[TTW] Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Too short ? Only 10 missions

So Borderlands 3 had 24 main Quests and Wonderlands only 10… The story is 12-25 hours long in Wonderlands. Is this not a little bit to short? I payed 90 Euro for the Chaotic edition and my heart stopped for a moment when I saw the playtime of 12 hours and 10 main missions.
There are also only few side Quests to.
What do you think about the short story? Is this a problem? Do you think it has the same size as Bl3? Or do you think TTW is too short? I know quality is better than quantity but this game was super expensive so in my opinion it is way to small.And there is no tvhm in Wonderlands so no option to repeat the game, only when start over with new character.


I made this observation very early on after seeing the release size of the game was only about half the size of BL3. So much money for so little game, but Gearbox needed to spend extra bucks to get “known” celebrity voice actors (not) I agree shoulda spent that “ten years in development” actually making a game huh? . So I’m supposing your not happy on the cost versus gameplay ratio!
Guess if i buy it it’ll be at the half price sale next week!


I heard it was a smaller scope game, but GEEZ. They really did just release a BL3 DLC of Assault on Dragon Keep as a full prices standalone.

From what I understand, they didn’t even change anything between BL3 and this aside from:
-Manufacturer/Mode names
-Couple additional item types/slots
-Everyone has Zane’s 2 Action Skill slots (grenades replaced with a 2nd AS)
-Lackluster, grind heavy character creator

$100usd for the REAL BL3 Season Pass 2
slow clap


Might have been a tiny bit harsh with my initial statement, but I stand by most of it. 10 missions with a grand total of 10-12 hours worth of game time? All the game time is going to go towards grind or replaying the minuscule amount of content. And the DLC doesn’t seem like it is going to add much of anything to that.


I think 8-12 hours is a good length. If anything BL3 is TOO long imo. Repeated playthroughs are much more enticing in Wonderlands. (Lucky dice aside, but I don’t think its /that/ bad)


Have you played the game yet? I’m well over 20 hours in and only level 25… It may be smaller, but feels just as big.


Well, I’m glad you can squeeze extra blood from the rock. Genuinely, more power to you.

It doesn’t change the fact that TTW is 1/3rd the size and scale of BL2 (whose story took roughly 30 hours). BL2 being a game which you played through the story and content multiple times for each character. What do you do after you beat TTW? Repeatedly kill mobs in a randomized Circle of Slaughter?

Replayability doesn’t matter nearly as much if you played the content less than 5 hours ago.


You didn’t answer my question… Have you actually played the game? I see you own it… but if you went through it in that amount of time, you must be speed running the game…?


diffrence being,
BL3 you skip almost everything because the story sucked and you end up repeating the same stuff over and over and over and…

TTWL, you play the game (by this time in BL3 i already finished the story and didn’t even want to do it again) and then start end game… i was one of the people who lost faith in GBX but after seeing the Early Acces gameplay i decided to buy it and imho, it’s FAR better then BL3 ever was… they (finaly) did things i wished they did in BL3…

i hate what BL3 became after M2.0… but i like what TTWL has become (even if it’s shorter then BL3, i’ll probably will be playing this far more and maybe even more then i ever played BL2)

i haven’t even finished my first playthrough (story) and will spend a lot of time doing end game… for me, i already got my money’s worth out of it.


This game is the definition of Quality over Quantity. The side quest are Witch Quality where you get consumed by them and feel like youre in a main quest.

The way they did character building also ads a lot of depth and repayability. Have a shorter story is good given a good amount of your Kit is locked behind story events.

Class Feat, 2 Ring Slots, Amulet, 2 Gun slots & Sub Class all require story progression to unlock.

The longer storyline makes it harder to replay the game. This way you can actively get in and experience character growth with each class.

With 6 clases at 10hrs you’ll get at least 60hrs if you play through with them all just on story content. Youll get over 50hrs in a single play through if you do 100% of the quest and collectibles.

Manufacturera have a chance to have a crossbow barrel which changes the way the gun functions. They also have magic barrels which a tree akin to etech. Despite being similar the global crit sysyem changes the function of a lot of guns.

The added item slots are a big change as it allows more in depth character building. Theres a lot of customization to be had.

Grenades being changed to spells have removed self damage. Therefore it adds more versatility with people who want to put more emphasis into non-gun play styles.


Yep i saw the file size as well and did notice its half the size. That tells me short game. I was expecting the size of Bl3 to tell you the truth. I knew something was up.


All mission and side missoon done. My character is at 40

Now just to clean up overworld

Sad right! The claim was worked on it for ten years. And get half a game.

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Dude, this game blows BL3 outta the water… Some of you just look for any little bit that could be construed as negative, then clamp down and repeat, repeat, repeat. Deflection without actual hands-on gameplay makes your statements look foolish…


I’m 100% certain that they are including BL3’s development time in this. The math they seem to be doing for this is:
BL3’s Engine/Systems/etc + Melee weapons/rings + writing time + VO recording time + art design time + level creation time = 10 years.
(given that a vast majority of this stuff could be done at the same time, they are 100% inflating the development time to make it sound more impressive)

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Good, good… Let the hate flow through you…


You do realize that people aren’t deflecting. They are literally playing the game and seeing what it is. They take a critical look at what they pay for and find it wanting. If anything, it’s people latching on to any slight improvements and claim the game is groundbreaking for doing the bare minimum. You seem to have things backwards. Take a step back from the Superfan mentality and look at the whole picture.

People are consistently noticing and commenting on bugs and issues that have existed since BL3 came out. Horrible multiplayer connection issues. Terrible UI. Menu issues/glitches… all these things add up and prove that this title was just Copy/Pasting BL3 onto new maps. There was very little work actually put into it to improve upon the last game. They wrote a short story in a few months, recorded some VO, took spare ideas for Action Skills (and repeated some from other games such as Battleborn), and called it a day.

You can like the game. You can think it is fun and enjoyable. You can feel like you got your moneys worth. That doesn’t change the fact that the game is just DLC for BL3. The sooner people call corporations on their ■■■■■■■■, the sooner they won’t be able to get away with shoveling it to you.


i would like to ask some qusetions please . i’m on pc { should have bought the ps4 instead } i don’t know what it’s called but now that i’ve got two skill trees the one for the left to cast spells has dissappeared sice last night . and i can’t find any info if anyone else is having this problem any clues ?

Still half a game. 20 something gigabytes for this 40 something for BL3.


Well excuse me!

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Value is subjective.

That’s the only be-all-and-end all of this discussion. It’s okay to be disappointed if you wanted something longer, but nobody here is in the wrong regardless of what they prefer.

Attempting to take that preference into some magical objective scale of “quality” is absolutely a problem, though.

BL2 Isn’t good because of how long it takes to play through it (otherwise why would they have added L30 starters late in the game’s lifespan?).

And on that note, TTWL isn’t BL3. Attempting to conflate the two products because somebody really wants people to know how flawed BL3 was is a flawed argument. Nevermind the attempted (uninformed) declarations on how long this game (TTWL) took to make.