[TTW] This game loves trolling me

So, I decided to finally burn through all the Chaos levels rather than taking it slow. My myth rank is high enough that my standard build does enough damage to burn through most enemies that I figured the HP increase wouldn’t matter.
I have been at Chaos 35 for all of 5 minutes and found my first Primordial.
I hate melee and my first one is a green melee weapon. Fun fact: My first legendary was also a melee weapon.

Still usable.

This isn’t BL3 where anything non legendary isn’t even worth picking up and throwing off the map.

Haven’t found a primordial legendary yet and i’m fine with it… Using all kinds of guns (ok green isn’t anything i’d actually use now but while leveling i used them a bunch)

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Unfortunately, not a matter of it being good or not. It’s melee, so I’m not interested. I’m here for the gunplay and the spells.

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Just Use it, you’re missing out on a lot of damage/utility .

And it’s actually fun compared to other BL games

If not, at least equip a frying pan with a good enchant


Best moment playing Tuesday, I realized the legendary melee weapon I’d equipped was a frying pan. I laughed out loud when I saw the pan embedded on a Goliath’s head.

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Nah. Melee is anti-thetical to a FPS. Only VH that managed to make melee fun was Krieg. Especially when I’m playing Spellshot, I’m not interested in getting up close to most enemies and doing mediocre damage with melee because I am not built for it because the playstyle is inherently unfun. Especially when I could nuke them with 6 other things in my arsenal.

While I agree about the frying pan, that’s kind of my problem with melee. All it really serves me for is whatever passive bonus it can give and an enchantment. The goblin pickaxe gets points too for doing something no other item in game can do and that’s to help farm cash. I know it’s all RNG but damn game, seriously, throw me literally anything else other than a melee weapon.

I also think Gearbox did themselves a disservice by trying to make half the Fatemakers melee focused. Should have focused it on to 1 Fatemaker to make it exceptional. Tried playing the Brr-Serker, stopped at level 20. Figured there’d be more bonuses to frost damage and was very disappointed.

Now watch me get a primordial amulet or ring that is heavily focused on melee.


I just finished leveling a SpellShot/BrrrZerker Chillmonger class through the trials and had a blast with this build. Granted, I was Ambihexterous with 2 Ice Spikes and frost pixies … but I really did have fun with this Class.

Boosting Spell and Companion damage buff the pixie companions and maxxing out Frost damage using Frost pixies just freezes everything and slows combat down just enough to pummel mobs with ease.

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My spellshot is able to reduce cooldowns with melee.

It’s not the main focus but there’s enough enemies getting to personal, wack them with a melee and send them flying with a twister.

Also there’s a LOT of people who’ve asked for melee weapons/builds (me included) and imho, they pretty much nailed it.

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I would have preferred being able to slot a melee weapon and keep it out as a primary, but what we got is fine.

I miss that feeling of going berserk as Krieg, holding that axe and just cleaving everything with the fire button. I think if they made melees a primary equip slot in this one, they probably would’ve been even better and cooler~

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I half expected brrrzerker being able to use melee weapons instead of guns :joy:

Would be nice to swap melee to main attack without changing bindings or the like :thinking:

But i’m fine with it :innocent:

I asked for melee weapons in BL3 and they made them an actual part of TTWL.
TTWL melee wouldn’t fit in BL3 so i get to have my cake and eat it

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Pretty cool. I just know I was disappointed by it initially. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a good thing or a bad thing that the skill trees are highly simplified compared to BL2 and TPS. Makes a lot of things more viable. I loved Aurelia in TPS because of all the interactions between the different skills. To me it felt like cryo was equally effective in my Brrserker’s hands as the Spellshot’s and that just seemed weird.

Shame the Liquid Cooling got nerfed before I could farm it with my Brrserker, that could’ve been interesting. Perhaps by the time I decide to give it another go, there will be a plethora of new weapons to try.

I think they’ll buff LQ again. Though it still works they really hit it a bit to hard with the nerf :sweat_smile:

Should be closer to purple rarity damage (little less because of the gimmick)

Queens cry is a good alternative if you’re looking for a good cryo pistol. Or any skulldugger cryo pistol would also work

They do love the melee weapons . Thats for certain. Almost all my weapon drops are melee. If I do get a gun it’s almost always a green level. They say don’t bother buying guns you’ll find great ones by just playing. That is true in B3 but not here. At least you can sell the unwanted melee weapons for a decent amount of money.

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Sometimes I feel the loot bunnies get in on the trolling . Last week it was marshmallow spells this week it time skips .
Had so many marshmallows last week I could’ve started a wonderlands s’mores stand .

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