[TTW] Ultimate wish list

I don’t know about you guys but I’m really hoping that Gearbox have not given up on Wonderlands. Seeing BL3 develop over 2 years was a wild ride and I’d be all for doing it all over again with Wonderlands. So I thought I’d create a place for creating my ultimate wish list for the game. Gearbox, I hope you’re listening.

These come in no particular order, although I should say the last two are probably most important.

Freedom in Chaos tiers
They should make it possible to move through Chaos tiers in many different ways so we are not forced into one form of content. For example:

  • Complete a standard run, featured run, boss rush or mirror: unlock 1 Chaos tier.
  • Fill your myth rank meter with a character: unlock 1 Chaos tier (so you can just go and do side quests, etc., if you want to).
  • Extended run: unlock 3 Chaos tiers (rewarding the length).
  • Chaos trial: unlock 5 Chaos tiers (so people can quickly bump up to the maximum difficulty if they want to).

Class changes
Clawbringer gets the most change so I’ve split it up into tiers:

Tier 1
Oath of Fire - move fire to 30%, move the 10% gun damage from tier 4 to here.
Oath of Thunder - add 10% melee to this.
Radiance - not sure this adds much. Add 30% ward recharge rate to this? So it will combo with Dedication.

Tier 4
Fire Bolt - now the gun damage has moved to tier 1, replace it with +15% ability damage.
Storm Breath - replace damage reduction with +15% area damage.

Tier 5
Indomitable - 1 minute cooldown.

Spore Warden:

  • Called Shot should either rank up much faster or stacks should slowly decay after you stop aiming down sights. Right now the stacks take a long time to build up and then are lost by doing something as simple as reloading, casting a spell or doing your action skill which doesn’t exactly make it practical for real use.
  • Quiver of Holding should be 2% ammo regen per point and it should be true ammo regen, not taken from your reserves.


  • The Unyielding ability for Brr-zerker should be 1% per skill point. Nobody specs into it right now because the percentages are too low.
  • Feral Surge should throw barrels away rather than blow them up and not create “spicy water.” Right now, it can be lethal to the user in upper Chaos tiers.


  • Make the class feat multiplicative with all other bonuses to crit chance.
  • Executioner’s Blade is generally looked on as a weak capstone. I would suggest letting Follow Up and Shadow Step contribute to it.

Spellshot and Graveborn are in a pretty good spot. Pixies may need a nerf.

Marbles and poetry pages
I would personally like marbles and poetry pages to be account wide. It was great when they did this with loot dice.

Money economy
SDUs should either be half the price or moving up Chaos tiers should give you way more money. Alternatively, they could expand Myth Rank with an extra slot per quadrant, one being money gain, +5% per rank for a total of 100% more money. Other quadrants could add in damage reduction, overall critical hit chance and area damage.

Enemy damage
People complain about enemy damage being so high at Chaos 50. I’m not sure how I feel, since I haven’t reached it yet, but it sounds like it might be worth addressing. I imagine Reaper of Bones and Deathless builds are suffering the most from it.

Raid bosses
Make it possible to fight the raid bosses outside Chaos Chambers.

Character count
Make it possible to create as many characters as you like. Right now, at least on consoles, you are limited to 10.

Put in a cosmetics vendor so you can earn all the ones you don’t have. I get the feeling I still have a bunch to unlock from the DLCs but the only way to make them drop is through the Wheel of Fate and you can’t exactly make it choose cosmetics. Either that, or make it possible for DLC cosmetics to world drop once you have defeated the DLC. Ideally, it would be nice if they took cosmetics you already have out of the loot pool.

Class items
Bring back the event which made armor linked to one of your classes more likely to appear and make it permanent. Also apply it to amulets.

Do an enchantment cull, cutting out the ones people opt for least. Also make it more likely to roll enchantments linked to your class. If possible, it would be great to be able to pay a higher amount and simply choose your enchantment - or to choose one from a list of five.

Rooms for Chaos Chambers
There are many Overworld encounter arenas which do not show up in Chaos Chambers. They should put all these in.

Dry’l should recharge his shield less often or by smaller chunks. I’ve never personally had much of a problem with Son of a Witch but I know people do so that might want addressing as well. Also, let’s add Kastor to Chaos Chambers.

Quest rewards
There are some excellent quest rewards such as the Goblin Repellant and Last Rites. It would be nice for these to be more usable. I suggest they get added into the world drops system and loot bunnies if you have completed the associated mission. Right now, getting Primordial or Ascended versions of these would be very difficult.

Reroll armor, amulets and rings
Expand the enchantment reroller so that it can be used on armor, rings and amulets. For armor, I want to be able reroll the class power, skills and separate stats individually. For rings, I want to be able reroll the stats individually. For amulets, I want to be able to reroll the element, class power and separate stats individually. Make this less expensive than 4000 moon orbs per reroll.

Story playthroughs
After one playthrough, I would like to unlock New Game+. I would also like to have greater difficulty in the initial playthrough, either Intense+ or Chaos ranks being available from the beginning.

Weapon balance
Torgue and Blackpowder ARs should all be fully automatic. Beams from weapons, e.g. the shotguns, should travel further. Buff Stoker weapons by a small amount, say, 15%. They feel like one of the weaker manufacturers right now.

Simple. Put in some Takedown-style content.

Add some proper story DLCs

  • Perhaps one where you play Bunkers and Badasses with other characters from that time period. Lilith, Maya, Gaige, Athens and Zero could all be fun (still have Tina in charge).
  • There could also be one where the Dragon Lord contacts you for help facing a greater threat.
  • A story DLC inspired by Asian fantasy (samurai skeletons, shadow ninjas, elemental dragons) could be very cool as well and an excuse to add in katanas as melee weapons.

If they introduce new enemies in these story DLCs (orcs, elves, dwarves, treants, etc.), then these enemies should be added into the Chaos Chambers.

That’s all for now, but I might come back and add some more things if they occur to me.


Quality post as usual :+1::+1:


Well, I do my best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m just, like, fight Gearbox! Fight for your game. They did it with M2.0, they should now.


Ive never noticed that, well that sucks.

That would be great for stabbo allowing them to make melee weapons and spells get insanely high crit chance. For guns i doubt itll still be good since guns dont have card crit chance like spells and melee. I did the math and with 85% stabbo power and just max dex youre only gettin 11.4% gun crit chance which isnt that great tbh. Anyways im all for this change.

They dont work with the blades!?! Wow stabbo is even shitter than i thought lol. Does it proc alchemical agent or no?

I heavily disagree.

Spellshot needs magic bullets to be gun damage not its own multiplier and needs to be 30% at 3/3. This would indirectly buff double knot but at least it would lower their damage with gun builds and can open up a new build possiblity with barrage.

Graveborn needs demi lich buffs badly, that guy is the worse of the three class pets.

I say make demi liches hellish blast deals 50% damage of thw spell you used as well as demi lich doing morw damage.

I would like if they made a section similar to boss rush in the chaos chambers where you fight all yhree at once.

Im so sick and tired of the recent RNG BS of BL, just allow us to pick our enchant for a buttload of orbs. Gearbox has gotta stop with this RNG crap.

Allow us to reroll the class combo/Skills so you still have to farm the right com and its passives. Let us reroll the amulets class power, please, im tired of getting the “god roll” amulet just to be the wrong class power. For ringa allow us to reroll the primary stat.


Some great thoughts here. Alchemical Agent does work with Executioner’s Blade but Shadow Step and Follow Up do not. The key in the wording is where we see the words “melee attack” it means literally running up to your enemy and whacking them with your melee weapon. Not sure about the Stabomatic.

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