[TTW] What is considered the best/meta class combination in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands?

I was just curious as to what was the generally accepted “best” class combination in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands at this point, akin to how Moze was deemed the “best” VH in BL3. I was seeing Spore Warden was the best primary class to pick, but wanted to see if that held water, and what the best secondary class to pair it with would be if this is true.

Probably spellshot with stabomancer (anything works with spellshot really)

They’re all great imho, clawbringer is my least favorite/used

I do see Spellshot being recommended a lot - would Spellshot be better as a primary or secondary class?

Seeing how good it is with other classes probably better as primary

You can just respec and find the secondary class you like most :wink:

Spellshot is just fun being able to use 2 spells (and spam them with ease) also keeps your enchantments active all the time.

Spell weaving also is a great damage boost.

I’d say Spellshot is best used as a primary class. Go all the way down to the capstone and then pick supporting skills from the other class.

I’ve tried Spellshot with Graveborn, Stabbo, and Brr, so I can’t really speculate on other combos. I would rank those combos Brr, Stabbo, and Graveborn from first to last in order of effectiveness. I have not tried Claw or Spore at all.

Spellshot provides a lot of DPS and also survival with the Ward regenerating skill. It’s a really interesting class skill tree.

I do see Spore Warden recommended as the “best” primary class. What would be the best secondary to pair with that?

“Best” depends entirely on what you want to do. Spore does basically nothing for melee, for example. Any of the class combinations can climb to C35 with guns. Action skill selection plays a big role too.

If you can quantify what you want from your gameplay, you will get much better advice.

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Agreed. “Meta” combo doesn’t exist because meta is contextual on what you want to do. Claw/Stabbo seems to be meta for DOT melee stuff, but straight melee is different. You can do high dps gun builds with any class combo: I’ve seen Brr/Grave, Spore/Stabbo, Claw/Spell all shred the raid bosses.

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