TTWL Nightmare is about to make me quit the game for good

I am just about to quit this so called game cause one boss on chaos level 11 is a real pain in the A##.
The difficulty to take this guy down is just to much to do. I did the “sonofawitch” just barely but the nightmare is truly i hate to say this but to hard.
I do love a challenge but this is just to much here. I can get him down till he hits his “lightning” phase. After that i get down pretty darn quick which is really annoying.
I’m at the end of my rope on this so called boss fight. The chaos levels are now just a chore in my eyes. I hate to say it. I had to go on youtube of all places and they did it quite quickly but to average joe its making things a struggle which is not enjoyable at all. Good job Gearbox, you made a boss that is annoying as crap and a pain to beat. Sorry for the rant people.


I’m running a Stabbomancer and sporewarden if anyone wants to know.

I feel your pain. Ran my Brr Zerker/Stabromancer through the Chaos 12 run today and got outed by Nightmare. The ghost horses got me. I don’t have anything to offer help wise except that I’m rebuilding for the Contagion, Status Effect buff. Youtube has it place even more so now that GB has abandoned this forum. Check out Pugly there. He explains things well, doesn’t use all top tier gear and you might find what you need to beef up your character.

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Yes, Knightmare is one of the few bosses that becomes difficult later on in the Chaos Runs. Other than learning which attack patterns can be avoided by crouching or jumping, I do recommend bringing in a strong electric weapon. The Livewire and Quad Bow tend to work well. It may feel cheap, but having the Tidebreaker will really help. No shame in putting a few points in to boosting lightning damage too.

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A Blue Cake helps also.

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The chaos chamber needs some serious “balancing”.
I have no idea what Gearbox was thinking when they did Wasterd and Nightmare.

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Interesting. Which bosses are difficult must depend on builds quite a bit. I’m running a heavy melee build (Brr-zerker / Stabbomancer) and Son of a Witch and Knight Mare tend to go down pretty quick. Dry’l and Banshee put a shiver down my spine, however. Dragon Lord to a less degree.

The lightning phase, I find, is about knowing the attacks and how to dodge them.

  • Horses / waves, duck under them.
  • If you see him draw a sword, run like hell and slide as much as you can.
  • If he shoots orbs, dodge them.

Generally helpful to leave the mobs around so you can grab a second wind if necessary. That may mean you want to keep moving while ducking under the attacks.

Then, if you’re running a melee build, you just have to keep dodging until he drops back into the centre to do any damage.

In many ways it’s going to be down to your skill / gear / myth rank set up. Would you mind sharing them?


You have to do a figure 8 pattern according to some youtuber i saw. So those orbs are pretty much unavoidable.
GB shouldn’t have done a boss so annoying and frustrating to begin with. Also the self damage i take is also pretty stupid. I use dark magic and it takes my health away from me quite a bit. I never had that in BL3 at all. You shouldn’t take self damage for using stuff. Whoever thought of that needs to get a strike in there pay check.
As for the build and stuff ill post it later on if i think about it. I just wanted to rant in general and tell GB that there game is a chore and they should not pay attention to those youtubers who fly thru the game like its nothing.

TTW is catered to spell and melee builds. As for gun build spellshot/stab is viable. What you need is to build in some survivability. Curse wit with enchantment below 50% health Regen 5% and 30% damage bonus and currupted platemail with health Regen is nice.

Spell blade with ancient if you are using From Shadow. Twin souls with ancient and archmage/caustic is good too. You can get From Shadow up most of the time if you play it right.

Spec into spellshot tree to get double knots if you are using Feriore SMG frost x4 that spawn pixies. Or get a Dahl or Hyperion frost x4 with 33 crit damage.

Gun variety is almost none, maybe elemental swordsplosion X3 is good but the drop rate is really bad. Hundreds of hour of killing Lechance and not seen one X3 version😂. For mobbing livewire lightning/posion is good if you spec into status effect.

Automatic exe and twisted launcher are good choice.

Rings and amulet should have spell damage, skill cool down, status effect chance and damage, weapon crit damage and all damage. Spellshot has the highest gun damage boost through spell damage. Spellweaver is the key to it.

You don’t need primordial rings or amulet. The stats are more important. Same goes with armor and shield. Mood or champion ring is good.

Skill trees for both are quite standard, a current fare.

Remember buffmeister should have pew (gun) and zap (spell)

Joltz has a spell/stab gun build with Dahl SMG frost x4 crit 33% and it makes the content piss easy. I build in more survivability. Kill slower a bit but can tank a bit.

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Just because you aren’t getting value out of specific optional difficulty levels, doesn’t mean others aren’t getting value out of them. You’ve been given a bunch of tips and advice here that might help you, and instead your reaction is to ask for rebalancing?

Oh, and you ask for a developer’s pay to be cut. Cool. Cooooooooool.


There’s a massive power disparity in the classes, making increasing chaos level for some class combos rather difficult. Not sure if they didn’t see this problem during development, or they expect you to regularly change out your second class to deal with different challenges. Would explain why I get so many armors with the wrong class combos.


When i had problems with a boss i looked at my build znd gear to see what needed improvement.

Wastard and nightmare are hard but if you keep dying its probably your build/gear that’s not up to the challenge.

Wastard does feel a bit broken because of the insane shield regen (skelleton healthbar he becomes a pushover)

Queen’s Cry is really good for Spellshot (gun is buffed from spell damage) and Stabbomancer (tasers proc loads of dots). I’m looking forward to trying it out once my Spellshot is levelled up.

Well looks like i rubbed you the wrong way but it does need some rebalancing and thats according to some well known youtubers i been watching off and on.
I also took the tips like you said and finally was able to beat him on my own. I was blowing off steam cause this game never made me feel this way at all until this one. Of all the BL games this one made me feel like i was hitting a brink wall and thats not fun at all. But i did beat him finally.
A guy can rant can’t he? And i bet you anything the rebalances will come too in some way, shape or form.

I changed my gear mainly and didn’t even touch my build at all and was able to beat him using a “donkey” and better class mod and that spell that gives you extra damage boost. Practically everyone is using it on youtube now.


I’m using the donkey and a buffmeister now on my build. And I found a build that does pure DPS on youtube. Also a classmod that took my crit damage down to 50 and made the main damage up to 50% more. I took him out pretty quickly.