[TTW] "Featured" chaos chamber: never ending?

Seriously, how do I get out of here? It just keeps going and going and going. Like how do I make it stop? I have completed like 500 portals or something. I feel like I been in here since before COVID. Is there some trick to making it end?

Day 53. Finally released from the chaos chamber.

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Yeah it’s a 30 room run. Clear your calendar before going in there.

You can always quit a chamber run by hitting tab, going to the Chaos Chamber screen, and holding ESC.

:rofl: :rofl:

this, this so much :joy:

i took the wrong curse and it just kept going on for ever haha

I did the extended featured run the other night. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to complete (I did one raid boss at the end) with a pretty powerful Chillmonger build and gear. I made about the first 20 or so rooms (not sure how many) Elite, but then I eventually had to stop making the rooms elite because enemies were spawning at level 49-50 and I was having quite a bit of difficulty killing them. I think I died like 4 times during the run.

This run is way too long for my tastes, but I like the idea of the run. Something to really challenge the player who wants that.


yeah wasn’t a bad run :joy:

took me by suprise though haha wasn’t expected it to be THAT hard (same as you, had to stop making rooms elite after a while)

should be a fixed mode imo (don’t have much time to enjoy it for 1 week)

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I was kinda thinking that this could be decent as a permanent addition to the Chaos Chamber as well.

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Yeah I just wish it stated how many rooms were required to complete so you could plan for it. I had no idea it would be 30 rooms. I also had difficulty with a couple of the rooms. I think I made 2 rooms elite (didn’t have issues with those rooms) but after than some of the rooms were really hard like the Zomboss I got in the middle of the run was really hard because my guns and spells were barely doing any damage so it took forever to kill. Died a couple times on that one.