TTW Is it possible to make a copy of a character?

PlayStation player here. I’ve got a Brr-zerker basically exactly how I want for a melee build, but now I’m thinking of respeccing and going after guns. Is there any way I could save my melee version in one spot and make a new copy of my Brr-zerker for this new build? I’m hesitant to close what I’ve created already.


Go into your PlayStation game files and copy the character data

I think they made it so that you can only have 1 version of a character (so if you made a copy and renamed it, only 1 would show up in the menu)

i asked for an option to save your loadout/build into the new-u station or the wall in your room in BL3 (wasn’t much practical use to it besides some extra storage anyways)
that way you could just swap builds instead of creating a whole new character wich gets boring (in BL3 i got bored after my first character and took me for ever to start a new one and eventualy just opted to use already leveld characters from other people)

so you could probably save your character but i don’t know what the effects will be when you swap between them

I think I tried this once on BL3 and I only had one of that character when the game loaded up. I even tried saving the character to the cloud, loading up the game, renaming the character and then loading up the save again but it just overwrote the “new character.”

Unless you have an external tool to edit whatever flag is checked to identify a save game, it’s unlikely you could.

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Pretty sure I remember doing this with a USB on BL1 to make a new save on willow tree to make my own guns to try out

In BL3 you need to make a copy of the actual save file and change the number on the copy.

It will show up in the order you changed the number

Say you have 5 characters and copy the first, then change it from 1 to 6 and when you load into the game you’ll find the character on the bottom of the list.

This doesn’t work for TTWL or so i’ve heard

Renaming save files definitely doesn’t work on PC for TTW, for me anyway…

Gearbox may be the only game development company that goes backwards in development and gives less with newer titles.

In TTW we cant even send items to friends anymore. That is lame and gearbox doesnt even care.

TTW is less than half of BL3 and I expect the next pos gearbox releases will be less than TTW.

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What??So you can 't trade without multiplayer? That was one of the best feature of BL3, it’s a damn shame

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I’m really hoping they patch it in at some point because there’s no reason it shouldn’t be there. Maybe they were rushing to get the game out on time and that didn’t quite make the cut. No reason it can’t be added now.


I applaud your optimism but its gearbox we are talking about. I doubt it gets added because that would be an improvement and would require require a little bit of effort from them.

I know my criticism has been harsh lately, but Im hoping they prove me wrong.

^^^ this is correct, it does not work in TTW
I believe GBX is now using the unique identifier* in the TTW save files, so simply copying & renaming no longer works.

This has been present in save files going back to BL2 but was never used in 2 or 3.

We can presume that it will also be used in BL4 should it ever materialize.

My issue with gearbox is that they try to big brother their customers to death.

They constantly change the product on a weekly basis to control what players use and ruin items if they decide too many players use said item.

Their liberalism is going to have them following twatter and netflix into bankruptcy. If this is the path they choose, I will enjoy their fall.

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