[TTW] Wonderlands Bugs Master List

Not a bug but the city is too big
Only one spot to sell stuff
You have to run a lot to sell/test/deposit the loots… Annoying to me
The ship in bl3 was much more compact !

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Sadly your right. This seems to be becoming a habit at GB. It’s one of the main reasons a lot of the fanbase soured on BL3. When a skill or ability says it’s supposed to do something unique or legendary and it doesn’t work it kind of kills the excitement. It’s like thinking you found a meteorite and it actually being a “Boeing bomb” lol. I love that movie. Joe dirt is a classic.


You have won post of the day with that! haha

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The demi lich companion is really annoying me it keeps killing me and downing me, is this a bug or intended anyone know, getting killed sorting through my bank and vending machines is getting real old now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My husband and I just ran into a bug where when we joined his game with my brother all of the dice my brother had collected disappeared (he has all of them). Which was not a huge issue my husband and I can go back through levels to pick them up. BUT my husband logged in later and they did not come back and in fact, it said he had collected everything even in zones he has never been to or even has unlocked yet (this could be tested in brighthoof). He logged onto a different character and that character had “collected” all the dice too (even though he had not). I logged in with no issues. He then logged into my game and could at least see the dice I had not collected. It is very frustrating that a big part of our enjoyment of the game (collecting stuff and exploring) was destroyed on his game and we almost didn’t try him joining my game as we were worried it would ruin my game too. Luckily it did not hurt my game. I had forgotten to text my brother about this and still had friends can join turned on while my husband and I were playing in my game and he joined- luckily this did not hurt my file and I am still okay but literally as soon as he joined we made him get off so that could be why.

The edit was because when we went to play in my game we could find dice but once he went back to his own game the dice are no longer on screen to search for and it says he has all of them even though he has not collected them on any character.

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Fighting the Banshee boss (Campaign, Chaos Chamber etc), part of her normal rotation will have her transfer to a wisp.

After the most recent patch, she will not transform back into her regular form at any point in the fight, despite still rotating her normal phases. This is incredibly frustrating as her hitbox is greatly reduced, especially at range with weapons that are not pinpoint accurate. As someone who has no problem doing any boss in the upper levels of CC, I took nearly 15 minutes to down her on CC7 yesterday. Restarting the game (or console) has not been able to rectify this, and the problem still persists today.


Yup, we’re sick of the split screen trash. Gearbox doesn’t particularly care about split-screeners, as shown from BL3 that took them OVER A YEAR to fix the split screen menu lag. Now it’s just split screen crashing during any sort of menu. If we want to open the inventory to check a weapon, BECAUSE you CAN’T see an item in split screen, you have to fvcking INSPECT it to see it’s properties, but we almost have to hold our breaths wondering if we’re going to freeze and crash to the Xbox home screen.


Yeah they really didn’t fix all that much other than change the orientation for vertical but left the terrible UI/Small Text that everyone complained about who did play split screen. Its seems that TTW is on par with the same. Obviously it was put in as an afterthought at best. Even on their own show called Couch Co-Op they didn’t actually play couch co-op as the majority of us did because it was so bad, go figure.

One of the many reasons I bowed out this time around, too many other companies I am more than happy to give my money towards. If you want a good split screen game that has great UI and doesn’t crash your console might I suggest It Takes Two, might have heard of it.


Son of a Witch in the Chaos Chamber is BROKEN!

The spectral dragon mechanic is either glitched, broken or just plain too hard.

The boss summons the dragon way, way too often, and it has so much health.
Even specced to take down wards it seems to take way too long to kill the thing.

Then before it can be taken down to even half health, it completely fills the boss’s ward back to full!

He really should either not be able to summon it nearly as often or it should only fill his ward to the end of the white line, not totally full.

You can fight the boss for 20 minutes and do zero actual damage to him, even with the proper specs, legendary/chaotic weapons, armour and spells

I hope this can be addressed in a future patch.


I am playing on my ps5. No major issues until now. Chaos lvl 29. I’m starting to get great scored in mid 500s here n there and I have had two of them completely disappear out of my inventory after loading into chaos chamber, after a chaos run loading into chaos chamber. Not fresh game start load in.
The second time it happened, it was a volatile assault rifle. To be frank, it was pretty damn sick with it’s 80 roung mag. Gone out of my 4th gun slot. I looked in the buy back just to be sure I didn’t make a mistake n sell it. Nope. Only rings like I be tight I sold. Except for one completely different volatile assualt rifle that I’ve never seen before. Explain that one… Better yet fix it and make it right. If it keeps it up I’m shelving this til l8r patches. Two sick ass guns…poof gone!

Yeah there is no mail still. Rather than give us a glorified chaos chamber how about work on that???

Had a new bug today. Brought up a new character and started Chaos chamber runs. Completed 3 runs and only Chaos lvl 1 was available in his menu or available to trial run from Dragon lord. On Xbox so did a system restart to clear the cache. 4th run still only showed Chaos lvl 1 and it was what Dragon lord was offering. At the end of the run, it bumped me to Chaos lvl 3. Should have been 4 but I’ll take it.
Clearing the cache seemed to help with this bug but will have to watch for it’s return.

Not sure what’s happening, but on Xbox, when you look at your loot luck score while in a map like brighthoof or the chaos chamber it’ll show one number, but if you go onto the over world map, it’ll display a higher number…tried to do a chaos run and see if the larger number would return, but it remained the smaller number.

[Xbox One X] bug or is this how it is? I can’t re-roll most items such as necklaces, spells, rings, and others. They don’t appear in my backpack when accessing the re-roll machine

You can only enchant weapons (except white rarity) and spells. Can’t rememeber if wards too.

Although for some reason some legendaries can’t be enchanted, like with BL3 :expressionless:

Second part of the first DLC area occasionally spawns an unseeable enemy who moves beyond the map perimeter. This halts any forward progress.
Companion’s still showing as dead when they’re not .


Noticed my graveborn pets are not dealing dark magic damage, im dying quite frequently now, especially against Vorcanor, my hp stays low in the fight so 1 misstep puts me into death save.

idk if anyone has mentioned, but when looking at the myth rank all the bonuses you add still show a 0% increase. example: in the Archmage section, i have the Intelligence and Frost Damage at max with the status effect almost maxed (36 points total) but the rest still shows 0%

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On ps4 the splitscreen (whole reason I bought the game) is unplayable for multiple reasons

  1. We cannot see full item info** in menus making inventory management, changing loadouts, and even trading impossible.

  2. **inspecting items so that we can actually see the name and info (one at a time, the worst) causes crashes in splitscreen

  3. entering and exiting menus causes crashes in splitscreen

  4. leaving or entering the game as a second player causes crashes in splitscreen

  5. scrolling through the bank at the same time causes crashes in splitscreen.

Splitscreen plays like a closed beta at best, and a late stage unstable alpha at worst. Crashes are happening multiple times even in short sessions, and the UI issue actually bothers us worse than the crashes! Love the game and appreciate all the work that went in to it, but this has been really frustrating.


Sorry to hear you are having problems with split screen. I don’t know if you played BL3 or not but the issues you are having are the same ones that were prevalent in BL3.

Sadly the issues were never fixed and trust me when I say it was brought up more times than needed. The split screen performance is so bad that even @GBX themselves never played actual split screen co-op on their show titled Split Screen Co-Op…go figure.

Long story short, don’t get your hopes up it will be fixed unless one of the streamers that @GBX listens too addresses it.