TTWL on Steam, June 23rd

Title. Wonderlands is comfirmed for June 23rd release on Steam. Hurray…? Anyone excited? Bets on the price? Getting main game or DLCs?


We already know it’ll be discounted, most likely in an effort to gobble up every last bit of money they possibly can. Pretty nice slap in the face to those of us who paid full price for the same garbage.

I’m guessing $49.99 with the season pass being $24.99, but let’s face it: even if the game itself is discounted 50%, and they make the season pass $5 (which is closer to their actual worth), it’s still a questionable purchase at this point. The question is: do you really want to support a company that doesn’t give a lick what you think of their game?


I’m guessing it will be around $70 CAD (the special price). I gave in and got the game on release cause i thought it would be half a year before we see the damn thing on steam.

I didn’t hate it. Cant say i loved it either.


To anyone that plans to get it on Steam, just buy the base game and pass on the season pass!


Better yet, wait a couple years for everything to go on sale for $25 (which is what it’s truly worth) and you have BL4 to entertain you once TTWL gets boring.

Because ermuhgerg does it get boring!

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What does the season pass include that would make it not worth buying?

Four DLC packs that take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete and offer zero replay value. Maps get added to Chaos Chamber runs. All DLC loot becomes a world drop once the DLC is complete. They value it at $30. Actual retail value: ~$5.


Well everything :laughing:

This is hard to swallow coming from pre TTW, where Gearbox released awesome DLC but…

By comparison Season Pass 2 for BL3 looks like a good thing :grimacing:

Believe me, and dozen others, when they warn you that for 40 bucks you basically get content that amounts to maybe 2 Headhunter packs, although somewhat still worse.

If you want you can take a look at this:

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Perfect. Added to wishlist, one day a -70% will pop up from notification :rofl:


DONT BUY THE DLC PASS!!!. Total ripoff. Base game is shorter than other BL entries but good




My sentiments exactly.


To play devil’s advocate, gearbox did say these werent going to be story DLCs but rather dungeons, though i assumed by dungeons they meant something like the takedowns or raid on digistruck. On paper, chaos chambers and mirrors sound like a good endgame but playwise, they get old quick and are not as catchy. Maybe it’s that the chaos chambers go up to 35 (seems a bit excessive, i would’ve been happy with 10 - with each difficulty having a different boss - because when i saw there are 35 of them i automatically got turned off from wanting to complete them) and the portaling between chamber/mirror sections breaks the… flow (for lack of better word) of the battle, IMO. It’s not bad content. Just not up my alley.

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My issue is the DLC is LESS than the headhunter packs released 8 YEARS AGO. For $3 each
This is like 5 chaos chamber levels with a new boss at the end. A 12 minute trip. Pathetic to charge $30 for this! They are shorter than side missions!


Agreed. Headhunters were def more fun.


  • Only 20% off
  • Only the base game is listed.



They added the Chaotic Great edition for $63.99.

Still only 20% off.

Still no.


And chaos chambers have been raised to 50.

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Huh… so I can play the game now… :slightly_smiling_face:

Literally just learned it was out like minutes ago. Might buy the base game only before the sale ends.

Definitely recommend waiting on DLCs, at least. Just saw the steam prices for them. Each individual one is $13.50 CAD. Imagine you had to pay that for each takedow.

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I thought only GOG had discounts that steep?