[TTW] How to replay the campaign without dying of boredom?

1st time I finished all missions with Berserker+Spore. Now, I’ve decided to try out companion build, which, of course, requires completing the main quest line and reaching L40. Sure, seems like an easy task… I’ve got bored after 2 hours to a degree that I felt my life essence leaving my body. Any idea(s) on how to get through the game fast or how to “rekindle” my passion for the game and do not include alcohol, cheat engine or save editor (because there is no stable tool available yet).

Could you help me, please?


Ignore everything not related to the main quest (pick up the xp shrine asap) and get to the dragon lord to unlock chaos chamber.

Pick up sidequests you can do allong the way.

Best to ask for a buddy or a team who can boost you.

Should be done pretty quickly :wink:

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My question is this: What is there to do after the campaign that isn’t equally as boring if not moreso?

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same you did in previous games :slight_smile:

farm bosses or chaos chambers.

game need a true fatemaker mode :rofl: (and chaos leveling should be faster on new characters if you already have one or more in chaos 35. leveling chaos ranks on my melee build wich i equiped with stuff i had stored and if i had everything volatile/primoridal it would be realy boring)

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Face the plethora of challenging raid bosses that were more than just bullet sponges? Replay the well written 60-70 hours of combined story, side quests, and DLC that all have interesting and unique NPCs? Play a stable multiplayer mode where you can select a group to join?

Note: that salt is not directed at you (*side-eyes GBX as they ignore the existence of their dedicated forums


What I’ve realised at the end-game with my first character is that I like collecting gear for a build and climbing chaos chambers.

Compared to other titles in Lands franchise, I got tired of TTW’s missions way faster than in previous titles. That being said, I am not sure exactly what is the reason(s) for this, but my guess is that I am older now with less free time and just cannot stand parts of the game that just feel like a slog, I want entertainment for each and every hour played, not somewhere down the line. Disappointing, kinda :frowning:


Eh, I might try to treat this playthrough as a “speedrun”, that might help. And play the game in short bursts.
It is sort of stupid to apply some mental gymnastics to force myself to play the game, dunno, I need some time to think about ridiculousness of this situation.


Heh, agree with you about how certain aspects of gaming become less tolerable when you get older. On most weeks I can only play the game for a few hours at a time and hence this playtime becomes a lot more precious. Every Borderlands campaign starts out slow, and I think I enjoy the campaign of Wonderlands much more than BL3 (it’s alot more compact), but even then I dread leveling a new character.

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Unfortunately I was bored pretty fast after beat the campaign.
I have no more motivation to do chaos chambers all the time because there are just not enough good legendaries to have the motivation to farm for them.Honestly I stopped at chaos 10 because it was just to boring for me.I think it would be different if we had a tvhm and could replay the story without necessarily new character. For now I play borderlands 3 again because I didn’t even finish all of the dlcs from bl3 so I start a new playthrough until all dlcs in wonderlands are out . I still hope for a tvhm


salt not taken personaly :wink:

i actualy thought of that after i replied :sweat_smile:

BL3 had a lot of great (free) end game content but it became boring after M2.0

i’m having fun with chaos chambers but like most people they start to become pretty repettetive (the randomizing helps a bit but that also grows stale and the 4 new rooms from the DLC didn’t help)

it’s a shame you can’t play the game from the start with a finished character :frowning: (currently playing my stabbo where i ONLY finished the main story and some sidequests for the shrine and doing the other stuff on chaos 35 wich is probably the closest i can come to doing it)

i expected the DLC to bring in a lot of end game content but it realy lacks in pretty much every department :frowning: (the maps look cool but in the end, it’s just the same room with the same enemies)

hopefully the next DLC’s will be the sidequest (sunfang oasis and Crackmast Cove) amount of content (at least!)

Definitely agree with the sentiment that having less time makes you want to use it more wisely. First time I’ve had a real, 40+ hour a week job when a new Borderlands title came out. Really wish there was some top notch content to get lost in.

Now, as someone who has played through BL2 100+ times, TPS 50+ times, BL3 50+ times you need to find new ways to challenge yourself and change it up. I’m a massive packrat and I totally get saving items for following playthroughs but I also understand the frustration of trying to plan for the next playthrough rather than focusing on the current one.

However, you can always try “fresh” runs and not bring over new gear. You may find certain purple weapons to be enjoyable that you may not have used otherwise. You can try locking yourself in with a specific element and challenge yourself to only use those that element, or weapon type, or lock yourself in to only 1 class. Try doing a companions run (except against bosses unless you have some Feriore weapons or you may be there all day).

While the chaos chambers are repetitive, there are things worth farming for. Gearbox is slowly buffing and nerfing stuff, so enjoy the good stuff while it’s good and hang on to those primordials or volatiles that have good parts/elements if they ever get buffed. Being able to get 1 new cool toy each day really seems to help.

Lastly, it’s OK to take a break from Wonderlands and go play something else. I frequently get in the rotation of Borderlands, then replaying a bunch of Starcraft 2, then go watch a bunch of shows, then buy a new game and repeat. Unrelated, alcohol is completely off the tables? Drunken Borderlands is great, regardless of which title you’re playing.

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I have not found an answer to the original question.
After playing through once, never dying, being over-tired by never-ending unskippable dialog, totally confused at the point of the dumb “overworld”, having two minions in “endgame” who kill everything almost before I have a chance to shoot my weapon, a “DLC” which is insulting, and so on, I chose not to waste my time playing again.

Since that decision, I have played through BL1 twice and brought up 3 new characters in BL2. Clearly, what I personally like in a game GB used to provide, but doesn’t anymore.

Though this is not new. In the 43 years since I bought my first Apple ][ I’ve had many franchises move away from what I like in their 3 or subsequent version. Starting with Wizardry, after the first two SimCitys, the follow-ups to Operation Apocalypse, even Gran Turismo changed as they iterated to a point where I wasn’t engaged anymore. All good, I’ll just be looking for a new contender and bask in 10 year old GB games until I find one. At least now-a-days you can actually play a 10-12 year old game, they haven’t gone completely obsolete.


Play as a clawbringer, I heard they still suck. *don’t know going on hearsay


That’s my 3rd character pure melee

finaly got my stabo/grave melee build into chaos 35 :smiley:

though i have to say i relied on the queens cry underbarrel dart to proc my capstone and a gluttony for daryl. i changed my armor to a volatile version wich dropped somewhere around chaos 25 or so. but most things are stuff i collected during other playthroughs for that character (still trying to find a volatile/primordial version of my melee weapon hehe)

have to say i had fun just slashing and bonking through the game :smiley:

but like in every BL game, leveling becomes boring after a few characters


I normally use my 2nd account to level my next character sadly still have to play through the game to unlock gear slots

Yep. Same here. And I just start a BL2 with Gaige. Having more fun than with BL3.


Turn off the music. You will not believe the impact it has on the game.

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Make chaos level account wide.


After my 3rd character hit c35, the other 3 just stunned lock at the door of the chamber. Just can’t do it no more. Account wide please…:grin: