TTW unplayable on ps5

The game is unplayable since i can’t see anything. There is an opaque yellow filter over the entire game with the exception of menus. There also appear to be some yellow runes crossing the screen vertically

Have you tried reinstalling the game?

Highly recommend you refund and wait for a sale and future patches.

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Several times, once after clearing the ps5 cache, again after rebuilding the database, again after doing both, then once more after formatting the ps5 with a different copy of the disc.

I know i should, but I’ve been pretty excited to play this game. The weirdest thing is i can’t find a single mention of anyone else experiencing this particular issue. I submitted a help desk ticket to gearbox and 2k, but haven’t heard back since it was “escalated” 5 days ago. Gearbox help desk just referred me to 2k.