[TTW] Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Too short ? Only 10 missions


WIsh I could vote down on these forums.

Wonderlands is a fantastic game. And it changed a LOT. Even if there’s familiar elements it’s been altered.

Matrix, people can not like the game XD
On the scale of ‘greatness in videogames’ this is a few flights of stairs down from Elden Ring, and a few steps down from borderlands 3, and a few flights away from BL2.

To me, characters talking for 3 minutes before you fight a wave of enemies to have the character talk again for 3 minutes before you run 30 feet and talk again for 30 seconds before the next wave of enemies- That’s the formula for this game. Repetition is such a big part of this game, in the loot, the quests, and the combat encounters.

People certainly can. Go ahead and talk about opinions, as you mostly did. That’s fine. I’m calling out lies and exaggerations. I’m not sure what part of the game you’re talking about. The pirate main story mission was a bit talk/sing heavy, but otherwise I felt it generally moved fast and well paced. Chaos chambers are repetition, but endgame generally is. At least chaos chambers have different feel every time.

And chaos chambers are the best endgame that the borderlands series has ever done, IMO. BL1 and BL 2 boss farming was a chore. BL2 OP leveling was decent but a bit brutal. BL3 boss farming at least gave us save/quit nodes to load back into next to bosses. BL3 had some decent end game activities but the mayhem system has had huge ups and downs and I’m not sure how happy I feel about where it landed. I prefer chaos system to mayhem. I think it the chaos system keeps gear relevant longer. Level 40 “normal” gear is still useful. Chaotic or better is great but it’s not the be all end all. And the way the chaos system scales everything feels better than Mayhem or OP systems.

The DLC doesn’t make the game. Base game Wonderlands is tight.

The DLC so far, for Wonderlands and how the season pass discusses, sounds like it won’t compare in value to the DLC value we’ve had in most Borderlands DLC. So, sure.

But, Wonderlands will never be a flop to me. The gameplay, mechanics, and more are fantastic. And the variety of class combos will keep me busy for a long time. I’ve already played the game over 100 to 200 hours. So, even if I spent 90$ on the preorder, I’ve easily got a value of 50 cents per hour. There are some $60 games I remember spending 3 to 20 hours on, and never touching again. That’s not even a dollar per hour in enjoyment.

Battleborn was a flop if you want to talk about flops at the community/gaming level. It had potential but some design choices ruined it’s short/medium/long term value for me. I got my moneys worth, but it needed offline support and a “wipe to a checkpoint” feature for missions and some better design on the “defend X” mechanics. The pvp was meh. I don’t usually care about pvp anyhow.

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I played: 2d 1hr 30m 4s
the last one hour thirty minutes have been chaos chambers as i just beat the game

spent the rest of it running in circles looking for dice and doing side quests that-
I can’t remember any of the side quests aside from Jar’s, the guy that I got the sand bag for to open the shortcut on the overworld, the beanstalk stuff…
The amount of fish people and pirates just did not feel anything like Bunkers and Badasses as far as my experience went.
I redownloaded BL2 and immediately felt a shift in narrative story telling and writing. And it felt good.
Even the gameplay felt more ‘borderlands’ than wonderlands does for me.

Wonderlands is fun but I disagree that most of the quests were actually engaging. I’d like to see in hours and minutes how much spoken dialogue you HAVE to wait through is in this game. Even the credits are 7 minutes- and on PC they’d be probably 30 minutes if you didnt have a controller plugged in to scroll faster- (There isn’t a fast scroll option on PC unless you use a controller… Unless it’s the page down key. I didn’t try that one)

Story could’ve been better, quests could’ve been better, maps/themes could have been better, characters could have been better- All these we’ve seen great examples of in past games.

This game is lackluster with good gameplay imo. Am not planning to play this current dlc the way people have talked about it so far.

Borderlands 2 is easily the best in the series.

Wonderlands is basically 5 expansion packs.

This game is good and I’m on my 5 character now, but replayability? meh. nothing like the others.

And who the heck are these people saying the game was too long? Probably and employee or shill.

This was a money grab. $39.99 should have been the price.

To get the rest of the story you have to buy the DLC, which used to be optional.

It’s sneaky and it’s disappointing.

If you were able to skip the dialogue, you’d REALLY see how short the game is.

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We are paying more for less.

How is that a good thing? Please stop.


That’s just a weird thing to say about a game that hasn’t even released all its dlc, AND the first dlc for it doesn’t really have a story. And it looks like the rest wont have a real story to them either. We’ll see.

AND go look at the DLC for BL2. 5 large story dlcs. Tiny Tina and the Lilith fight for sanctuary actually continued the story post the main story. To be clear, I’m not complaining about that though. I prefer dlc that continues the story instead of simply side stories.

General point is, if you don’t like story DLC or DLC at all, then you’re playing the wrong series. Usually the series has better than average or even superb DLC, though. Or if you’re playing the right series you probably bought Borderlands games when the DLC was included in a later, much cheaper price. Which is kind of an option. Not for me. I get the games in this series as soon as available.

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Wonderlands just feels better right out the gate to me than BL3 ever did or does. Gameplay and mechanic wise it is tighter. And for me, it has way more skill tree combos to explore which is huge for me. I’m a huge fan of trying these games multiple ways.

As for volume of content, BL3 will easily have way more. No doubt. We certainly are paying more for less volume of content.

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This must be your first borderlands game. Please just stop.

This base game isnt a fraction of the size of BL2. Its the size of a DLC, which I why I said its going to be like 5 DLCs because the base game is way too short for 60 bucks.

You had to have misunderstood me because I have no clue what youre talking about. Ive been playing since the first Borderlands.

Theres nothing you can tell me about the series I don’t already know.

This base game was the shortest single AAA game that Ive paid $60 for EVER. Hands down, it is the shortest Borderlands base game and the shortest AAA of all time.


Ehhh BL2 is only bigger if you consider DLCs and post-launch expansions, and its definitely larger than 1 or TPS (which didn’t get an endgame until the Holodome and Claptastic Voyage).

Wonderlands has more raids, bigger maps, more legendaries, an actual endgame and much more substantial sidequests (BL2’s were mostly 30 second memes with a few exceptions). BL2 does have a longer story campaign, but this is offset by its much shorter side content.

I still enjoy BL2 the most but that’s more because of the presentation of the content and gameplay, better gear and playstyle balance, plus years of DLC expansion which makes BL2 by far the best BL experience at the moment.


It feels so good to play after this many years. I forgot I had used a shift code that would give me a legendary conference call on the first character I loaded- So when I made this Krieg over the weekend he started with a lvl 1 conference call XD
Idk how viable solo krieg is at OP8 solo, I remember having trouble with the blimp in UVHM in the torgue dlc…

? Lolz

I’m a day 1 BL1 player. Been here for the entire rollercoaster. Played every character at least 3+ times to max level.

wonderlands is a comfortable length to me. It’s not as short as you’re making it out to be. And I feel…. You know what. Whatever dude. I’m tired of this conversation. It happens upon the release of every borderlands. People even criticized bL2 upon release for being too short. It’s a bull&$@# conversation point. And it’s confused by perspective or lack of it. We really don’t have enough time with the game yet to judge it.

I’ve noticed that I did my first two playthrus in about a week. At least 2 to 4 hours a day. So time wise it takes me at least 14 to 24 hours to beat the game. But that doesn’t count the 3 or more large optional maps filled with side missions or the multitude of side missions throughout the main maps. I do find myself having to level up between 2 or 3 of the main missions to keep up with the monster levels. I’m certain my first playthru had more time spent that first week and more dawdling.

In any case, as I recall, my BL3 playthrus are around 15 to 20 hours. The pre sequel I could run in 12 hours. I did a one day saturday playthru once of that. Tried to run it one life and came close.

But at the end of a borderlands game having goals and activities is nice. BL3 kinda botched it with mayhem I think. BL2 made UVHM a little wack. Wonderlands has my favorite end game activity so far. And the scaling works better than the scaling did in other borderlands series games.


I realize this response is coming in long after the original post, but I feel compelled to share my take on the subject.

Do I think TTWL is too short? Not remotely. Personally, I think it’s safe to say, that most Borderlands players (at least up until TTWL) are primarily in it for the endgame content. Whether it’s head-hunter missions, arms race, takedowns, or general farming, people enjoy the story once or twice, but after that, the game is all about the builds.

To that end, I’ve played through TTWL four times and completed every mission available, and by the end of round four, I loathed having to trod through the entire game again, and for what? To get to the monotonous, unrewarding, and unimaginative Chaos Chamber? Ugh. If ever there was a “smh moment” in the Borderlands series, TTWL and its endgame content are that moment. If TTWL had a TVHM or, worse, an UVHM beyond that, I think I’d probably have stopped after my second character.

I would sooner replay Tales from the Borderlands before jumping into the TTWL campaign once more (not that TftB was bad, mind you, it just wasn’t Borderlands, ya know?).

That being said, I know they sacrificed a significant amount of processing power to the character customization options. BL3 had it right, I think, in that you could change skins and heads, but I think it was a big mistake to go ‘more RPG’ and ‘less FPS,’ because at the end of the day, most of us are in it for the guns, not the glitz.

The Season Pass, on the other hand, is maybe worth $2.99 (for both Coiled Captors and Glutton’s Gamble combined). Thus far, it’s been nothing but a lazily constructed, poorly executed, money-grubbing dumpster fire that Gearbox should be ashamed to label “quality.”

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I think I was hoping for dope DLC. I enjoyed the base game, short and sweet, but boy did the F up in the dlc. I now really have a bone to pick w gearbox


And most importantly, actors who were not in unions.

I needed to curtail my comments about ttw. At the outset I agreed with someone on the lack of content and was threatened with censure. Someone was heavily defending what now so many agree was at best a lackluster attempt. So I’ll not disparage the valiant endeavor put forth during the horrible days of the plague. In all truth, I finally received ttw, and the wife and I played all of maybe 3 or 4 hrs before putting it aside forever. Some may say I didn’t give it a chance, maybe they are correct. But with BL1,2 3 and pre sequel even it was a matter of minutes and I was in deep! Even today a good session with General Knoxx is something I can look forward to. That won’t happen with ttw! And sadly it is my belief the developers have lost the thread. No need to look forward to more Borderlands.


Heh, going back on this. I think a shorter campaign is better, but being able to experience all classes in one playthrough and at least /FIFTY/ chaos chambers to do stunts replayability way more than I expected. I’ve only ever played the campaign once :S

there isn’t anything significant on a new playthrough you couldn’t experience in the first imo.

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Definitely agree that Wonderlands “feels” short and is short but that isn’t really a negative for me since I’ll be doing it 6 times. I just wish you could skip more stuff. It’s tiring hearing them talk. For instance all the pirate booty stuff. If we are talking just about storyline I did it in one day so like 8-10hrs.

It’s just a sweet little B&B game in Tina’s world so it felt just the right length tbh. I didn’t really care for the story (or frette or valentine) so less campaign is fine for me. It’s a side story game so I’m not going to be too harsh on it.

I 100% expect BL4 to have a greater length and impact on us as the cast should be quite huge this time around and should be actually interesting since we got a lot of lore info on the aliens and sirens in BL3.