TTW Item Find(s) of the Day

I finished the main story, but the legendary item drops havent stopped since. Been doing the Chaos runs and did the extended run this time. Got lots of new loot, things that seem like they will be a help to survive.

I’ll start us off below:

The SMG damage is pretty low and i hope to find something stronger in my next runs.


Still waiting for a cowboy hat customization to drop. Anyone out there find one?

No cowboy hat yet. Unfortunately.

Finished the story and starting to see legendaries regularly. Equipment ones are good so far, but most of the legendary weapons I’ve seen so far have been subpar. Honestly, the purple and blue weapons I find are usually better.

Looks like they went the B2 route, with many legendaries being less powerful than other rarities. Can’t say I’m a fan of this.


So Moxsy dropped a vid showing how to get the dedicated drops of head gear

There is no “cowboy hat” but the Adventurer hat is pretty close. You can get it from Banshee

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Although the previous magic was fun to use (marshmallow bomb where it dropped health once exploded), i got this one to drop.

I found these items in the chaos chamber vending machines. But i couldn’t afford them because they are pretty expensive :sob:

i did get one called Burgeoning Master Rune. Increases Companion damage. And it’s shared with others who also have a rune shard.

That sniper was like a must have cause of that health Regen but i needed 2mil+ more

Today’s best drop so far. I like it because not only is it legendary, but chaotic legendary. And it gives my companions a damage boost

Dang … I wish I could be as optimistic as you are about finding gear.

I must be super picky about my loadouts because I would have left all of those on the ground. Especially the marshmallow spell.

Got this armor on a die drop yesterday. Giving my companions frost damage along with their own damage has been a game changer tbh.

Does anyone know what this particular ring does? I can’t find any info on the special effect. I feel like this might be good on a Deathless build I am doing, but am unclear.

it seems, according to reddit spreadsheet that it simply double the extra stats provided by the ring when your shield is full (in your case when ward is full you ll have 35.6% spell critical chance for instance)


I dont see how that is going to be an asset for a deathless build with those passives unless your class includes companions and some focus on spells.

Im not sure what class setup you are running, but a good Deathless ring would include passive buffs to shield regen, shield recharge, AS Cooldown, Reload speed or movement speed and Fire Rate.

@tuck7216 I know how Deathless builds work, I mained a Deathless build in BL3. If you’re a Spellshot and have a skill that recharges your ward every time you cast a spell, your ward stays full an awful lot. Passive rolls not so great, but 34% gun damage is kinda nice.

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Was farming Kastor for random loot, XP and gold. He decided to drop this Armor with +1 Blast Chill and decent passives. Kinda nice.


Apologies … was just trying to be helpful and I didnt know what you were already running with so I guess my reply came off a little douchey and I really do apologize for that.

I have a Spellshot class too and your idea sounds very interesting with regenning your ward through spell casts. I may try this once I accumulate the proper gear for this … thanks bro!!!

Now that I think about it, my Spellshot class’s only way to regen shield is to cast spells. So I guess I just need to actually keep a Deathless opposed to selling them all to really exercise this class …

No biggie, thanks for what you said.

I would argue the results on the Deathless are mixed for me so far, primarily because I need some better gear. But the concept for the build is there. Right now I am taking Graveborn capstone, avoiding all health skills (obviously), and going down to put one in High Thread Count and the rest of my points in War Caster. The Deathless COM I have boosts War Caster +2 amd Ascension +3 and has movement speed and 35% max ward - really good rolls overall. I almost never reload with War Caster, although I suspect War Caster isn’t working completely as described on the card (or possibly is glitchy), because sometimes I go 6 or 8 spellcasts without auto-reloading via War Caster, and at 48% plus Spellweaving stacks bonus for a total of 64% reload chance, 6-8 spellcasts is long odds on NOT reloading automatically.

Assuming they increase skill points, this build will get much more rounded out if I had even 3-5 more points ij the Spellshot tree because then I could get more gun damage out of spellweaving stacks via One Slot, One Kill (I think 3 more points would get me there?).

I usually roll with repeating cast ice spike and arc torrent, those keep the shield constantly topped off and Spellweaving stacks high. This could be used for an amp shield build if I could find a good one, and Mage Armor would refill it almost instantly. You definitely sacrifice some damage in this build but I almost never go down (except to the stupid purple puddles on certain maps - those insta-down you for some reason, possibly they do dark magic damage directly to the health bar, which is only 1).

It’s my favorite kind of build, overly complicated and gear-dependent. :joy:


Found a trippple Roid shield in the Chaos Chamber vending machine … I rolled until I got the enchantment I wanted to put on it though.


So I found this type of ring called a Pulse Oximeter - grants 50% additional bonuses when below 50% health. So I ran the Chaos Chamber until I had enough crystals to get two of them. Unfortunately it has no dedicated drop source that I can find - you just have to feed the bunnies until you get one. It took me a bunch of Chaos Chamber runs to get enough crystals to get even just 2 acceptably-rolled versions.

Anyway, if anyone is looking to create/enhance/maximize a Deathless armor build, try out the Pulse Oximeter.


Yes, correct the ring you’re after is a world drop only. The bunny are certainly the best place to get one

I finally got a Volatile Masterwork Handbow that doesnt have the dreaded melee bonus. Before they nerfed this gun into irrelevence I would have been so happy to get this; but now, I just want to kick it across the room … lol