[TTW] Chaos lv 50? What I've been waiting for!

You know how much fun grinding to CL20 was? Remember how awesome it was when GB raised it to CL35???
Well hold on to your horses folks because now we have a full 50 lvs of similar content to grind through!!! That’s right an extra 15 CLs have been added!!! And if you had a new character just getting to Lv40, you now have 50lvs of pure repetitive bliss to play through!!!

But wait, there’s more!!! Another mirror has been added!!! Totaling 3 totally not chaos chamber 10-15 min lvs!!!

I’m so glad GB and 2K ignored complaints and the dwindling player base and just gave us more of the same content. When your base game is well received, it’s always best to bloat the endgame rather than take the time to develop actual content.



“But wait…deash moah!”


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IMHO, GB wants to dump this puppy as fast as they can…


This is the first Borderlands title I don’t buy on launch myself. The main reason was all of the ways they found a way to make the items I found in BL3 seem kind of a waste of time grinding for in a short time span. With all of the mayhem changes along with conveniently sticking better and better weapons into dlc along the way. I may play TTWL but it’ll be after all is said and done with tweaks and stuff being broken and fixed if that ever comes to fruition. I know I’ll get my moneys worth out of it when I do play but I just won’t deal with the same roadmap as BL3 along with what seems like a very lacking dlc trajectory. I know I definitely got my money’s worth out of 3 but it was a love hate relationship that ended abruptly at one point.

You can’t level past 40 and the chambers get really old…

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:smile: hahaha

Apparently the new mirror is actually quite fun. Chaos levels reeeeaally need to be a shared system though.

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Definitely the best of the three Imo . But hey I try to be a glass half full type of guy .

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In this world, you’ve gotta be! I haven’t played it yet. I’ve seen a few of the new items and they look pretty cool. Can’t decide whether I’m going to play it now or wait for all the mirrors to be fully released and playing that. C50 is a bit off-putting.

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If they shared chaos lv across all your characters that would be awesome. I still think CL 50 is ridiculous. Should have been 10-20-30 tops.
I watched a vid of someone playing mirror 3. Looked like a big improvement BUT was still like 15-20 mins of content.

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It was a slight improvement, but still very quick and not something I feel like repeating over and over, very chaos chamber-ey still

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The balance has probably been wrecked also. Going to 50 i have a feeling that its suffered a bad fate. I hope i’m wrong.

It actually isn’t all that bad. Just weird that 50% of the drops at chaos 50 are still non chaotic.

But it’s not like BL3 where balance is pretty much non existing

I found a video from EpicNNG that explains its kinda bad now. The balance is way off on chaos 50.

Don’t worry, 2k and Gearbox like the glass fully full. They got the Bling-Blings now!

I probably won’t buy this game ever. I stick with my weekly BL3 logins when I hunt/go to the Maurice vendor machine and check it out, it is actually fun. Thats enough BL for me nowadays.

It is exactly the same thing as Blizzard is doing with Diablo Immortal. The developers don’t care wheter its fun game or not. They want repetitive content to be pushed out with minimal effort.

And I reached the age where I don’t even try to comprehend these people and let them push this down on my throat. I just hope more and more people start skipping these games and the demand will force the “sales” to change their thinking or no sales. I hope…

This game is definitely a mindless grind.

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