[TTW] My Wonderlands experience

I liked the gameplay of B3 a lot and logged in a lot of hours but the anointment grind just sucked the fun out of the game for me so I quit. Based on that experience I didn’t buy TTW when it released. Out of boredom and against my better judgement I bought TTW when it was on sale.

I max leveled my character. Completed all the quests. Completed all the challenges and found all the dice etc… Once I did that I started to level up my chaos level. After only leveling up a few chaos levels it dawned on me that I was bored to tears, had a clear indication that the item grind would be worse than B3 and couldn’t even see the reason for maxing out my chaos levels (to what end?).

I logged out and don’t really have a desire to continue playing. Is this the common experience or is there something I’m missing/not getting?


Just to be clear up front - I like the endgame grind of BL games generally.

I personally thought that the Wonderlands Chaos Chambers struck a great balance between the “I gotta get new gear every 3 or so OP levels” of BL2 and the “just turn it to Mayhem 10” of BL3.

Wonderlands Chaos Chambers also provides that “I wanna pop on for like 10 minutes, do some moderately challenging content, and then turn the game off.” Maybe the Maliwan Takedown gives you this in BL3, but nothing else as focused or customizable as the Wonderlands Chaos Chamber. I love the Chaos Chamber - this should be a mode in all future BL games. The Chaos Chamber is just the evolution of Digi Peak, which was by far the best and most challenging mobbing content in BL2 for those of us who like overcoming challenges.

The problem with Wonderlands end game is that there’s not really anything to grind for.

As always, just my personal opinion on what I enjoy in a BL game.

EDIT: to add that I think Digi Peak was the best mobbing content in BL2. Raid bosses aren’t generally my thing anyway and never have been. Although oddly enough I generally do 2 of the 4 raid bosses on each Chaos Chamber run, so I guess maybe that speaks to my opinions on how I think Wonderlands is balanced possibly?


Yeah I don’t have a problem with the chaos chamber per se but as the only thing left in the game it felt lacking. Like why am I leveling up my chaos levels so that I can run more chaos levels?


@Sidartha Well personally I kinda like the “overcome challenge, gain level” type of design, so I enjoyed the Chaos Chambers.

I would argue that Wonderlands’ endgame gear grinding is way more similar to BL1’s endgame than any other BL has been since. It’s all about getting that incrementally better gear. If that trips your trigger, like it does for me, then it’s cool. If it doesn’t - I get it.

But there’s no reason that future BL games shouldn’t include the Chaos Chamber system - even if it’s just a separate gameplay type or something.

I do agree that “do moarr Chaos levels” - for their own sake - is not great design. But more the idea of handling endgame progression through skill-based challenges - yeah, I’m all over that.

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I get this out of all the games, and is why I have so many hours in any one of them. It helps being familiar with all the maps, encounters, missions, and challenges to be able to choose something appropriate time-wise though. For BL2/TPS/BL3, I can find something to fit almost any time/difficulty set, where I’m still figuring this out in TTW. (I picked up that magic bean mission, figuring it’d be a basic side mission like the others I found in the Overworld… that took a minute). :laughing:

I’ve only got one character at max, and did a couple of Chaos Chamber runs… still not sure how they work, but there are a zillion side missions/challenges available, so it may be a minute before I dive into those. Are they a more customizable experience than the Mutator Arena in TPS? That arena is still the ultimate arena experience across the entire franchise for me.

Yes and no. You can choose a few things in the Chaos Chamber - Chaos/difficulty level, whether you want to make each room Elite (more challenging), curses and blessings from the Dragon Lord and Butt Stallion (basically Mayhem modifiers), and whether you want to take on raid bosses (if you can find their sigil during the run). Then there are multiple types of tuns as well, including a Boss Rush.