[TTW] List of bugs, grievances, requests

Not that ya’ll seem to gaf since there isn’t even a TTW forum

but it makes me feel better to shout into the void so here you go

FYI, platform: PC

Mechanic/UI/etc Request:

  • Party member indicator on map is too similar a color as the background, please change
  • An icon appearing by pet/party bar (or elsewhere) with numbers indicating if any hydras are spawned, and if so, how many
  • Troll immunity animation (I’m not sure why they sometimes go immune, and I can never tell when it starts or ends)
  • Auto run button
  • Sort by price in inventory
  • the ability to mousewheel scroll faster in inventory
  • “[Q] Set Custom Waypoint” on map, please consider having it place on cursor rather than the center… reticle… thing that I’m not sure why is even a thing
  • the ability to move camera in Overworld (I want to look up/not have the locked camera when exiting or entering certain areas)
  • Karnok’s Wall - the earliest waypoint isn’t by the vending machines and you can’t walk to them from it. Whyyyy
  • Don’t show already collected lore scrolls
  • Have Myth Rank show which is the next section before clicking on it

Bugs (or things that are so dumb they appear to be bugs):

  • When going into and reviving from “Save Your Soul!” mode, the camera flips/I’m facing strange directions. Stop it.
  • When teleporting, I almost always enter the map looking at the sky
  • Item icons in inventory rarely load
  • In the Customization Station, Emotes always appear to have something new unlocked, even when they don’t.
  • Allies and Pets sometimes always appear as dead/Save Your Soul! on the party interface
  • Audio bugs - Rune Puzzle ticking permanent until game restart / either a spell effect or collision effect making a horrible sound permanently in certain spots (where they occurred I suppose)
  • sometimes unable to teleport within the same map (to a waypoint, the option to Fast Travel is not available until the map is closed and reopened)
  • Calamity - sometimes detonate immediately on ground, dealing no damage
  • Calamity - sometimes return to the heavens from whence they came, dealing no damage
  • Calamity - sometimes detonate on roofs/overhangs instead of enemies under (even if I’m standing under/the roof is pretty high up)
  • Calamity - sometimes targets yonder tree about 10 miles away instead of the guy in front of me and taking up 75% of my vision
  • Changing voice in the Customization Station sometimes does not take effect until the game is restarted
  • The Cthonic Onyx color with certain underarmor patterns looks whack (it has a blocky/pixelated texture around the doodles, but looks fine on some other armor parts. This might only apply to Spellshot armors)
  • Cursor speed sometimes slow after exiting Customization Station
  • Mouse scroll wheel randomly stopped working until game restarted
  • Message indicating that I was revived upon teleport. Unsure if money was actually lost
  • Travel countdown menu and NPC names sometimes permanently get stuck on screen
  • Sometimes unable to leave the “fixed camera mode” in Overworld. Friend was unable to roam off the screen
  • Seawargs have insane ragdoll physics when getting pulled in by spells that… pull in. They tend to go up and out very far (and thus causing subsequent attacks to miss, since I expect them to get pulled towards the center) despite their size
  • Skullduggr weapon seemingly had infinite ammo, but was actually doing no damage. Lasted until game re-launch
  • Numerous crashes upon loading the Overworld (and once Brighthoof)
  • The lore scroll by the Crackmast Cove entrance in the Overworld is VERY hard to get an “E” prompt for
  • Myth Rank “All Stats” shows total points allocated, but 0% in everything

Requests that might be asking too much but I’m going to shoot my shot:

  • Option to automatically mark newly acquired items as Junk
  • “Hyper” voice options. I want an annoying little spunky voice for my character. Most of the options lean towards haughty
  • “Another” body option that’s androgynous / just a middleground body inbetween the available Jojo reject and Femme

Addendum 31-Mar:

  • UI features including: Enemy health bars, ammo/magazine, player health, crosshairs, and item previews not showing

Addendum 1-Apr:

  • Fast travel worked while one player was in their inventory, inventory character model was then stuck on that player’s screen
  • Frost Buddy sometimes appears to have no health bar, and is impossible to kill
  • Chaos dungeon bosses vary GREATLY in difficulty. My sucess in increased chaos levels entirely depends on which final boss I get. Why would I want to waste 20min+ doing a run only to find out it’s a boss I can’t beat because he keeps regening shield more than I can damage. But Zomboss I can defeat in just a minute or two no matter what.
  • Calamity spells are more rare than legendary spells. What and why. I want them for my build but it’s not looking possible because I just can’t find any. But I have over a dozen legendaries
  • Being completely honest, I hate that I have to put Myth Rank points in counter clock-wise. It takes all the fun out of earning the points when only 1 out of 4 are going towards something I want.

Addendum 2-Apr:

  • Bernadette in Chaos Runs drops crystals off the side of the map (uncollectable)
  • golden/rich enemies in chaos runs are REALLY unfair to be melee only, especially if I’m ranged and certain “get close to them and u die” mods are taken
  • maybe consider adding vendor recipes / an “alchemy” table or something? like selling/combining three amulets will give you another of the same rarity
  • I’m playing Deadshot and melee weapons with Spellblade do less damage than Echo. I would expect the former to be better for a spell damage stacking class. Please consider revamping/readjusting as right now it’s completely useless (IMO)
  • please consider adding an option to have “hold and release to cast” or “channel” spells begin casting on first button press, then release on second. for me personally, it’s very difficult to walk around and also hold two buttons (ambihextrous) to channel spells
  • when comparing an item in the bank to equipped items, I am unable to select items on the right side of the inventory as the comparison window covers it up

show actual stats like “melee critical hit chance, gun critical hit chance” instead of “base stats” none wants to know how their character was going on level 1. now ofc these informations can help doing the math yourself but can’t we have the comfort to not having to pull out the calculator every time we equip a new piece of gear? and when we are already at it maybe fix the bug to make people even look at their stats for more than 1/10 second.


Yes, I would love to see this as well. I hate math :frowning:
I haven’t seen that bug yet but I’m also not surprised… sigh

also added 3 days’ worth of notes to my original post

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Well apparently these stats are showing
They are just so low for guns that it looks like they wouldn’t change over time


Also the quest log shows no quests on startup of the game and can remain empty for up to 10 minutes of play time.


The biggest issue I have is that Myth ranks are not unique to each character. The ranks themselves are account-wide, which is great (just like Paragon points in Diablo 3) but once spent by one character, they are also spent in the same things across all your characters. This is lame and needs to change!

My Stabbomancer wants Dark Magic power, my Brr-serker wants Frost damage and has little use for Dark magic power, but he inherits it from my Stabbomancer?? Let me spend the points I have earned individually, please! (Just like Paragon points in D3)

This was a very exciting feature in the game for me until I got my second character to level 40 and realized it worked the way it did. The system is pointless as it stands and only serves to further specialize one of my characters. The rest are forced to have the same selections that do not benefit their builds.

Please fix this!!

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It’s intentional
If these points were capped it would make sense to let people choose what to spend them for
Bit since you are forced through a cycle and prerequisite points anyway it’s all a hot mess and you will eventually just max out everything and then it doesn’t matter anymore just like in bl3


When I look at items over my level in my inventory, at the top right is text saying “Level Requirement”, the numerical required XP Level, and a triangular warning sign to indicate my level isn’t high enough to use it.

When I look at items in my bank, the triangular warning is over/on top of the numerical required XP Level, and it’s often impossible to tell what level the item is without taking it out of the bank and looking at it in my inventory, then putting it back if it’s too high a level for me to use it for another 5-10 XP levels (or whatever.)


I have a lot of items in my bank and it is incredibly tedious and a bit frustrating to spend 20 minutes moving stuff back and forth between bank and inventory until I find things at the level I want.