[TTW] What did you do in your most recent session?

The game’s been out for four months now on Epic, very recently on Steam. What have you all been doing? Story missions? Side missions? DLC? Farming? Other stuff? Post it here.

I just started and am only like level 2, getting a feel for the game mechanics (specifically, their deviations from BL3). Fun so far (and I’m loving some of the built-in combo mechanics). I did notice one of the bird calls is a legit American Robin… actually looked out my window.


Yeah my cats get confused by those bird calls haha.
I’m spreading my time between featured runs, getting my melee claw/brr to C50, and a new playthrough for a ghostblade build (stab/claw).

I’m spinning up my first Graveborn… how many companions are considered a lot for Faithful Thralls? 8 is the highest I’ve had so far through the course of normal combat (though it usually hovers around 6/7).