TTW Gluttons Gamble

Guys I caved and bought the SP 'cause I’m a dirty little consumer. Just realized the 2nd “DLC” dropped today, and it’s another mirror dungeon.

$30 for 4 mirror levels…
Is that right?

Cause that’s some terrible BM. Though with this extra content maybe there’s some actual good gear to find.


Is there anything comparable content-wise in other games hitting the market recently that would provide a point of comparison?

There seems to be a lot of publisher recalibration on “what the market will bear” ever since they broke the $60 cap for full games (that in turn had held for longer than expected based purely on inflation). I really don’t have a good sense of where things are falling out generally at the moment, but I’m already finding the Canadian price for just a base game at launch a bit steep.


Idk, it’s the same level with 4 different difficulties for $10-

When compared to the free events of BL3 it feels… Kinda strange…

Side note: I just completed difficulty 1 for the new mirror- But there’s no option for difficulty 2. Gonna run it again to see if you need to run it twice to level it up?
Or is this bugged?

EDIT: Nvm, it seems the initial run does not count towards the difficulty 1-4.

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They release new difficulties each week.



also how are there still missing names and texture issues on some of these enemies man. What is happening.

The $60 price point wasn’t really static. DLCs, Season Passes, pre-selling Collector’s/Complete/Gold/Ultimate editions for up to $100 if you wanted to get all the content, and subscription “games as a service” have been increasing the revenue stream for years now. The big publishers haven’t been tripling their profits every year based on market growth alone.

It’s kind of a psychological trick. You think you paid $60 for a game, but if you actually added how much you spent on a game if you’re the type of person to buy season passes or DLC, you’d might be surprised the actual amount of money that’s gone into it.

It’s like guys I know who always say that games on Xbox Game Pass are “free.” No they’re not, you’re paying a subscription fee to rent (not own) them until Microsoft decides they don’t want to pay the licence or first party operating costs for that game anymore.


I don’t know why anyone would find that confusing - it seems pretty clear if you actually read what you’re getting with a Game Pass subscription. I guess too many people simply don’t read? It’s a great system for trying different games with low risk, even those you might well be confident you’ll end up buying anyway. Or if you get bored easily and don’t sink that much time into anyone game. Mostly, I look for the deals on purchases though.


Looking at some reactions on Twitter. Apparently the update is wiping a lot of players’ saves, too.



You still get those with a Gold subscription.

I was referring to a specific podcast I listen to to be honest. They talk about new games and always say “and it’s FREE if you have Game Pass” and it drives me crazy.

Yeah, needs an asterisk, doesn’t it? What I’m really interested in seeing is whether MS ever decides to drop a first-party title out of Game Pass. I can’t see them ever doing that with something like HALO MCC. Third-party though - already lost access to at least one Sony title that way, but I’m sure Sony wanted more $$$ than it was worth to MS to keep it.

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Not just wiping saves but corrupting the characters so you are forced to start a new one.


It Got Me. Wiped all progress for the lvl 40/Chaos 35 character that I played last night. It’s weird, sends me to the Bunkers and Badasses opening scene with Tina and the others at the table like I’m a new character but I still have everything, skill points, etc. on my character. Just wiped all map and quest progress. He is only the second character I have gotten to this level. This sucks.


There is a post on r/Wonderlands called Progress Returned. There might be a work around fix but dont think anyone other than OP had confirmed if it’s a guranteed one yet.

Edit: apparently Gearbox ID’d the issue and might put out the fix tomorrow.

Yeeeaahhh not even firing up the Epic launcher until the fix rolls out (I have TTW set to auto-update and I’m sure I’ll get zapped before I can quickly go in and turn it off :clown_face:). Made a backup of my save games/profile too just in case heh (not a bad thing to do anyway, you never know when a cloud sync f***up could ruin your day.)


I’m gonna try the game tonight and back up the save first. If it wipes anything, I can reload. Hopefully they’ll have a fix out by then though. I’m enjoying levelling up my Dire Sacrifice Graveborn.

On another note, I feel slightly better (…?) about the season pass based on yesterday. Still not great. I bought the game with the season pass so here in the UK I spent £20. That buys me 4 levels and a class. We also know that this will come over the course of 4 months, rather than a year. So if I think of them as 1 DLC and 1 new character then it’s slightly less rubbish. As I say, still not great.

Patch, I’m generally happy with. It’s pretty extensive and comprehensive. My biggest bug with the game (Chaos Chambers not levelling up with your character) should be fixed now (major win) and they’ve nerfed most of the meta stuff. Probably deserved if it means they can now buff some stuff.

I wouldn’t say the Liquid Cooling has been buffed because if you remove 5% damage from frost weapons and then add 7% to that gun that equates to a 1.65% buff. Yeah…

New gear looks pretty cool from what I’ve seen.

Pixies need looking at since you can apparently spawn… 9 of them… now. Like, why?! No doubt a mistake which will be fixed with an accompanying nerf.

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Where did you see that a player can have 9 pixies out at a time? Ive never heard of or seen this …

Out of curiousity … why do you want pixie guns nerfed so badly if you dont use them?

What is your main weapon of choice playing a Dire Sacrifice Graveborn class?

What are the main weapons for any classes? I haven’t found anything outside of the companion spawning guns that are worth a darn.


Depending on the build, there are several non companion weapons that shred.

Lewdite pistols
Scalawag pistols
Queens Cry is awesome again after the buff yesterday.
Crossblade shotguns
Live Wire (followed by melee)
Swordsplosion (most op gun in the game currently)


Nerf to double knot. Ok. This is reasonable. And pixies now count towards faithful thralls. Hydra be damned.
Faithful thralls and harvests fixed.
Wrath of nature nerfed and now only apply to gun.
Follow up nerf/fixed by way of livewire interaction.
Frost nerfed means ice spike got a hit.
Also most of the Brez skills.

Most of the guns are still bad as well as spells.

69, 70, 71 and 72 aka chaotic, volatile, primordial and ascendant is stupid. B1,
B2 and B3 tried this and failed badly. TTW is no exception.
RNG is busted but manageable if all loots drop at max level aka ascendant or 72.

There are CRAP tons of loots and the worst part they are rarely at max level.

The bank is lagging as sh*t and loot description is abbreviated when in split screen.

Vanilla is quite good.

Endgame is bad.

DLC is atrocious.

The end of borderlands.