[TTW] Creating New characters after Endgame/Adventure mode/Seasonal Characters

So far I’m absolutely in love with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. I’ve started a bunch of new characters and completed the game map 100% and have all the achievements (Not including the miscellaneous challenges to help get Exp. for Myth Rank). However, me and a couple of my buddies were talking while going through the endgame content (The Chaos Chamber). We thought it was very much simular to another endgame mechanic, The rift system in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Now hear me out, I know alot of people love going through the progression system of Borderlands games, but I think it would be way easier and more appealing to those who just like the grind to progress other classes without having to do the full story all over again. By taking another page out of Diablo 3’s book and making an adventure mode based almost entirety off of The Chaos Chamber for those who have already finished the story on another character. On top of that, make it so you could challenge yourself by adjusting the Chaos Mode to get more Exp, Money, Moon Orbs at the cost of harder to kill enemies that hit way harder but allow you to progress faster.

Also, I would love if the season pass update could make it so we can make Seasonal Characters. They could make it so there are challenges to complete to get unique season loot and cosmetics. You could make it so there is a “Set” Rarity to boost the power of the character to make Chaos scaling easier. Just an all around new experience to the boarderlands series, breath of fresh air if you will.

Now, I absolutely love the Borderlands series and I’ve been playing it since it came out on the the week after my birthday in 2014. I have fond memories of this series and have always eagerly awaited the next title when they announce them. So please don’t take this as me saying “HEY FIX THE GAME” just fun little ideas that I think would give veteran players a breather when it comes to character progression after they beat the game. Let me know what you think, I am very curious to know what others think of this idea.

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well miss me with anything “season” but yea not having to do all the challenge runs and unlocking all the maps and basically doing all the stuff again you have done just a few days ago would be helpful for starting more characters

Third character on the go here, and it is a real slog going through it all again (specially all those dice and the skeleton pirate stuff, just feels like it goes on forever).
Id like a fast start option to get a character started at least, as stated above it feels like Diablo and this being one of the first borderlands games where i made more than one character because i wanted to experiment.

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I’ve felt for a long time that Borderlands needs a little more diablo 3 sprinkled in. We are not alone in that. Borderlands 3 and Wonderlands both did a little bit of that, but the more the merrier. Diablo 3 perfected looting games for me. But running and gunning in a Borderlands game is what I prefer, spatially. It’s more interesting to me, positioning and aiming in 3 dimensions.

As it stands right now, there are a couple things that kind of hinder running lots of character of files in Wonderlands. Redoing all the loot dice and shrines seems like it might be a bit tedious (in truth you dont have to but it feels like obvious boosts to work for). Having to proceed through the campaign each time just to unlock all your gear slots can be annoying.

It feels to me like they slowly doubling down on players who focus on one character file this time. I think that once we beat a Wonderlands/Borderlands game it should open up “adventure mode” like features from diablo 3 upon creating a new character.

Wonderlands Adventure Mode would include things like:

  • inheriting all your shrine and dice progress from all your characters,

  • unlocking all gear slots,

  • allowing you to replay any campaign/side mission as desired, (especially side missions with item rewards)

  • chaos chambers would unlock from the start of your new char,

  • Bounties & loot bag (bounties give you a specific target to kill, doing the 10 or so bounty missions of the day would give you a loot bag for the day, that loot bag can be opened later. perhaps in this case it would be a visit to the end of chaos chamber room with 500 to 1500 crystals or something)

  • legendary power extraction and applying those to your character

  • more item tinkering (spend moon orbs to reroll one property of an item, each reroll on an item would cost more and more moon orbs)

Yes, I do appreciate being able to redo the whole game all over again. So let that stick around. But give us an option to really explore all the mechanics without having to redo all aspects of the game until we want to. I might sound like I’m contradicting myself. But I really do want to be able to fully replay my games very easily without removing a save (destiny 2 is guilty of only allowing 3 character slots). And I also want some nice elegant new/end game +++ features like diablo 3 does.

I love how I can rechoose my alternate sub class in Wonderlands. But even in Borderlands 3 I created like 3+ of each character. Each focused on different aspects of the classes. Plus there is only so much loot space.

If Wonderlands supported saved builds that would be amazing, though. Have a great spellshot/graveborn build? Save the build to an archive of sorts. Then you could try another subclass and save another build. Then you could load back your first build. This would have to include the items equipped as well. Then your friend says, “hey, can you bring over that second build to my game for a bit, I want to run a chaos trial with that.” So you load back the second build.