[TTW] Just hit 40 on Intense...(Campaign/Solo INTENSE Experience)

Guys, what’s normal and easy like?

End game content aside, the campaign experience is akin to playing a lego game. On the hardest difficulty. The most I’ve died was from falling/out of bounds.

Surely I’m not the only one that thought intense was just super easy? Maybe its because I’m a graveborn+claw bringer?

I’m just running from blue marker to blue marker laying waste.


I was Berserker+Sporewarden on Intense. The game was not hard, it seemed that I lacked damage in some cases (some bosses seemed to have a bit too much health), but mostly it was mostly lukewarm engagements from the point of difficulty.

Enemy attacks and attack patterns are not very difficult, but I was not expecting FromSoft’s boss and enemy design in Wonderlands in the first place. (Of course, I would have been pleasantly surprised if that was a case :smiley: )

Bosses that I’ve found bulletspongey with that hero combo at the time were: Sonava Witch, Dryl, Crab with ship for a shell.

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I’ve been really enjoying intense story runs. They feel much better than BL3 story to me. Still, I wouldn’t mind one difficulty more. Insane difficulty? Chaos difficulty? Mayhem Madness difficulty?


I prefer playing on intense as well. It really doesnt feel harder to me but does require a little bit more patience as the time to kill is slower. Thats about it.

The main boost in difficulty comes from cranking up the chaos levels to max (35 ATM) while still playing on intense. Its more noticable during boss fights and makes collecting money for SDUs a bit more effecient.


Sorry, normal is incredibly easy. Almost no penalties for not matching enemy health type, badasses are pushovers. Bosses started becoming challenging past Chaos 20 but half of the difficulty stemmed from the chaos modifiers (Vorcanor was the worst because I always had either elemental beams, frozen orbs, or death specters) and would get screwed over by the wyverns. I died on only 2 separate instances before doing the chaos chamber, and I did at least 50% of the sidequests. Died to the Banshee 4 times cause I’m a dumb dumb who wasn’t paying attention to the arena or shockwaves at first. Died another time just because I kept entering FFYL and all my guns needed to be reloaded. So, just 2 scenarios caused me to actually die.

Now, this is just speculation on my part as I’m just one person and can only speak based on how I’ve played. This game is supposed to be accessible to everyone. The reason the base game is so easy is so that people won’t get frustrated or stuck, and so everyone can feel like a badass (in theory). They know the people who are willing to play for dozens, to hundreds, to thousands of hours will be the ones hitting whatever the max chaos level is and can impose their own challenges on themselves to make it harder. Some people are just in it for the story or don’t have the time or patience to be frustrated.
Not good at FPS? Don’t worry, a lot of guns don’t even require aim. Can’t figure out decent weapon combinations? Don’t worry, base level enemies have no health. Badasses too scary? Don’t worry, most of them are melee focused and you can just hobble backwards and avoid them. Don’t like min/maxing? Don’t worry, you can almost neglect skills entirely as the guns will do the work.

I know some people won’t agree, but I like the linear to slightly exponential scaling of the chaos chamber. If it’s too easy, work your way up until it becomes difficult. Use or turn off myth ranks to further customize your difficulty.

Going forward, any new Fatemakers I plan to do full runs on will probably be on intense. The game sometimes feels relaxing instead of challenging/rewarding. I’ll get my dopamine hit either way, but yes, the game is easy. I have a friend who casually plays Borderlands and when we did co-op together he was wondering if I had secretly been feeding him OP gear because of how easy it was. Nah mate, game is just that easy. Course, he’s also a Souls and Soul-like veteran so many he’s not the best example.

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Yes, then you have to grind out Mythic levels. This is where you’ll hit a couple of walls.

There are some pretty stringent gear checks in this game…

Agree intense is pretty easy. However the way you describe it, I’m wondering: Do you take the skill Harvest from Graveborn tree?

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This is my skill tree; I literally just put points into what I thought sounded good, no idea what’s actually happening when I play except everything gets constant dots and explodes into fireballs and life leech turrets.

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I am sorry for going off-topic, but I could not handle myself when it comes to “FashionLands”.
Nice looking knight you got there, light blue runes and bronze/crimson combination looks coherent, and, of course, Cult of the Vault allegiance banner with red and crimson background. It this reference to Crimson Raiders?

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Was going for a BL2 Splash screen aesthetic for the banner XD Reminds me of the collectors edition art book that came with BL2 CE

Graveborn just means some of me has to be red haha

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It’s easy, but every Borderlands game is pretty easy prior to endgame content (in this case Chaos Levels) if you have some idea what you are doing.

I hear the skill Harvest is a little…bugged, at the moment, where it apparently stacks up damage infinitely or aomething to that effect. It should get fixed at some point.

If you want a little more engagement in gameplay it might be a good idea to spec out of it for the moment.

. . .



I passed the first chaos chamber that levels up, the 2nd one is an absolute wall.

My gear is not helping at all so I’m going back to the regular bosses and tryna farm some stuff to help. Also gonna go from GravebornxClaw to GravebornxSpore, I just looked up the skill tree for sporewarden and think my DPS will go thru the roof combined with some legendary armors I see on lootlemon-
The ones that boost companion damage and the one that boosts companion damage by converting it into dark damage, those in particular seem very interesting. And the potential for revives-
Maybe I built my Clawbringer tree wrong but I feel like just by looking at the skill tree, sporewarden DPS will be way better than claw, but we’ll see.

So the game gets difficult at the very end XD

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As an arthritic 74 year-old, I find easy or normal the only feasible way to go. I’m still using the PS4 controller though. Is the PS5 controller easier to use.? Pressing L3 really gets to me.


I play on PC so the difficulty factor may be lessened for me because of the ability to just click on heads ://


THIS makes me smile, to know I can (hopefully) look forward to 12 more years of gaming…


If you are playing companion build, look out for Feriore crossbow pistol that spawn multi headed hydra and the most important one is 6% damage bolt instead of melee damage.

Pair with spellshot, not only your companion hit hard, spell damage also very high. Curse wit shield, corrupted platemail go well with glass Cannon and graveborn cast spell Regen health. You are a tank too. For spell look for buffmister with zap (spell) and pew (gun), triple ice spike, simple cast, trickster ice spike, simple cast.
Rings should be spell damage, perks like spell crit and chance. Amulet damage type based on your Feriore pistol, joint training is the best.

Corrupted platemail best combo is spellshot/stab for double knots skill bonuses. Don’t worry about class power bonus as its effect is not what it seems.
It is always nice to have all damage and health Regen perks. :+1:

Double knots is for Feriore pistol crossbow pixes.

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yeah I’m gonna need something, keeping an eye out for those. Only at C7 and made it to Dry’l and he’s out regenning everything.
sadlads. rip run.

A gluttony could possibly help :wink:

That’s what i keep chucking at him on my melee build (pure melee is almost impossible so i found something to take care of him) keep throwing it at the boss and try to kill the mobs for healing.
Also try to take his tridents out (a good poison weapon will do for this if you’re saving ammo for ghe gluttony)

I can kill him with just my melee and action skill but it takes forever and can’t hit him with my AS half the time.

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