TTW Epic exclusive again! Epic Sucks

I bought the 99.00 bl3 on epic only to find out months later the dlc doesnt work offline on epic. When i found this out and asked for a refund i was denied because i had to much play time. This was a load of crap i had no idea the dlc wouldnt work offline so yeah i played the game. I work out at sea and dont have internet 24/7 so all my dlc was worthless. Rebought the game on steam and everything worked fine offline. Epic is garbage, i lost 100 because of their crap. Now i have to wait for the steam release of TTW to get a good copy of the game. This sucks! I was really looking forward to playing this only now to find out i have to wait. Please stop doing epic timed exclusives!


I feel yah & also had dlc/internet issues & tried working thru 2k support. They just couldn’t understand what this meant while playing. I was in one of the 1st areas in Bounty dlc, had a disconnect & the game reset me back to the starting area where you meet Claptrap. ffs!

With respect, you, me & everyone else unfortunately need to take this issue up with the games publishers (2k). I’m quite certain that GBX has no control over anything release related.

On a positive note, don’t worry, we’ll try and get most of the bugs worked out before the Steam release.

Also, the EGS app has received numerous updates & may eventually get to a workable state.


I’ve had zero issues with EGS and Borderlands 3… and that’s with over 4k hours of gaming. Wonderlands and EGS being exclusive sucks in today’s world, but it is what it is. At least it is available for everyone wanting to play through EGS. There really should be no reason that you can play offline in the DLC’s on Steam but not EGS… I’ll let you know if that’s the case, though.

For me it was the other way. I play 100s of hours on the Epic then when I switched over to steam, I started have all kinds of issues.

I never had an issue with buying games on Epic. My only “issue” was it not having achievements, which it does now.


Yes! I noticed this during my time the stand alone Assault on Dragon keep. I thought, ah cool EGS finally has achievements.

What do you mean BL3 on Epic has achievements?

After the stink about the exclusivity deal I’m shocked after all this time it still doesn’t have them.


There may be no reason you cant but trust me i couldnt, spent a lot of time talking to epic about it. I dont know if its been fixed yet or not, but i had all of the season 1 dlc and none of it worked offline. Works just fine on steam. I got the ttw base game on epic to level a few characters, when the game becomes available on steam ill get the delux edition and transfer my saves. Im not going to trust epic not to screw me over again. I work out at sea 6 months out of the year and dont have internet. I need to be able to play my games offline when i have free time. I get why people support epic, had they just given me a refund id support them too, however they refused because i had more than a few hours into the game. Of course i did the dlc took months to come out so how was i supposed to know it wasnt going to work. I will use them only when absolutely necessary and thats it.