[TTW] Wonderlands Bugs Master List

A place for bug reports related to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, in lieu of an actual forum for the game.

Generally, you can report bugs to 2K Support (although getting them all the info they want can be a bit tedious).

Specific things with known work-arounds:

  • Web Browser Sign-In Every Launch (Epic/PC)
    • Happens when a USB device (headset, controller) is plugged in before launch; work-around is to only plug in after launch.

If you know of a work-around to any of the other issues posted around the forums, PM me or @ mention in the relevant thread and I’ll link it in here.


I’m on the series X playing the X/S version of the game.

If I open social it kills the frame rate of the game until I restart the game.

Vending machines as well as the enchanting table have been Invisable to me.

The UI will sometimes get massed up, UI elements disappearing and getting stuck.

Sometimes item icons will be blank


I have several achievements that aren’t unlocking but xbox says it’s unlocked but when I go to look at the actual achievements they’re not unlocked but I keep getting the notifications on xbox saying they’re unlocked but then my gamer score also isn’t changing… There is like 6 of them now


I am having a massive drop in frame rate, 100% of the time while interacting with the “Social” tab. I can’t even open my friends list, nor can I figure out how to accept a Shift friend invite. You would think it would be in the Mail section, NOPE! By the time I flip through a few Social screens, the frame rate drops and then eventually freezes altogether. Gearbox, please fix. This should be a big focus for them. It’s a major selling point of this game! The first true Cross-Play experience for most.

Playing on PS4 and I’ve so far found it really smooth. Certainly much better than BL3 at launch. The only issue to mention is I’ve had the game freeze twice while autosaving. Thankfully, in each case it’s just been a matter of restarting the game (also much quicker than BL3) and no progress lost.

Shift services, however… I haven’t been able to play with any friends since launch.

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Playing on Laptop

My Clawbringer Cleansing flames was buggy. The hammer was held sideways,
It lasted 2 days

When your looking at your attributes on the skills page it won’t show properly. Like “ward and spell cool down”.
Hovering the mouse over them will not show them properly. This needs a fix.


Guest giver from mission ''Destruction Rains from the Heavens don’t spawn

On PC, at various times (like 70-80%) item icons are missing. Sometimes they will appear if you don’t change whatever inventory screen your on after a good 10 to 15 seconds, most times they stay blank. ← more noticeable when in co-op, not as host but does happen in solo too.

While playing co-op,

  • Travel countdown UI stays on screen until another zone/map change.
  • Enchanting machine was not installing enchant but after reloading chaos chamber found item cost was up to 256 even though it last displayed as 2 (fortunately as one who suffered through BL3 data loss, I started my Wonderlands journey with an already functional backup script & just dropped an unaltered item in my bank from a previous backup)

This usually means your console lost connection to XBox Live servers while playing, so although your system reported the unlock, the servers that keep the authoritative record didn’t log it. I don’t think it’s necessarily game related?

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I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to report bugs, but I wanted them to be known about!

  1. When entering the Chaos Chamber via fast travel or teleport (completing a chaos run) my Moon Orbs max out at 4000. I even spent some to see what would happen, and once I finished my next chaos run I was at 4000 again.

  2. Fast travel, or loading into a new area, counts as a “death” in the game and takes money from me. It has also happened when teleporting after completing chaos runs.

  3. Not sure if this is a bug, or just obnoxious. When selling items it goes back to the top, and sometimes makes the next item I click is unable to be sold unless I move the mouse around.

  4. Demi-Litch companion will occasionally not move at all during respawn. Just sits there, and enemies ignore it. Noticed this during a boss fight where it kills itself to fill my health and then respawns after 30 seconds.

  1. 4k is cap
  2. noticed this also (to lazy to check if it actually takes the money though)
  3. been a problem since BL3
  4. pets can act weird at times (mine often show dead in UI but are alive)

I also had enemies dive underground (crabs) on never come up again stopping others from spawning and forcing me to restart the run (had it happen during a quest where i actually had to quit and reload)

Nothing game breaking though (except the enemy preventing)

For selling items i usually just open my vault, go to deposit, tag everything as trash (dump the ones i want in the vault) and then just use the sell trash button.
This is anoying when Rerolling enchants though… It always jumps to the first item in the list.

Does it actually take money on fast travel? I never even bothered to check, assumed it was just a UI visual glitch.

One bug I noticed is occasionally upon entering FFYL, it forces me to look in a certain direction, just kinda spins me around. I can still turn freely, it’s just kinda disorienting to suddenly be looking where I wasn’t when I went down, especially when I’m, y’know, trying to shoot at things that are now behind me. Does it again when I get back up.


This one should be fixed with the very first patch! To quote both Tina & Mike, “it’s supes depresh” & fracking annoying as heck


The ground aura visual from the clawbringer’s dragon aura often disappears when i go into combat. Which makes me sad cause i like the visual.

Don’t know if this is a bug or working as intended, would like some clarification on this, but the SpellShots skill WAR CASTER doesn’t seem to be proccing the class feature SPELL WEAVING which isn’t proccing MAGE ARMOR. Is this working as intended or a bug? I ask because (for non-spell shot players) you get stacks of spell weaving for casting spells and RELOADING. War Caster gives you a chance to INSTANTLY RELOAD on kill. Mage armor gives 10% Ward whenever you gain a stack of spell weaving. Per the wording it seems like this loop should work but it doesn’t.

I have a bug that when I load into a Chaos Run (solo and multiplayer) that my weapons won’t work. They don’t hit, theres no damage. Some times only one gun does it, or all of them will.

It keeps happening and the only thing that seems to work is just restarting the game, or for a fast fix hope a different weapon drops ans use that.

OK I got that fixed now but now the complete all side quest achievement isn’t being unlocked and I have a 100% in the entire game the only side quest I have is that ancient dragon power one but I’ve completed part 5 like 7 times and it doesn’t show up my quest log even if my quest log even pops up at all

Playing on PS5. Let’s just say the photo mode doesn’t do wonders on the fatemaker. As seen in the image below. There is something always off with the fatemaker when entering photo mode. To say the least, having him stand still kinda helps, but if he’s crouching or aiming, you’d get similar results like the image.

wanted to add that sometimes when you enter the FFYL, the camera shoots in a different location. Like I could be facing forward and get hit and the camera would swing hard to the left. does it again when you get a win