[TTW] Loot Dice Bug

It looks like the game isn’t counting all the loot dice I’ve found. If I go to all the maps including the overworld, it says I’ve found all the dice in each location. But the journal says I’ve only found 245/260 dice and isn’t giving me the loot luck bonus for finding them all. I literally just went through each map following a guide (took several hours) so I know I’ve got them all and the map counter is checked off. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Yes. Had to restart the game, and it suddenly “caught up” with actual dice count. If you do this and it’s still not counting everything, you’ll need to file a support ticket.

I wish the loot dice appeared on the map with a checkmark if you picked em up. Cause now I gotta look up the locations and don’t remember which ones I already have.

Did you do the 3 side quest maps?

There’s the Goblin one, pirates and oasis

You can also look at the world map, go into a zone and check where you’re missing something (easier and faster then running around the overworld)

Yeah I did, I think I’m at like 45/48 side quests complete. I was talking more about how like, if you complete a memory orb, the icon on the map grays out and has a green check on it. I guess there’d be a TON of dice icons if there were some.
But now say I go into a map where I got 13/16, I’ll have to verify each location if I look up a walkthru because I don’t remember which ones I did/didn’t grab

Yeah i had to run through the maps twice (before it became shared) and got tired of doing it :sweat_smile:

Would be z nice option to see that for new players (or players like you who still need to finish the loot dice)

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