[TTW] Potent Poisons + soaked effects

Does anybody know if speccing into Potent Poisons can extend the duration of soaked effects? My melee Frost Shivver can already one shot Banshee but I’m stilling coming up with ideas to push it further.

AFAIK the cape of tides is the only way to increase the duration of soaked (from any source)

Pretty easy to test though :wink:

Respec, use the spell or RL (CoT is a chance so would make it a bit harder to time) shoot the dummy, count how long it’s active, spec into potent poison and do it again.

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Yeah, I know how easy to test it is. Just these days my time gaming is so unreliable that actually getting round to testing is difficult. This week, for instance, I may only get 3 hours altogether.

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man i can’t even find anything on this :sweat_smile:

i realy have to test this. though it’s only practical on bosses (there’s quite a few that you cant hit with the spell) when you’re using the cape of tides you shouldn’t even worry about the duration.

also, you can roll 3 spellcharges on the tidal wave (pretty rare, i have 1 all others i kept are 2 charges)

the launcher… it works but it’s so damn clunky to use imo

if you’re going to use the spell on daryll, you do have to enter the water as for some reason it just hits the edge and stops

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The reason I’m thinking of using the launcher is because my spell is good for freezing / slowing foes and my armour is the Corrupted Platemail (double the frequency of Live Wire melee chains, double tornadoes from my Salt and Battery). Using the launcher only takes up one weapon slot (which I am not using anyway) and does not sacrifice any damage from other parts of the build. I’ll just take it out at the beginning of boss battles, soak them and then go back to Live Wire melee.

Keep in mind that you’re slowed while holding a launcher. That’s why i hardly ever use it (still in my weaponslist but only for when i really need it)

True. My build has something like +100% movement speed as it is so it’ll probably be fine. It’ll literally be a gimmick for more damage - apply soak effect, return to original weapon (usually Live Wire, Stabomatic if dealing with ranged targets).

It’s good for bossing because like i said on Daryll the spell breaks at the edge (hell even when i get up close with my melee build it feels like it’s not hitting him half the time)

Stabomatic is a gift from the heavens for melee builds dealing with flying enemies (and out of reach stuff in boss arenas.

There’s also a trick i’ve seen where you can use the marshmallow spell to trigger the livewire :wink:
Haven’t done this myself but it’s basically throwing the spell down near the enemy you can reach and start hitting it with your melee (the livewire will then chain to said enemy)

An other great weapon i can suggest is the crossblade. It comes with 2 elements (cryo and shock for soaked or maybe even dark magic with shock/cryo for some extra healing) the lower the mag the higher the base damage and the faster the reload (great for getting spellstacks on spellshot)
I use this in combo with the soaked effect and it really shreds mobs through its piercing effect.

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