TTW: Loot Luck Glitched Game Load (NOT the zoning bug)

So, logged in today to see my loot luck had dropped…a lot. Had my look luck right around 40k. No equipment changes. Now around 32k.

Looked at breakdown.

Looks like shrine luck dropped from 25% to 10%.
Full Dice collection bonus dropped from 35% to 20%

What’s going on?

Visual Bug. Your luck should be working properly

NOT a visual bug. This was not the same “zone and it’s fixed” bug everyone sees. The percentages for Shrine Luck and Total Collected Dice luck changed.

I quit out, back to Xbox Series X home screen, and came back. Same. I zoned repeatedly. Same.

The good news is: A complete reboot of the Xbox Series X resolved the issue. I don’t know if I somehow ran into a partial offline (though I was completely online, according to social menu and could matchmake) or bad hotfix load? But something weird happened.

Very weird, glitched, load of the game.

Yea, that’s a concern for me to. Fast traveling resets it to the correct amount sometimes. When I’m farming that is a real pain.