[TTW] Wonderlands Bugs Master List

Those items cannot be Enchanted.

Both of those bugs happen to me, too. My Lewdites (I have several) often refuse to reload.

My stats don’t show correctly when my wife hosts the game, either.

The mimics are glitching out all the time for me in the overworld, I get into 1/5 on every encounter, just freezes me in the same spot need to travel back to brighthoof to reset, and then when in the mimic room the big mimics glitch out so all im left with is about 10 baby mimics chasing me that I cant kill, oh what great fun.

My cash drops keep glitching out I get different amounts rewarded each time I enter zones (gold bars and pouches) on chaos 35 so I doubt the loot bonus is working correctly along with the loot luck bonus.

Not a bug but man oh man the currency in this game is nonsense, I’m on my last trophy to get ( max out all sdu’s) I need well over 300 million for that trophy, even now with sdu’s half price its still a grind, sdu’s are hardly game breaking and you have to do this on every character you have, minus the bank and lost loot sdu.

PS4 Pro player here.

Besides the occasional freeze up, the more concerning issue I’ve noticed twice now is that an equipped item will completely disappear. I even go as far to check the “buy-back” menu in vendors, even though I favorite my equipped items to avoid accidentally selling them. They are not there either. They completely vanish from my inventory and the game as a whole. It’s extremely frustrating.

Why i hate the chaos chambers now. Exactly why.

Wastard is nearly unbeatable at chaos 35, i found a way, tidebreaker and catatumbo combo. The lightning bolt it summons hits aegis and wastard

Bank UI, When I have 20 items in backpack the 2nd page button (under Deposit) does nothing so I can’t see any of my equipped items. If I have 21 items, it works fine. Anything less than 21 and no 2nd page while depositing.

Submitted to the “useless insurance claims adjuster” aka 2k support

This. Utterly frustrating!
Only playing solo so far and I experience this all the time (playing on PC).
I’m sure putting this game together mostly from the homeoffice wasn’t easy, plus we live in a world where you hardly get the time to do things properly. I know that from first hand experience.
However, games should be there to relax and have fun, not to get more frustrated than you already are. Among other mostly UI related nuisances this one really got me frustrated to the point where I might be off for good (especially since the BL games more and more became gear management simulators to me).
Other nuisances that first come to mind are:

  • Weapon cards overlapping when comparing weapons in the inventory, making one weapon’s stats invisible (at a resolution of 1920x1200, which should certainly be enough to fully display two cards)
  • When opening the map while the mouse pointer is on the left side of the screen, moving the mouse will oftentimes hit a local travel destination, making the map jump away from your current location. This is not a bug, obviously, just a bad design choice imo. I’m not the swearing type but this has made me swear a lot…

I’ve always loved the Borderlands games and I’m not saying everything has to be perfect from the start, but there were lots of those nuisances already in BL3 that never got fixed and if they did, they often got re-introduced with updates. I was therefore already hesitant to buy TTW, but unless these things get fixed to make it a smooth experience I’m not interested in any DLC or future title.
Sorry for the rant but these thoughts came up so often when playing BL3, and now TTW, that I just had to articulate them.

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Chaos chambers Butt stallion buffs are not showing in solo or co op .
Dragon lord fight , second half no enemies spawning for second winds or ammo drops . This happened twice last night till it sorted itself out on the third attempt.
Incorrect ammo count entering the dlc area this corrects itself but swapping weapons but is still annoying.

Anyone have the issue where all your gear is completely gone i mean everything including bank ? I just logged on to find evrything is gone…

Does anyone else have the game crash on one of when transitioning about 1 in every 10 chaos chamber runs, give or take? (Xbox series x, running the non-optimized version)

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Same here. Although sounds like you’re able to at least get through several runs without a crash. For us it happens once every run we start, all except for one run which we were able to complete on the XSX. We’re able to complete a chaos chamber run on a regular XBOne Halo edition console but the gameplay itself is sooooooo laggy and no “performance” mode to select because I imagine the game auto-selects it and doesn’t even give the option.

Playing NON-next-level version (standard xbox one disc) on XSX Makes chaos chamber unplayable as by the time you get any real progress going, the next portal hoses the game. Sure… I grabbed the wrong copy at the store, but there is no upgrade path on xbox store either which is baffling… 10.00 USD digital upgrade which ONLY works with the digital standard edition from what I can tell.

And I’ve tried setting graphics quality to “Performance” for both players playing split-screen, closed the game completely, then restarted the game and verified that the “Performance” mode was still selected.

I’ve also tried deleting the game’s reserved space and verified that all updates have been installed.

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Also… I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but after getting to the loot bunny room, with +45% loot luck, sitting at around 7500 total loot luck, the bunnies consistently gave out only purples and blues… very anti-climatic to not get a single legendary.

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That doesn’t sound like a bug tbh; max loot luck is around 64k if i remember correctly. I’m at 33k usually

That is indeed not what I would have expected, especially after everything MS said when the series X launched, but the item description in the XBox store is pretty clear.

All I can think of is that someone wanted to limit the retail value of used disks, perhaps as a way to push digital sales?

OK. Good to know. Just gotta keep leveling, then. I did get a fair amount of legendarys last session, but there were like 3 that were variations of the same thing. LOL. I just sold what I didn’t need extra of. Just RNG.

Chaos chamber feature run is incorrect.
Hot fix applied, changed characters , restarted game and tried exiting and entering staging area . Still having the Dragon lord as my final encounter.