TTW Dryl Chaos Chamber Is this what you want?

For solo players to just alt f4 when he shows up as a boss, because his healing in phase 2 is OP? If it is what you want, you are doing a masterful job!


Sure he takes longer then some other bosses but i have more trouble with son of a witch

LOL, had a run-in with Darryl last night and almost got past phase 2. He had a sliver of health left but he got a shield boost and then dropped me while all the Coiled were dead. There may have been some swearing involved.

If I had something that would’ve taken out those spears quickly I woulda had his scaley tail!



Ice Spike spells work pretty good at destroying his spears.

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I am a Spellshot combo (can’t speak for other combos). How I have found success with Darryl, is you need:

  1. A good Buffmeister
  2. A good Queen’s Cry
  3. A good Threads of Fate (2 spell charges version)

The only really challenging phase of the fight is the second phase with the shield, and it’s just a DPS race to get to his health bar. Don’t try to destroy the spears he spikes into the ground - he regens his shield the same amount regardless of whether there are zero spears or 4 spears in the ground (at least as far as I can tell). So focus only on Darryl, cast your Threads of Fate and aim it right at his stomach crit spot, keep your Buffmeister up (obviously we are using Ambihextrous here), and abuse that Queen’s Cry.

Spellshot is the only class I have played so far, so I can’t speak for others. I find this to be a frustrating and long but very consistently doable fight. But it is annoying.

I agree with @garfield1283 - once I figured out a strategy for Darryl he is not as dreaded. I still struggle with Son of a Witch, it seems his little magic balls dodge health gate somehow. But I can’t tell for sure.

My recipe for beating Dry’ll a few times is

  1. Fortifying Sigil
  2. Threads of Fate (Dark magic, Chaotic)
  3. The main course the Circuitous Gyre (Chaotic)

3 for 3 with this one so far

@DigbyVermouth I have played like 100 hours and still haven’t seen the Gyre shotgun, interesting. Never even heard about it.

I have no issues with any boss at Chaos 35… You’d have to let us know what your skill trees look like and the gear you’re using. I can tell you right now that no matter the build, a Feriore Shock Pistol with the Pixie companion will get you through the entire fight.

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Its a beast, it is getting me through these chambers and bosses. Fire rate starts slow then it increases as you fire almost to where its a shotgun that shoots like auto rifle

I find Dryl easy. Im a sporceror using a buffmeister and a Spriggan. It’s the best gun I’ve seen with my setup.
As for Son of a Witch, just shoot the Wyvern that regens his sheild when it occurs and it makes a huge difference. The fight still take a while compared to others but it doesnt drag on too long.

I tried my fairly beastly frost gun but it wasn’t enough damage fast enough to help. All the Ice Spikes I’ve toyed with haven’t been impressive, it’s possible I haven’t tripped over a good one yet. I did just get a Gyre shotgun but haven’t played with it yet, I’ll have to see what that can do.

I think the Purp Cryo Nightshade is still the best SMG in the game. They need to get the Volley and White Ride to that level

To me the Spriggan beats it due to the critical hit damage. Ive got one with 33% crit damage which more than makes up for the lower fire rate. The Spriggan also has higher status chance and damage.

Just use buffmister and triple ice spike. Max out spell weaver stack. He is dead.

Normal or chaotic gears will do.

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Found an AI glitch that got me past him at chaos 7.

There’s a spot near the wall on the right side that you can stand in and Dry’l will just stand at the far end of the lake and do nothing. You can’t shoot him from there, but my Mushroom Companion continued to pelt him and slowly (very slowly – took more than 10 minutes) deplete his shield. Sirens will randomly and infrequently spawn but just shoot them without moving from the spot.

Cheap but effective, and I’m not going to blow up my build for a single boss.

Dryll can easily be beaten with ice spike spells and or pixie companions.

With the right build it only takes a few shots but you need to get the right gear

Primordial is needed for C35 bosses

Not true

did it with chaotic at best (and primordial only start dropping after chaos 35)

i think most people forget about the first difficulty scaling outside chaos modifiers… it only gives you more money and more XP on highest difficulty. if you’re not doing it for the gold/xp and you’re struggling with the game… there is absolutely NO! need to play on max difficulty (hell, outside of getting volatile/primordial playing on max chaos isn’t needed either)

if you’re STILL struggling on easy chaos 35… all i can tell you is that either your build sucks or your gear (or both… but then you probably got boosted to 35)

unlike BL3 the only reason to play chaos/hard difficulty is because you either 1 shot everything everywhere else or you just like the chalange


Playing on intense on C35 and its way too easyat this point.

Ascended gear and more levels will only make this game easier asis.

All my gear is primordial so i don’t have any idea what lower tier gear can do

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