[TTW] Lucky dice and/or other Challenges Rewards first when you get them all?!

Hey Guys I have a question,
so is it right that you get your reward only when you find ALL lucky dice? So you need over 250 of them before you get a buff? I think it would be better when you get a small buff when you find all lucky dice in one map. For example you get 5% luck when you find all lucky dice in queens gate. Same with obelisk and the other Challenges. It’s stupid in my opinion, you have to find ALL of them in ALL of the maps. So when you’re at the end of the game. If you found 249 from 250 then you just get nothing, it’s your problem.

What do you think about this?

I was under the impression that each dice found would increase your loot luck slightly and a bigger bonus when or if all dice are found.

As I go arpund collecting the dice I found it seems my loot luck score does increase. I havent found but msybe half the dice so far and my loot luck score is 10050 currently.


Where can you see it?? I didn’t found anything like this… :frowning:

Your Loot Luck Stat is on the Hero Stats portion of the Skills page.

Honestly, I’m more frustrated that you have to collect ALL 260 on EACH character individually. Does it harken back to the video game collectathons of old? Yes. Was there a reason those types of challenges went out of fashion? Yes. Was it a bad decision to tie a massive number of collectables to the stat that determines if you will be able to get gear at an acceptable rate? Yes.

EDIT: Also, the fact that you can’t look up how many dice you have found in specific regions. Only the total. That’s fun. (totally not sarcasm)


I thought you could under map then go over to progress

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are saying

Well hot dang. No, you’re right. And here I was being silly thinking that they would put your challenge progress in the Journal section.

I appreciate the correction!

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A thread from Reddit has a good idea. The dice should be coded to come into two different instances - Gold - that gives treasure and loot luck, and Silver, which have been previously found by any of the characters on the FM’s account. The Silver dice would still give loot if activated but you don’t need to re-farm all of the dice for each character. We can only hope the GB eventually makes this change.