[TTW] For those thinking about buying TTW on Steam

Specifically the DLC, you may want to read these articles.

I admit that virtually nothing that I have heard about Wonderlands has been positive, and this only continues that trend.

I am someone who bought Borderlands 2 at release, and has played it fairly consistently since probably 2014. I am also someone who, while I took a long time to decide to purchase BL3, (in part because I needed a hardware upgrade in order to be able to play it) bought the deluxe edition up front when doing so.

The logic behind my decision was that in the case of Borderlands 2, new weapons were introduced as part of every DLC, as well as in some cases, new locations to farm for or otherwise obtain the existing ones. I did not enjoy the idea of going to either Lootlemon or the Wiki, finding a weapon which I would like to obtain, and then being unable to do so because I do not have the appropriate DLC.

An eternal problem within the gaming industry in particular, however, is the conflict between developers and artists, and psychopathic demoniacs in suits. The developers and artists wish to produce genuinely worthwhile games, which they themselves and other people can then enjoy playing. The suits have the sole objective of obtaining yacht and cocaine money. In the case of Wonderlands, it looks like the suits are winning.

If I was going to be completely honest and non-judgemental, I’m not even really that bothered by the idea of the suits getting yacht and cocaine money. What truly offends me, is the suits’ apparent determination to not only obtain said money, but to give everyone else (both developers and players) as little value as is humanly possible, in exchange for it.

I wish the suits could start viewing themselves as having a symbiotic relationship with both their developers, and us as players; rather than thinking of themselves as geniuses for trying to force their developers to sleep under their own desks, and rip us off economically.

Prioritising short term greed over long term player good will is not an intelligent strategy.