[TTW] Loot question (spells)

My first TTW character was Spore Warden. I found that I used the tornadic weather system action skill all the time. When I switched to Clawbringer in my second playthrough, I missed this ability. Later in the game, when my second class becomes Brrzerker, I really missed it. The spell I am interested in “Conjura Storming Ice Spike of Magnitude”. I guess the key word is “storming” (“Create a storm in the area”). I ran across this spell only once, and keep looking for it… it was very useful early on, and even now, the side benefits are pretty good even with the low level 12 damage quotient. I just have never seen it again and wonder if it even exists anymore.

Sidenote, I tried bringing this spell up in the re-enchantment chest, but no matter what I do it does not want to come up for some reason. (Not sure why, since other spells do come up, maybe it is because it is only level 12).

I was just curious if anyone else had run across this spell… I keep looking!

Hmnnn…apparently Fatemaker actually controls fate.
Just talking about this spell helps me find it at random?
And look at the first try at enchantment…

May not be a purple, but some quick tryouts show it to be exactly what I wanted…

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