TTWL DLC #3: Any Guesses?

Maybe you’re like me, and you figured today would be the day for Wonderlands’ third DLC release.

DLC 1 released one month after the game release.
DLC 2 released one month after that.

Today we saw a completely inconsequential hotfix that made changes to some of the most obscure and least impactful bugs and glitches in the game. No new content. w00t. Steam still has no ETA on the title either. So the question on my mind is, ‘Will Gearbox pull the plug on TTWL like they did with TPS and its DLC?’

What do you think?

Let’s give Gearbox the benefit of a doubt one [last] time. Assuming the next DLC package is still on the way, what do you think we can expect? What are you hoping to see not just in terms of fixes to existing problems but in terms of the new content?

Not playing TTWL (learned my lesson), so no hopes from me. I think it´s safe to predict though, that whatever they come up with will compare badly to the DLC that parented this game. Is that Irony?


If TTWL had been the first sequel ever to completely flop, then yeah, I’d call it irony.
This, though? This is just typical. All sequels must cease: for video games, for movies, and certainly for Borderlands. They need to stick to what they’re good at, and let the series rest while their reputation is still [somewhat] in tact.

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I´d sign a petition with that title. Funny that the gaming industry is always aligning itself with the TV and movie industries, in spite of:
a) Gaming is making more money overall
b) TV or movie adaptions of games generally suck big time
Just take a look at the odyssey of Chris Roberts. Creator of wonderful games to producer of lame movies and back to creator of a game (status unknown at the moment - still has the potential to be great, but looks suspiciously like a scam right now).
On the other hand this could b a good thing. Now that Randy Pitchford is CEO of Gearbox Entertainment maybe the games division can return to “the old ways”. I am only speculating here, but it is my impression that it was Mr. Pitchford who is responsible for the new policies at Gearbox. Typical success story: After producing two hit games (the first coming really out of nowhere) he made a common mistake in thinking that this was his achivement alone and thus any idea he comes up with must be solid gold. Hopefully he´ll be busy creating “Entertainment” stuff, leaving paltry gaming to others.


Time will tell.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” keeps playing in my mind for some reason. Maybe it’s got something to do with the idea that, based on press, RP seemed pretty full of himself and unwilling to accept criticism before becoming CEO. What are the chances that Gearb9x’s direction will revert to “the old ways” now that he’s at the tippity top of the totem pole with no one to challenge his authority but shareholders?

If he wants to stick to the rubbish movies and high-profile publicity, he’s got my unbridled support. XD

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I don’t even care what gearbox does at this point …

They have nerfed my interest in them.


You don’t think they can turn TTWL around?

It’s gonna be yet another mirror quest thingy.

And honestly I haven’t even played the second mirror. I’m rather burned out on Wonderlands. It’s just wack how a lot of people (including myself) were REALLY excited about the game for the first couple months and played the crap out of it, but now it’s just completely fallen off the cliff. I fired it up the other day after having not played it for a week or two, and I just got so bored really quick. I just can’t put my finger on why. I’ve tried starting fresh characters, but a few minutes into it I’m just like “no I just can’t”. In other Borderlands games I was always starting fresh new characters and enjoyed leveling them up.


Yes, the next DLC being another mirror is a given. I was asking more specifically what you think it will contain. The first had a seawarg boss, the second had a goblin boss, and I’m guessing that, given Gearbox’s love of recycled resources, the third will have either a cyclops boss or a wyvern boss since those are the last major enemy types in the game that haven’t been repurposed.

Moreover, I’m hoping Gearbox is smart about it, and they release the 7th class in the 3rd DLC (not the 4th) along with some major improvements to address existing issues and add much-needed variety to end-game content, leaving the 4th DLC to be the final mirror and [hopefully] a little something extra to make up for the rubbish that was DLC #1 & 2.