TTW: The Boredom Chamber

So another update. More Boredom Chambers levels added. Seriously, is there no other endgame option for Wonderlands?

I’m really tired of chamber runs. Wouldn’t be an issue if there were anything else to do. Circles of Slaughter. Takedowns. Raid bosses. Headhunter packs. Named enemy farming. Seasonal events. Even TVHM.

Nope. Just the same, repetitive format. Never thought boring and Tiny Tina would be in the same sentence without the word never being involved.

As always, YMMV. Props to those enjoying this.


There needs to be a dungeon/Takedown style content. This type of content would not be that difficult to make in the grand scheme, very little story required, map and enemy design only. It’s all non-canon because Tina made it up. As far as I am concerned, there’s no story at all required. “Run this dungeon” is enough.

As well-received as the Maliwan Takedown was in BL3, and I believe it is widely regarded as among the top 3 pieces of content in BL history by many, this would seem like a no-brainer if they want to sell more copies.

But to be fair, the design of Molten Mirrors is at least less half-ass than the first two pieces of mirror content. So yay for that?

The addition of the Boss Rush is S-tier IMO.

PS - I am still working my way to Chaos 50, but I don’t necessarily have any problems with the addition of more Chaos levels. There needs to be whatever higher levels of difficulty available for those of us who want that. But there needs to be more end-game content to play on whatever difficulty players want to select.

The Chaos Chamber is fantastic as a repeatable loop of Digi-Peak content. Really super work on that iteration. The issue is that the game has literally nothing else to do. Add the Chaos Chamber (in whatever other form) as a difficulty gatekeeper for the endgame of BL4.

There’s significantly less variation per chaos chamber run than I expected. Doing that 50 times is obnoxiously repetitive than replayable. Chaos 20 was more than enough already, though it began to get repetitive 5 runs in tbh

If Gearbox sticks to this endgame progression system in BL4, maybe they’d launch with multiple takedowns with significantly different gameplay elements. Maybe you get to pick and choose which to run and beating one unlocks the next mayhem/chaos/whatever level. Or maybe just scrap it altogether because it’s caused so much problems.

Pretty much my point. The Boredom Chambers would be fine as a piece of endgame content or the gate to higher difficulty. The problem is that they are the ONLY endgame content. There simply isn’t anything else to do.

Everything is tied up in the Boredom Chambers to the detriment of the game. Raid bosses are hidden in them. There’s no dedicated drops as all gear is tied to stingy barf bunnies. Some named enemies don’t reappear, except as random bosses in the Boredom Chambers.

Seriously, why did they build all those gorgeous maps if we never have to return to them?

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Agreed, i actually suggested doing this type of difficulty progression (right after the M2.0 debacle)

But they used it as the only end game content :confused:

Can’t even replay the campaign wich i find odd (this also gets boring but it was always there in the previous games)

Though the PLC is probably already finished content. I’m sure they’ll be working on some more end game content atm (i don’t think they expected TTWL do be this popular)

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@garfield1283 I feel strongly that the highest difficulty levels of Borderlands need a gatekeeping function. Turning on the game and setting it to Mayhem 10, while it meets the criteria of selectable difficulty, does not meet the criteria of progression mechanics.

I liked Digi Peak and the OP levels, I did not like having to refarm gear every 3 levels. I actually think they made an improvement in that process via Wonderlands. You can get to Chaos 20 with normal gear for sure, you need some more optimized gear for Chaos 35, and from what I can see so far, you need to be very optimized for Chaos 50. They essentially took OP levels and split them out even further, which again, I think is a solid iteration.

Why can’t I reset the playthrough on Wonderlands?

Why aren’t there story DLCs? (The story DLC ideas for a tabletop RPG are literally unlimited).

Why aren’t there Trials or Slaughters?

Why aren’t there raid bosses?

So many questions here.