TTW Item Find(s) of the Day

I nabbed a couple of the x3 Swordsplosion from the bunnies, they’re not chaotic but they still do some serious damage in sticky mode! Ol’ Chancey just kept dropping me the standard version.

Yep. Corrupted platemail is top tier for most of the build.

been trying to get that from Chums, but no luck. was also trying to get a gun thats supposed to do a lot of damage, but still no luck. im gonna do an extended run right now and cross my fingers some legendaries drop

behold! my stuff :rofl:

leveling up chaos with my melee character, dropped a normal one last run and now this dropped :scream:

wanted to level my graveborn in the DLC but once again got stuck in the first room (no enemies spawn and won’t open the portal) so i thought just level the chaos runs and just blow the crystals on spells :rofl:

i had zero luck on anything. only 1 successful chaos run and nothing good dropped. couldnt complete anything else cause i guess Knight Mare is the boss this time and i just couldnt do it

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Wow :scream:

i realy am getting one every other run :sweat_smile:

but it doesn’t have to be featured run (i said that because it has a high crystal drop potential)

are you playing on relaxed? did you do all the shrines and collection quests? (boosting your luck and other stats as high as you can)

also, don’t sleep on quest rewards as some/most are actualy pretty darn good.

oh, can you post your build and stuff? maybe we can help you get more damage out of it :slight_smile:

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I’m not a Clawbringer, and one of the bonuses is melee, but this will probably be cool? Oh, I immediately found a primordial purple axe afterward, but I threw it in a woodchipper. Now no one will ever fall prey to its evil again.

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not realy a fan of cape of tides :sweat_smile: especialy for a melee build seeing the soaked also aplies to you :rofl:

Rain falls on the just and unjust alike. :cloud_with_rain:

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Was making a mule character for amulets since I was thinking of starting a new playthrough soon and this little beauty happened to be sitting in my lost loot. Be careful what you sell, cause I didn’t notice it at first. And if you’re going to make mules, do it quickly while storage decks are half off, it’s much easier.
Are Feriore fairies boosted by mag size? And can they come in dark magic?

This is a gem even if only a Chaotic.

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Check this one out! From a barf bunny. Insane RNG.


Finally got 2 Tidebreakers. so one for my Joker character and the stronger for my Mario character.

also finally found a gun that transforms into a Pixie. although its not the pixie i had hoped for nor the damage i hoped (slightly better than the smg i had but still weak), its cool to see it in action.