[TTW] Enchantment "Re-roller": what a disappointment

Having quit B3 long ago after being burned out with the asinine anointment farming I’m not gonna lie i was a bit excited to see this new “re-roller”. It didn’t take long for me to see this is no solution. I don’t know if the rolls are weighted to give a higher chance at the worst anointments or what but the doubling orb cost mixed with the apparently low chance of getting even a useable (let alone good) enchantment makes this system really, really disappointing.

Would it be so bad if they let you choose the specific enchantment for a higher initial cost or maybe select a category of enchantment to narrow it down first (like spell category, ability category, melee category etc…) so you don’t continually get enchants that are completely UNUSABLE with your class/build? It’s certainly better than nothing but jesus…why is GBX so against people experiencing fun?

While I’m at it let me also complain about the interface. JESUS it’s bad. When they KNOW you will be forced to re-roll over and over why does the interface “reset” after each re-roll forcing you to scroll through your items again to find it and re-roll?? Why can’t I just lock in the item until I’m done re-rolling FFS?

Also, as a side note…why oh why are there magic hammers making constant annoying sounds that never end when you are sitting at the re-roller? It’s a cute easter egg and all but does it have to repeat on a never ending loop for eternity? Why is GBX trying to ruin my life?


The same conversation almost 3 years later. I used to try see the good in it. But to be blunt, anointments/enchanments and rerolling have done nothing for BL3/WL but frustrate imo and should be scrapped entirely.

  • Rerolling doesn’t fix the anointment RNG problem. It’s the same but now you have to sit at a machine instead of playing the game.
  • Instead of farming an item just for its properties, it’s now farming for text on a gun that has nothing to do with the item’s gimmick. Consequently the item is perceived as less valuable.
  • Free damage for doing something you’re already doing isn’t interesting.
  • Design overlap with skill trees.

Some of the same exact issues I’ve had with BL3. There are better ways to engage your players for hundreds of hours that aren’t endless farms or events. Those can be part of the fun but aren’t a replacement for a fun replayable campaign that lasts years.


I love what anointments/enchantments do for builds but im sk tired of tjeir grind i wantnthem removed for BL4.

If they decide to bring them back allow us to pay a ■■■■ ton to get the enchant/anoint we want or allow anoints/enchants appear on guns only and habe about 20 enchants/anoints in the game. None should be boring damage boost like “action skill start +400000% damage”