOT actual Damage. So for example, each row of the statue can take up to 2 hits from melee before destroyed.

As the round progresses, you will see occasional random Buffs be dropped or Curses handed to enemies. These Buffs and Curses are temporary such as if a Frozen Vengeance Curse is given to the enemies, it will last 60 seconds or a Gun Damage Buff or Blessing that also lasts only 60 seconds. These will help spice things up throughout the run and can offer “on the fly” tactical help. Hell, we could make it where random 3 buffs pop up and you can choose only 1 to benefit you temporarily (a bit more strat potential).

Also, there is infinite respawns BUT if you die, you will have to respawn at a base and jump back in that should take about 20 seconds as your punishment. Thus allowing enemies to overwhelm your team and the statue and pushing them to hold the line. Of course, your jobs is to stop the melee enemies but rewards come from defeating minibosses who them and their mobs are trying to kill you to protect the melees. So we got a bit of a cycle here lol. We can also create a buff that allows for immediate respawning. A lot of potential could be built around this mode in all honesty

In the end, once your Butt Stallion statue has been destroyed, the after game screen will give you all of your fun data of how you did PLUS you will earn Crystals and Moon Orbs on the number of Obelisks you cleared along with how quickly you did it–being more efficient will act like a multiplier to your rewards thus speed isnt necessary but ends up being an additional reward on top of everything else.